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I sighed.

Were humans so simple minded they only ever repeated the same questions over and over?

What's your name?

Where is your home?

Who is your family?

Seriously, just shut up already.

Dylan leaned back to stare at the ceiling absently. "You know, you're putting us in quite the predicament, little lady."

My eyes flashed to his face, then quickly turned away. Whatever had happened before, the peeping into his past, I did not want it to happen again. It was creepy – he was creepy.

"All you've given us is your given name really, and that you don't have any parents," he paused to glance at me, trying to be discreet. "Did you come from an orphanage? If you did then there are no records of any child with your name."

"What is an orphanage?" I furrowed my brow – confused.

This time he did not attempt to be discreet when he turned to stare at me. Shaking himself, he continued on, "An orphanage is where children without families go to be taken care of until somebody wants to have them permanently join there family. But you know..." His gaze flicked to Sophia who sitting beside me, hands clenched into fists, before continuing with caution. "You seem to know very little about how things work in the city – can you please tell me where you came from? You couldn't be one of the Ahkbar, could you?"

Sophia stiffened, eyes flashing. "Wh-"

I stood up abruptly, stopping her. Shivers over rage flew throughout my body. "The Ahkbar?" I hissed, my lips skimming up to show my teeth. "I have nothing to do with them. Nothing. Understand? You do not have to worry, I despise them more than you can even imagine."

Dyan's widened in surprise at my reaction – even Sophia shifted uncomfortably.

I cringed – I knew better than to have been so easily enraged. Tucking my hair behind my ear, I tucked myself back into my seat. "I apologize, but I am quite uncomfortable with this train of conversation. I grew up in a secluded environment after being separated from my mother when I was three years old. I do not know anything more than that. May I please leave now?" This time I looked him straight in the eye – I would not allow him to intimidate me again.

"Are you sure that's all you know? Or is it all you are willing to say?"

"I am sure. I know nothing more." With that I stood, smiling politely, "Now would you please excuse us, Mr Monoski?"

"Of course, I'd just like to confirm – you said you're six years old?"

"Yes, why?" What was he trying now?

"I was just wondering – you are very mature for your age. You can go now." With that he busied himself at his desk, an obvious dismissal.

I paused on our way out, calculating. What had he meant by that? Was I not behaving like a normal human? Did human

children behave differently from I?

"Come on Morana," Sophia urged, shooting a glare behind us in the direction of Dylan Monoski's office. "we're done here."

I nodded mutely. I hoped – but did not entirely believe – that I would never have to meet Dylan Monoski again.

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