"I thought I should tell you..."
Another sigh, another moan
Guilt-laced words announced
Just more news that makes her groan

"I'm sorry…"
Can she not see?
I would give it to her if I could
My thoughts right now aren't revolving around me

"It's not my fault"
I wish I could, see you smile
I'm not heartless, I read your eyes
I would let you have this for a while

"I would help if I could,"
I would, it's true
I am grateful for this,
But would be more happy for you

"I'm sorry, I am…"
It's not up to me
Where our lines are placed
And that I'm one of two branches, on a tree

"Please don't me mad,"
I would give you it all
If I had the power, to give you your wishes
But for now all I can do, is try to catch you when you fall