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Chapter 1

Aimee Nguyen's POV

"Bye dear! Have a nice day at school!" my mom called, walking out the front door. She was running late for work again. She rushed through breakfast and ran in her heels trying to get everything she needed. "Bye Mom!" I called from my room. I was finishing up on the final curls in my hair. After a brush of lip gloss on my bottom lip, I smacked my lips together and grabbed my book bag.

Name: Aimee Nguyễn

Year: Sophomore

Also Know As: The Top Asian

I headed downstairs and swung by the kitchen My dad was rushing through the house at this point, tying his tie while trying to stuff a piece of toast into his mouth at the same time. Dad's work was closer to home than Mom's was, but he had a bad habit of oversleeping. I made a grab for the final piece of toast and pecked my dad on the cheek.

"Bye Dad. Enjoy work." I tore a piece off and made my way to the front door. "Bye Hun. Enjoy school." he told me. We exchanged smiles, and in a few moments, I was out of the door. I stood on my front porch and looked up and down the street. I did my daily countdown. Three…Two…One…

My friend Tami's sleek black Honda pulled up into my street. I smiled, admiring the fact that she was always on time everyday.

Name: Tami Vũ

Year: Junior

Also Know As: The Other Asian

"Hey, you're on time today." Tami pointed out as soon as I took a seat in her car. "Yeah, for once." I agreed, putting my seatbelt on. Tami backed out of my driveway and drove us to school. "So, did you survive all of your homework?" she asked me, stopping at a red light. "Barely. I was about to collapse the entire time." I admitted. She laughed and continued her driving.

The usual crowded student parking lot at Netford High annoys me daily. People have got to learn how to drive! It's either them, or it's Tami. We are Asian you know. That stereotype actually does apply to her at times. Tami managed to get us a parking spot, and we filed out of her car once the ignition was off. We passed all different types of cliques waiting outside the schools, but ours is inside the building.

Tami and I headed towards the front doors. Sitting on the steps of the building were the boys that ruled this school: the jocks. Actually, that's an understatement. They're not exactly jocks at all. Hmm…I guess labeling them is gonna be tricky. Let's just refer to them as the Top Boys for now shall we? The leader of this group was no other than Langston Tylers.

Name: Langston Tylers

Year: Junior

Also Know As: The Flirt

Langston Tylers. The cliche image of a popular boy. Quarterback, head of everything that he can get his hands on, and all of that chiz. Some call him the flirt of the school, others the jock. Me? My crush. My biggest crush ever! How does he feel about me? Don't worry, I'm not worried about that. Actually, most of the school knows that Langston likes me. I'm flattered, I really am, but he still has the nerves to go around and mess with other girl's hearts. At this rate, we can just call this entire thing an open relationship. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We're still flirting. It's complicated I know…

Anywho! Tami and I made our way past Langston and his crew. After a flirtatious wink from him (I love his green eyes), we finally made it inside. The wide, empty hallways were a usual sight. No one really goes inside the building all that often unless it's for detention, to cram for a test, to take a nap, or to get some reading done in the huge library. Other than that, the school's pretty barren. After passing the office and climbing the stairs, we finally reached the set of lockers that our group always meets by.

"Hmm..Guess we're the last ones." Tami pointed out. I guess we are. The others were already at the lockers sitting on the floor, leaning against the lockers, and stuff. "Oh hey! There you guys are!" The first one to greet us was Allison Tylers.

Name: Allison Tylers

Year: Juniors

Also Know As: The Cheerful One

Allison! You can guess who she's related to can't you? Yep! She's Langston's sister! She's actually his twin sister to be exact. Spitting image too if I do say so myself. The green eyes and blonde (almost white) hair. She looks exactly like him! But you know what's stupid? It took me 3 months to figure out they were related. Yep, I just shattered that stereotype about Asians being smart. Haha! Well at least I know now! And she's such a doll too. She's so sweet!

"I thought for sure we would be the first ones today." Tami pouted. "Aimee even woke up on time!" Everyone let out a small cheer for me. I rolled my eyes. "Is it really that special?" I asked. They all nodded. "Hey, it's a proven fact that you can sleep through an earthquake." Riley kidded.

Name: Riley Lê

Year: Sophomore

Also Know As: The Awkward Clown

Ahh Riley. Special, special Riley. He has been like a brother to me for these past couple of years. Plus, he's the only other sophomore in the group. It makes me feel less lonely. He's such an amusing boy. That explains the clown part doesn't it? How is he awkward? Well for starters, he has a major crush on Allison. Yes, the Allison we just talked about up there. He sees her everyday, talks to her everyday, and looks at her everyday. Yet, he still manages to act all stupid in front of her. That's partially where the entertainment comes from though. But you can't help but feel a tad bit sorry for him. He's in love, but she's to oblivious to notice. Poor baby…

"Okay, that was once. I'm a heavy sleeper!" I argued. "Yeah, 'heavy'. You look like you're dead when you're asleep Aimee. Me and Erik had to poke you a couple of times just to make sure you were alive." Riley teased. Erik was sitting on the ground snickering at our little debate.

Name: Erik Lê

Year: Junior

Also Know As: The Complicated One

Erik…Oh Erik. Something about him just doesn't get along with me. Complicated is such an understatement. Why? Well he can be pretty quiet most of the time. And when I say quiet, I mean like you can forget about him sometimes. He always intrigues me in this state though. He has this mysterious vibe coming off of him. It's pretty interesting actually. I like him when he's quiet, but when he does talk, all hell breaks loose. He has got one helluva smart mouth. Erik and I always get into pity arguments over something lame. He alway has this smirk on his face whenever we're arguing. It's so easy for him to piss me off, and I swear he gets enjoyment out of it sometimes. It's kind of scary how fast he can make the transaction though. It's like he's bi-polar. Oh! I almost forgot, he's Riley's older brother! Sibling love haha! Well, most of the time they're pretty cool, but when Erik gets heated up, things can get pretty rowdy. I swear, that boy is gonna get himself jumped one day if he keeps that smart alec routine up.

"Okay, okay. Let's stop picking on the little Sophomore now." Erik sneered. See what I mean? "Riley's a sophomore too!" I argued. "Yeah, but I'm older than you. Nyan!" Riley stuck his tongue out at me and made one of his teasing faces. I pouted and slid down the lockers, taking a seat next to Erik. "You all suck."

Before Erik or Riley could squeeze in a pervert comment, Allison interrupted by saying, "Hey now. Cool it. It's took early in the morning for this. On the brighter note, we have a substitute in English today." The round of "Yes!"s echoed in the hallways. This didn't apply to Riley or me, but whatever. I can be happy for other people.

"Thank you!" Erik said, looking at the sky. "Yeah! Finally a free day!" Tami agreed. The older kids were chatting and being all cheery like while me and Riley were just messing around with the lockers behind us. Riley was busy picking the lock on one of those lockers when I heard someone call me from down the hall/

"Hey Aimee." I turned my head around. Walking down the hall was Langston and his crew again. I smiled as soon as I saw him. Erik, on the other hand, stopped talking completely and had a stiff look on his face. Was his jaw clenched? Oh dear…

"You look nice today." Langston complimented. "Aww thanks." I blushed. He shot me his signature smile and then looked over at Allison. "Hey sis." he greeted. "What now Lang?" Allison replied, in an uninterested tone.

"Can I copy off your homework? I didn't do the back side, and I have Ms. Sanders next period. Please?" he begged. Allison rolled her eyes and opened up her book bag. "Go nuts." Langston took it out of her hand and smiled. "Thank you!" Allison nodded and continued talking to Tami.

"See you in 3rd." Langston said, looking at me with his green eyes. I blushed a bit, and waved hime goodbye. He was off once again down the empty halls. "Ugh, what do you see in him?" Erik scoffed. "Lots of stuff. Plus, he has pretty eyes." I told him. "Yeah, so does Allison. I don't see you sucking up to her." I sucked on my teeth and shot Erik a glare. There's one of his sassy moments.

"She does have pretty eyes. " Riley said in a small voice. Aww…isn't he cute? Erik smirked and looked at his little brother. Riley's eyes grew wider when he realized what he just said. "Oh Allison…" Erik sang. Allison turned her head and looked down to where Erik was. She smiled and waited for Erik to continue. Riley started freaking out. I guess he was pretty upset because the next thing you knew, he pounced on Erik and now they were roughhousing in the middle of the hallway.

"Really? Again? It's only Wednesday guys! It's a bit too early for this!" Tami snapped. Erik was sure enjoying himself today. Jerk…

Just when Erik was about to pull Riley into a headlock, the bell rang. "Save by the bell, squirt. We'll continue when we get home." Erik threatened. Riley rolled his eyes and got up, brushing himself off. He offered me a hand and pulled me up as well. Erik and Tami were already paired together, waiting on Allison. The hallways were gradually filling up, and the rush of the morning was finally here. "Well see you guys at lunch then." Allison said. Riley and I wished them a goodbye and off to class we walked.

"Erik sure does seem heated up today." I commented. "Yeah. He's always like this at school. You should see him at home." Riley pointed out. "Is he that bad at home too?" Riley scoffed and shook his head.

"Haha nope! He's actually pretty cool. He's a totally different person at home actually. I guess it's just his comfort zone or something." Riley explained. I raised an eyebrow. "Really?" I asked in disbelief. "Yeah. It's weird I know. Well, see you at lunch Aimee."

And so, Riley dropped me off at my class and made his way to his class. Huh…I just learned something new today.

Well, I survived my early morning history class. Bleh…I was about to fall asleep I swear! I would of too, but the teacher kind of scares me. Okay yeah, he scare me a lot. Anyway, we were suppose to be read chapter 5 or something like that, but like usually, I passed notes with the people around me. I get my reading done, but I just get entertained at the same time. We have to be extremely careful though, or it's a whole 3 hour detention for us on Friday. Yeah, it's scary.

Okay well, my little circle of friends passed note for the entire class period. It was all safe fun, but then one of us dropped the note. Okay well my history teacher, Mr. Steele , has ears like a hawk. It's pretty creepy. Anyway, the guy behind me was passing the note up to me when my finger slipped and the paper dropped. The moment that thing hit the ground, Mr. Steele's head zipped forward and started directly at us. Yep, here we come 3 hour detention.

" Ms. Nguyen, come up here please." I gulped at his tone. It was intimidating alright. I slowly slid out of my seat, trying not to make a huge racket. My shoes made faint "clinks" as I walked on the tiled floor. I was in front of his desk, waiting for the lecture I was going to get.

"I'm assuming that you have finished reading chapter 7?" he asked me. Crap…I reading chapter 5 wasn't I? Fudge… I hesitated to answer. "Doesn't matter. We won't be learning about that until Friday. I need you to run an errand for me." Oh? I guess I'm not in trouble today.

Mr. Steele rummaged around his desk and pulled out a piece of paper. He clicked his pen and started to scribble something down on it. He gathered a bunch of other sheets and then passed them all to me. "Room 235, please. Mrs. Hemmington's room." he told me. I collected everything and nodded. I carefully made my way to the door, being careful I didn't drop anything. As soon as I was out the door, I sighed a breath of relief. Yes! I'm not in trouble! Whew, at least I still have my Friday.

I looked up and down the hall. Nope, no 235 near here. Hmm…Why does that room sound so familiar? Oh! It's Tami's first period! I know where I'm going now!

I headed upstairs to the second floor of the building. The first room on the right passed the stairs was room 200. Great, I'm on the right floor. Now I just have to fine the 35 part. I wandered around the halls aimlessly for a while. I didn't know it, but I had passed the room about 20 times already. When did I realize I passed it? When I had to use the restroom. Yes my dear friends, room 235 is right across from the girl's room. How lame am I?

Well, before I went into the restroom, I swung by Room 235. Dang, I want to have this class next year! Everyone was up and talking. Paper was flying everywhere, and it just looked fun! The teacher was lounging on her chair, typing up something on her laptop. I knocked a couple times on the doorframe, but then I realized that was kind of useless considering the fact that everyone as being too loud to notice the knocking. I entered and placed the papers on the 's desk.

"Oh! Thank you dear! Tell Mr. Steele that I said thank you. Oh, hold on a minute though sweetie." I paused and waiting for Mrs. Hemmington to given me something. I took this opportunity to look around the class. Well, there's Tami talking to her friends. I think Allison's in this class too isn't she? Oh no, she isn't. With all the commotion in the room, I didn't notice that there was a familiar face sitting in the back by himself. It was Erik.

Erik was a lone wolf, sitting at the back table, his pencil moving quickly across a notebook. He seemed to be ignoring the outside world. As I looked closer, I noticed that that notebook he had was a sketch book. Huh, I didn't know Erik knew how to draw…

My thoughts were interrupted when Mrs. Hemmington handed me a sheet of paper. "Give this to Mr. Steele please." I nodded and took the paper. I waved to Tami and made one last glance at Erik. He didn't seem to notice me. I shrugged and made my way back to class.

Erik, the loud smart mouth character he was in the morning had vanished, and now he was a quiet,calm artist. It's amazing how much I don't know about that boy.

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