A/N: In this story, there are specially made honorifics made for certain characters to address each other differently based on their social order of class. For example, there will be different ways to address family names by their initials as well as their own first surnames. Here are some you will need to know to understand the honorifics used in this story (Examples are provided):

Using their full name: Used for first time acquaintances or in appropriate times to address them fully. (Ex. Chokoro Hito, etc.)

Using the first 3-4 letters of their first name: Used only within relatives and sometimes close friends. (Ex. Cho, etc.)

Using the last 4-5 letters of their first name: Used to address people in a normal and respected way. In this story, most people are addressed in this format within the upper class. (Ex. Koro, etc.)

Using the first 4-5 letters of their last name: Used to address family names in a formal and respected way. Usually there's an "s" at the end of their addressed family name if addressing more than one family member. (Ex. The Hitos, etc.)

Using the first 3-4 letters of their first name and adding -san or -sama: Are used to address higher or upper class in a respective formal way. (Ex. Cho-san, Cho-sama, etc.)

Using their full first name without honorifics: Can be used by the upper class, but is used mostly within the underclass to address boys and girls. May be considered an insult if used towards certain upper class folks. (Ex. Chokoro, etc.)

-chan, -kun: Are not used in this story.

I know this is a lot to remember, but I hope you'll bear with me by being able to understand the specially used honorifics used in this story. Now, please excuse my long wait lecture and lets get on with the story! ^^:

Once upon a time there was a girl named Hirika. A girl who never cared about romance, but one faint sincere memory may have swayed her just a bit. For one time when she was a child at her wits end, a mysterious boy came and comforted her. The one thing that kept her from thinking that memory was all but a dream was a chaste kiss on the cheek from the young boy. Since then, even though she can't remember how he looked liked before or even who he was, that one memory was engraved in her heart. Now when she thinks back about it, that could have been the first and only time she's felt something different towards someone.

However, she shook her head as negative thoughts filled her mind. How could she cling on to the past like this? Even if she did feel something for him, she was only a mere 8-year old child that time. Just what are the chances that they'll meet again if she doesn't even remember how he looks like?

Back in reality, she was currently at school and it's been 7 years since that day happened. She was now 15, with long silky brown hair that trailed down towards the half-line of her back and blue hazy eyes that reflect right off the ocean. She was in her school uniform, and was practically doing nothing but staring at her desk. She led out a deep sigh, but it was cut short when her best friend came in.

Chapter 1~ Hirika:

Hirika's POV:

I looked up to see my best friend Rita coming in the classroom with her 2 blonde curl-like wave ponytails hung up on either side swaying back and forth in an elegant fashion until she stopped in front of me and greeted me with a healthy broad smile on her face.

"Hiya Hirika! What's with the gloom in you today?" she asked with an optimistic tone in her voice as she raised an eyebrow at me.

I stared at her with my eyes narrowed for several seconds before sighing and responding back.

"Nothing. Its just you Rita."

To be honest, sometimes I wish I was like my best friend. She's always so energetic, optimistic, and may I also say very social able? Well, quite frankly I'm the opposite. I'm the usual anti-social and unemotional type, making me the outsider of society mostly. Yea, sucks pretty bad huh? Well, I don't really mind it that much for some reason. What does make me wonder is how I ended up having someone like Rita as my best friend.

As I was still recollecting my thoughts, Rita interrupted me when she started staring at me with those bright blue eyes of hers that would almost look identical to mines if she weren't making that odd determined glint showing in her eyes.

"What?" I questioned after a short moment of silence.

For a second, I thought I saw a small smirk showing on her face before she started speaking again.

"Ne hirika, wanna come at my villa this Sunday? My parents are holding a special prom there for their wedding anniversary. A lot of rich folks will be coming too! It'll be fun!" my best friend suggested excitedly.

Oh, did I mention Rita's family belonged to the very high-class society known as the Futas? That was one of the reasons why I didn't want to go. As an underclass, I wouldn't fit in like the other folks would.

"Nah, I'll pass," I said rather bluntly, though some part of me was slightly curious about it.

Despite what I told her though, she strangely smiled as if she anticipated my response.

"I knew this was gonna happen. Which is exactly why my parents already invited your parents to come to the prom banquet as well. They already agreed to come and bring you with them by the way." She said in an as-a-matter-of-fact kind of tone.

My mouth gaped wide open.

Despite the huge difference in our family's social class and Rita's, both of our parents always seemed to get along pretty well no matter what the circumstances, almost as if we were a part of the Futas. It's a bit strange, I tell you.

But she already planned this out already?

Then what was the point of asking me then?

…I was literally speechless at Rita's way of doing things as she pleases without taking my consideration just because her family was the Futas.

Morning class break was cut short as the bell rung and it was finally time to start class, however Rita then called something out to me as she took her leave to her real classroom.

"You better come on Sunday!"

…And this was only the beginning of my encounters.