And that smile was the last
that I'd never see again.
Those memories buried in childhood;
nostalgic cold breeze in winter
where I'd be in your warm embrace.
And those chilly nights where sounds echo on,
climbing into your bed for comfort
and you'd kiss me on the forehead like always.
Now these empty eyes search for the things I've thrown
yet when these tears fall and my heart wrenches,
I know I'm searching for something
that doesn't exist in this world no more.

With a weak, trembling hand—
these hands that stopped your time and breathing;
I cleaned the blood off
but that doesn't fix the stopped clock
nor does it remember the same melody
so many years back then.
The care and concern lost in ruins of time;
and yesterday will never come around to look at me.
Your gentle touch, those kisses and embraces-
the fading smile, but through everything,
I realized—
that the memories may not rewind and play
but it has always been here. And as I
wipe these tears of my cheeks,
I embraced the dead and gone.