A/N: verses 2,4, and 5 sound like the chorus from California by Hawk Nelson. Don't tell him, though, or I'll get in trouble. ^-*


Who needs another California song?
They always seem to last way too long.
And I get tired of the same boring lines
That remain present all the California time.

So let's head north and live in Alaska.
They've got lots of polar bears.
Don't say yes, I won't even ask ya.
I know for sure that you'll follow me there.

So let's all live in the great white North.
At least there aren't any great white sharks.
Put on your snow boots and we'll trek forth.
Just remember that it won't get dark.

Oh, let's but up some land in Alaska
And we'll make new friends up there.
We'll live in the woods where we'll ax the
Mess out of the trees till they're square.

Let's rack up the bucks in Alaska
And mount them over the fire place.
If we go now, they can't tax us
Unless they recognize my face.