I hated school. With a passion. Then again there are a lot of things I hated, like our biology teacher. I sat broodingly in the back of the class, tapping my foot impatiently. Beside me, Waverly Daniels looked at me in annoyance. I continued to tap my foot. She turned to me.

"Raidan, if you don't stop tapping your foot," she said in a sweet, lilting voice. "I promise I will tell Ms. Cornelious."

"Little Miss Goody Two Shoes," I muttered, facing the board again. The slideshow on meiosis was going on and I wasn't paying attention. I looked at Waverly out of the corner of my eye, noticing as she smoothed out her white eyelet dress. She always wore white.

Ms. Cornelious turned to the class, currently taking notes, and asked simply, "What are reproductive cells called?"

Waverly raised one pale hand; her short, choppy hair perfectly in place. "Gametes," she smiled serenely. Urgh. How annoying. Her green eyes fell upon me and she quickly turned away.

I say it again: Goody. Two. Shoes. We continued to take notes on meiosis, and I smirked as I simply refused to listen or take notes. I wouldn't need this stuff anyway, it's useless. The bell rang and we all made our way out of the door.

I went to Edgewater Academy, where all mystical and mythical creatures went. Want to meet Aphrodite's son? He's here and he agrees when you say he's the most attractive guy in school. What about a gremlin? They usually are smoking behind the bleachers. Maybe a mermaid is more to your taste. They usually hang out in clusters beside the lockers, in human form, not fish form.

I stalked through the halls, my sister beside me, almost threatening everyone with a single look. Her red sheath dress and leather jacket were perfectly ironed. On my other side was Lucas, grinning and running a hand through his straight brown hair, white v-neck tee rumpled uncaringly. We looked a tough bunch, Romy, Lucas, and I. We passed by Farrah, Belinda, and Harmony, three mermaids, blonde hair perfect, blue eyes batting sweetly at Lucas, who ignored them.

Romy snorted and kept on walking towards a pack of werewolves. She loved hanging out with those guys. Cannan was a brown haired guitar player, and Tala was Romy's best friend. She grinned and began talking excitedly to them.

Lucas and I made our way to the Quad, a square-shaped courtyard in the middle of Edgewater. In one corner was where the angels sat, wings white, graceful, and fluttery. Waverly sat a bit farther away, her nose in a thick book. One played a violin softly. They basically just sat there, looking all good and scholarly. I groaned, and walked to another corner of the Quad, where we saw everyone we usually hung out with there.

Herme's son Alex was talking on about how glad he was that he failed his test. I almost told him to shut up. But I held my tongue.

"Hey man," he grinned, his black, unruly hair sticking up in various places. "We were just discussing you."

I snorted, and plopped onto the stone table everyone was gathered around. Meria Waters smacked her gum annoying and looked up at me adoringly. "Raidan, I really think you look nice today," she smirked.

I didn't even respond as Alex began telling us about how he wanted to do some grand theft auto this weekend. I rolled my eyes. He tried way too hard to fit in with us. I pulled out a pack of cigarettes and began smoking, loving the addicting feeling of the smoke filling my lungs. I heard faint laughter, and some muttering, before Waverly and her best friend Elyse appear before me. I grin, but then Elyse pulls the cigarette from my mouth. I gape.

"It's horrible for your health," Waverly said in her usual sweet, breathy tone. I just glare.

"Why do you care?"

"Second hand smoke kills, too," Elyse replied snarkily. She was the one angel that might fit in with us. Elyse Hobbes had a biting sense of humor and a death glare so accurate it made Laurie Fitzgerald cry in second grade. Lucas grinned and looked her over. White short shorts and flats, a white cardigan, and a white scarf. Her tan legs looked miles long. I could see why Lucas was interested. But he should've known better.

"Well hello," he said, trying to appear suave and epically failing. I almost laughed at the look on Elyse's face.

"No. Just...no," she rolled her eyes.

Lucas pouted, "Baby, I could be everything you want!"

"Except, you know," Waverly began softly, "A decent person."

"Hey," I cut in. "We aren't bad people."

"Yes, I think you are. Does the word demon ring a bell?" Elyse snarked, pulling her friend away. Waverly looked like she wanted to apologize, but before she could, Elyse had her halfway across the Quad.

Lucas snorted. "Stupid bird turned me down."

"Ha, bird," I said sarcastically. "Funny. 'Cause she has wings."

Lucas punched my arm, making me nearly fall from my perch on the slate gray stone table. I sighed. Junior year was turning out ot be pretty typical.

Well, until Mrs. Stravanzoki put up the large flyer in the center of the wall outside of the Quad. All of the girls perked up and the guys groaned in apprehension. What exactly did the flyer say, you ask?

8-12, October 31st

Yeah. Why have a Halloween themed dance when everyday around here is like Halloween? The angels would probably come as historical figures and the demons would dress so raunchy somebody will be getting pregnant. I could see the future from where I was standing, or so I thought.

"Halloween is for being something you normally aren't," I could hear Elyse convincing Waverly. "It'll be fun."

I could tell it would be anything but.