Darren, Sara, and Eric where walking down a street it was late at night about eleven pm were they where they thought no child or teenager would be in the morning probably but not at night alone. But they were wrong they entered the cemetery, it was near the woods and close to the edge was a girl.

"What is a girl doing all the way out here Darren?" Sara questioned

"How am I suppose to know that Sara?" Darren remarked looking at her then at the girl.

"You guys she would be an easy target." Eric said looking at them.

Sara gave Eric a stern look but didn't say anything to him.

They continued to just watch from a distance and see what you did.

You had been leaning against the stone of a grave marker not wanting to go back to the house you had just run from, you were covered in bruise's and some of them hurt when you touched them but you ignored the pain like you always did. You got them from your stepfather. Your mother never cared or gave a damn about you ever since your father died. You wanted them to leave or something but for some odd reason when you were gone long they called the police and no matter how much you begged, plead and cried for them not to take you back they still did. The grave you where at was your father's he had died by getting hit by a truck when he was coming home one night. You stood up and were going to start to walk down the path when you saw someone you didn't want to see. And the person was also drunk it wasn't uncommon they usually always were and that person was your stepfather.

"What are you doing here?" He yelled at you

"None of your damn business what I do and you're not my father so leave me alone!" you shouted back

"Get your ass down here right now!" He shouted again almost turning purple.

You shook your head and turned to leave down the path but he had followed you. Once he was close enough he grabbed your arm and pulled you toward him. He was so close you could smell the beer on his breath and could almost name what type it was as well.

"You want to tell me that again girl!" he said in an anger drunk voice.

"Sure you're not my father and I don't have to listen to you so let me go you damn drunk!" you said with an equal amount of force.

After you had said that his hands got tighter around your arm.

"Your nothing but trash and you'll end up like your dad." He said

He then let go of you, more like threw you. You didn't have time to react nonetheless scream. After he had left the group that had been watching came out.

"Do you think she's ok?" Sara asked

"Why you so considered for a human Sara?" Eric asked looking at her

"Because unlike you I can sense her pain," She said lightly and to the guys sounded like she was almost near tears.

"Well let's see then." Darren said

When they had gotten closer they could see you, your head hit a gravestone but you were still alive. Darren went down and picked you up then walked back up to them.

"Darren what are you doing?" Eric asked

"We're going to take her with us," Darren said shrugging his shoulders slightly.

Then Darren walked away from them and they followed without a word. They weren't going to go against his word no matter what once he decided; that was it no questioning it.