After spending several days studying, I became confident and knew there's no way I'll fail the exam. I was sitting in front of my desk waiting for the exam paper to be handed out knowing that if I pass the mid-term, it can help my grade later on.

Once them exam begins I start working on the questions. Multiple choices have always been my specialty and seeing how most of the questions are as such, I became excited. After finishing half of the questions with ease, that's when the trouble begins. I saw several classmates getting up to hand over the test papers and left.

Soon I quickly became less confident...

I tried to focus my as more people started to leave...let's just say brain farts are a common occurrence in this situation. Then there's the fact that I could hear someone chewing gum...a gum...A GUM...A FUCKING GUM!

No wonder why teachers in elementary school forbids gum chewing in class, I mean seriously!

I wouldn't mind people eating but gum chewing just sound plain disgusting, especially in a quiet room. After hearing the chewing continuing for few more minutes, I instantly got up, walk to the asshole who making that disgusting sound and start beating him to death with a pipe.

Then I shook my head, I really need to stop letting my imagination run wild.

As few more people begins to leave, some of the questions on the test...

Who the fuck is Stalin? Why is the "Battle of Bunker Hill" important? What happened on Hiroshima? Yeah I got to the short answer section and usually I would have answered them without problems...but the pressure's eating me from the inside!

Then someone started to clear his throat.

Annoyed by the noise along with the continuous gum chewing, I cleared my throat in response...but it turns out by doing so opens up the Pandora's box. The throat clearer responds by clearing his throat again and soon...dueling throat clearing!

Then the teacher yelled, "STOP!" and I got blamed for the entire mess.

After being told to leave the class for few minutes to use the bathroom or get a drink of water at the fountain, I decided that maybe it would be a perfect opportunity to clear my head. I enter the restroom and...I saw something that shouldn't be seen.

I left the restroom disturbed...when's the last time this place have been cleaned? It's disgusting...bad enough that I was traumatized from what happened earlier while riding the public bus and looked up to see a fat female passenger's jungle under her arm.

I returned to the classroom in slightly worse shape than before and decided to finish the test. Knowing I won't pass after what happened, I breezed right through it by writing down answers I got subconsciously. Soon it's finally over and so I on my way of of the building when the gum chewer and the throat clear came by and starts taunting me.

"Ha, you got in trouble!" one laughed.

The other mimicked that disgusting chewing noise from before.

Angered, I yelled, "GUYVER!"

Soon the armor was summoned out of nowhere and covered me. Then I opened my chest plates and fired a massive laser blast, obliterating half of the entire building in the process.

That part didn't happen, just something I threw in to see if you're paying attention. I wish it did happen...I hate people sometimes. I did follow them outside of the school building and beat the living crap out of them however so all went well.

Few days later I lucked out, turns out I managed to pass the test with a score of 72%. Granted it's low, but one can wonder how much higher the score could have been if it weren't for these disturbing circumstances that fucked it all up.