It was my favorite day again.

Christmas day.

Sometimes I think we're so dense.

We returned to the place where we met.

The place where you broke your arm.

The place where I broke my leg.

We were talking,

Just you and I.

Then I tried to surprise you.

I really did.

I leaned in, and tried to steal your kiss.

In fact, you surprised me.

You had leaned in, and stole my kiss.

We stood in confusion.

Our eyes wide,

Our cheeks rosy pink.

We were so dense.

We tried to surprise each other,

But ended up surprised ourselves.

This time I closed my eyes.

You did too.

This time it wasn't confusion.

We kissed each other,

But it was out of our own doing,

Not surprising us at all.

We kissed each other, enjoying every minute of it.

I wrapped my arms around your neck,

You wrapping your arms around my waist.

I knew that I loved you.

That I knew.

After ten seconds, we pulled away.

"You don't hate me," I said for him.

You smiled. "No. I love you."