Rita's POV:

Back at the Futas' main lobby…

After finally done with my attendances, I hurried back to find Hirika as I went straight to the 5th balcony with Tatsumo (as my escort) following after me.

However by the time we reached there, we found her to no avail.

Darn it, did Hirika go off to somewhere else? Her parents wanted to see her right now of all times too…

I then looked towards my left when I found a familiar brunette coming towards me.

Good news, it was Chokoro.

Bad news was, my best friend wasn't with him.

…Oh god, where else could she have gone off to? She's not possibly lost somewhere in this villa is she…?

"Did you find her Koro?" I asked impatiently. I really hope that wasn't the case…

To my faltering dismay however, Chokoro shook his head in response.

"I've checked all the other lower balconies, but she wasn't in any of them."

"Have you checked the main balcony then?"

I slightly flinched to the fact Tatsumo was the one who had spoken up this time. Up until now, he hadn't spoken for a while.

Though to my surprise, I found Chokoro raising one his eyebrows.

"…The 10th balcony? Funny, I don't think I've checked there yet."

It took me only one second to blink…

-Before realizing that was the only balcony left to check on.

"Oh wait, but Kyu-san is also there-"

Ignoring Chokoro's previous sentence however, I instinctively scurried towards a nearby elevator before looking back at the other two, who appeared to be falling behind due to my haste acts.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Come on, let's go!"

Chapter 6~ New Concurrences: First Seen, First Antipathy

Hirika's POV:

My eyes widened as I examined the boy that lay ahead of me.

He was most likely around my age. He had flashy golden hair, and he wore a long white stunning tuxedo coat attire tied with a yellow cravat, making him appear as if there was a strong sense of superior importance about him. Oddly, his overall entire one-piece appearance looked remarkably close to being too flawless.

Even though the sky was dimmed by now, his full concept clearly stood out, almost as if he was reflecting off luminous light from the stars above.

His eyes however were the main features that captivated my utmost attention.

Though his eyes were yellow, the night's reflection made them seem awfully golden, and it's a striking golden color at that. Such a pure distinct color… Yet, something about those beautiful shade of eyes seemed…off? It's as if it was empty.

-As if looking into a hollow mirror.

Mixed feelings suddenly started rising within me when I came into a strange state of bewilderment.

Wait a minute…those eyes…where have I seen them before…?

Those striking, hollow, golden eyes…

Suddenly, an unclear vision of the same 8-year old boy from the past appeared before my eyes.

…No way…Could he really be-?

Seeing he had not recovered from his dumbfounded state yet, I used this opportunity to clear my voice before breaking the awkward silence between us.

Have we've met before…?

Deciding to start with a simple question first and ignoring the unusual anxiety feeling pounding in my chest, I began speaking in my polite tone of voice towards this unknown yet oddly familiar blonde.

"…Um, pardon me, but could you tell me whether this is the 5th balcony or not?"

But I didn't expect the following events to occur soon after upon speaking to this golden eyed-boy.

As if awoken by a trance, he soon came back to his senses, however he looked a bit taken aback by my question.

"O-oh, sorry could you repeat that?"

I slightly frowned at this, a bit disappointed at his listening skills. Nevertheless though, I calmly repeated my sentence again.

"…Could you tell me whether this is the 5th balcony or not?"

In response, he blinked once before looking dumbfounded again, like I had just asked him an irrational question of the sort.

"…Excuse me?"

My stare hardened at him. Was it something that I said, or is he somehow playing dumb with me? Finally losing a bit of my patience, I repeated one last time, this time not as pleasant as the previous one however.

"I said is this the 5th balcony or not-!"

He then suddenly started laughing in response, looking as if I had just told him a funny joke or something.

Meanwhile, I silently gaped at him in annoyance.

How rude…! What's with him, laughing right after I've been trying to ask him the same question for a good few minutes by now…!

Well, so much for my ideal image of him ruined…(Wait, I had one...?) He's definitely not a respectable gentleman so far…

Seeing I was giving him a confused expression on my face, he finally answered to my question after shortly regaining back half of his composure.

"Pfft, what? 5th balcony? Here? I hate to break to it to you, but the 5th balcony was all the way down at the 3rd floor. This is technically the 10th balcony."

My eyes widened in response.

What? This was the 10th balcony?

Realizing I was the wrong one here, my face grew hot upon the humiliation of embarrassment. Stupid Rita, why did your family make this villa so complex-! I look like an idiot now…!

Though I tried hard fighting off the redness on my cheeks, I could see the golden-eyed boy was amused with my reaction as he had a playful smile on his face, much to my somewhat growing irritation towards him.

However, I was thrown off guard to what he soon did next shortly afterwards.

Out of the blue, he suddenly grabbed on to one of my hands before planting a kiss on the upper tips of my fingers.

-OK on second thought, I was really, really taken aback by his sudden use of gesture.

Gaping at him with my eyes unmistakably widened by now, I found the heat on my cheeks continuously rising, not descending in the slightest thanks to him.

Darn it, I'm definitely not used to having rich folks like him greeting me so upfront like that…!

He then looked up towards me before giving a flawless smile on his for some reason, there was something about his smile that I found rather irksome about it.

"Perchance if you're lost, would you like me to be your escort?"

…Normally, people would assume this is an act of courtesy towards others due to their 'unawareness', having them respond back politely by showing their gratitude of appreciation.

But I knew better than that.

Judging by the way he spoke to me at first, I could see through that he was also making a slight mockery out of me.

Plus, that's not all.

This certain type of slick behavior he's showing…

Yup, he's toying with me all right.

Taken even more aback to what I had just observed just now, my mind went blank for a few seconds as I became speechless when realization finally hit me.

Wait a minute…

This guy…!

-Is giving off the provoking essence of a player-!

Though just as if I was saved on the nick of time, the sound of the elevator suddenly rung before 3 familiar-looking people soon came out of it.

For once, I was extremely grateful that among one of the trio was my best friend.

Seeing Rita's bliss expression on her face, I had the biggest feeling that she was going to glomp me (to which she did), despite forgetting the fact I had a bad experience with her previous 'glomp attack' last time.

Through Rita's tough but friendly embrace on me however, I somehow managed to catch a better glimpse on the other two familiar faces beside her. One of them was Chokoro (if I recalled correctly), while the other was the same light-haired boy who was chatting with her not too long ago. I believe he was her escort…? Eh, oh well at least it doesn't really concern me.

Our 'reunion' however was soon cut off when we heard another voice speaking again.

"Well, if it isn't the princess. What brings you up here at the break of a tranquil hour? Shall I bow to my liege?"

To my surprise, the way he spoke with her sounded very informal and sarcastic, hinting rudeness while at it.

And who was that person?

Ironically, the same identity of the golden-eyed boy was the one speaking, except this time he had smug smirk written on his face.

Upon realizing who it was, my best friend strangely gave him a feline smile before retorting back to his question.

"Ah, if it isn't the cocky heir. I've came to bring back my precious cousin to her call, is there a problem with that? Oh, please to meet your arrogance by the way."

"A 'cocky heir' you say? Quite frankly, I don't think you're very much higher from that. Tsk, tsk, you're still a pampered child at heart. Though you act like a dictator, you're bound to get easily manipulated one day."

"What was that jerk face?"

Realizing a little too late that they were both placing multiple hidden insults at each other, by now the situation had become greatly eerie and fired up, causing a somewhat incandesce atmosphere around the two. Both of them had dangerous (and may I also say threatening) smiles written on their faces with concealed anger veins gradually becoming more and more noticeable along their facial features, the two looking as if challenging the other over some kind of intense mind restraint game of the sort to which I would not be able to fully comprehend out of.

Clearly by now, I could sense my best friend was very familiar with this boy (As of he was to her as well), though I could only sweat drop by the given circumstances, as there was nothing I could really do to calm down either of them at the moment. As I glanced towards Chokoro and the light-haired boy, they too showed similar struggle-like features, one of deadpan while the other showing an awkward smile on his face.

However just when the situation was starting to get out of hand, a sudden new voice speaking soon cut us off in the middle of our 'chaos'.


This time the voice didn't sound quite like the others I've previously heard of yet. It was a soft-spoken, feminine mellow tone of voice, yet at the same time it also seemed to hold a stern vibe about it…

In response, we all simultaneously turned our heads toward the elevator to reveal where the anonymous speaker had been coming from.


If I thought Rita was the only gorgeous upper-class girl around our age, I may have been wrong.

Up ahead was another girl our age. Her eyes were a royal keen shade of scarlet red; her sleek black curly hair gloriously tied back in a bun twisted fashion with purple ruffled satin lace on. She was dressed finely from head to toe, wearing a purple-black frilled dress to which was adorning to her appearance all the more-but there also was something about her that you could practically feel a strong delicate sense of elegance accompanying her as well… How the words "strong" and "delicate" mix off well together in the first place? I'm not sure. Yet, those two contradicting terms oddly seem to fit the girl that laid ahead us regardless for some reason.

Hm, but didn't she mention the name "Hito"? That name sounds oddly familiar… where have I heard it before…?

Glancing back towards the others, I noticed how everyone's facial expression soon changed shortly afterwards-especially the boy in blonde. Though all of us had our eyes wide open, I could see how the golden-eyed boy was the first to make such a face…that I couldn't really pinpoint on. Just for a second.

However, it was also he who soon recovered his voice first out of the 5 of us, as he soon started speaking again to lift off the awkward tension we somehow ended up creating.

"Errr…hi…Miko?" Was all he could say back towards the scarlet-eyed girl as he could only give an awkward smile to our current situation at the moment.

No sooner though had she suddenly clung onto said blonde, making us all flinch in surprise by her sudden action. The way she embraced him reminded me a lot of how Rita clings onto me…which was unexpectedly a striking resemblance I'm afraid.

Well…they obviously know each other. Perhaps maybe intimate too…

Just then, I felt my eyes slightly twitch at the sight of the two. Maybe my eyes suddenly felt uncomfortable or something…?

Before said blonde could utter another word though, said scarlet cut him off with an unusually cheery tone of voice, much different from the calm one we heard previously before.

"Ahhhh I finally found you Hito~! How could you abandon on your fiancé like that~? You have no idea how much I've wanted to see you-! Why do you keep ignoring my calls lately anyways~?"




He's Hito…?

'The' Kyuhito, aka jerk face in Rita's dictionary?

Oh, why hadn't I noticed sooner-!

Finally realizing whom this golden-eyed boy was, my eye's widened.

No wonder Rita shows so much detest towards him…! He's the one Rita has been always rambling horrible things about…!

-The epitome of jerks…!

My best friend then let out a big huff in response before speaking out again. If anything, she definitely does not like the blonde boy at all.

"Well, not going to bother you two lovebirds. Since I don't have time to deal with this at the moment, we'll see you guys back inside. Let's go Hirika."

Seeing that leaving was the best option right now, I gave a slight nod before trailing after my best friend.

However, I was soon abruptly stopped by a sudden gentle grip of hand reaching out towards me.

As I quickly turned around to see who it was, I was shocked to see it was coming from the familiar blonde known as "Hito".

Our eyes met, and for a short moment I flinched and hesitated at the sudden contact.

Why on earth did he suddenly held onto my wrist…? Did he need something…?

Though as much as I had already gotten a bad impression about him, I can't help but notice how nostalgic and deep his eyes look…


The boy with striking, glassy golden eyes.

Eyes that remind me something…

-Or someone.

As soon as I realized what I was thinking of, I immediately shook out the thought off my system.

I then recalled back how Rita used to describe him…


A Cocky Heir.

Epitome of Jerks.

Master of Heartbreakers.

King of Arrogance.

The Origin of Fickle.

Upon remembering the last one, I instinctively slapped his hand away from mine as I unconsciously snapped right then and there.

I remember now.

When Rita spoke about him, I used to hate him because…

"You're the worst kind of men." I coldly stated out, looking at him directly in the eye as if words could pierce.

Taken aback by my response, I saw his eyes turn wide in bewilderment. Speechless may I add.

When I was finally through with him, I went back towards the elevator where my best friend was; convinced that he wasn't going to follow or say another word shortly after that.

Yes… even if I've only met him for a few minutes, I could already see that he's the worst kind of men. The worst.

Though he may greatly resemble that 8-year old boy I met in the past, he and him are most definitely not the same person.

That's right…no matter how much they're eyes may resemble each other, they're not one of the same.

-Because unlike him, that boy was filled with absolute sincerity. He would never break his promise. Ever.

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