7/10/2013 Update: Once More With Feeling is up!

A/N: I had wanted to wrap up Chris and Shannon's story but it really couldn't be done. I've been toying around with the idea of giving them their own story for a while now, and have written a bit of it up. This one won't be told in a first person POV like Bollinger was, and it will probably switch from following Shannon's POV and then Chris'. It takes place a couple of months after the conclusion of this story. Here is a bit of what I have so far:

Summary: He wore his heart on his sleeve and she stomped all over it. Eight months later, is it too late for second chances?

Pound. Pound. Pound.

Pound. Pound. Pound. Pound. Pound. Pound. Pound.

Max Katy got up from his homework to look out the window of the upstairs living room. He was struggling with freshman math, and he acted like he thought the time his brother spent trying to help him understand algebra was the most painful part of every week. He sought out every opportunity possible to get away from it, and this was no exception. Although the pounding on their door was rather hard to ignore…

Pound. Pound. Pound. Pound. Pound.

Silence. And then-

"Christopher Katy!" It was such an fierce outburst that both Max and his brother cringed.

Max, however, recovered quickly. He turned back to Chris with grin on his face, probably knowing that he was going to get out of math tutoring for the day.

"I think there's a very angry, very tiny Asian girl at our door who's looking for you," he said with a smirk.

Chris glared at his brother. He knew who this very angry, very tiny Asian girl at his door was, and he had a pretty good idea as to what was making her so angry.

"Yeah, well, don't answer the door," Chris said stubbornly, getting up from the table to stalk off to his room. Well, Max should be happy. He was in no mood to do any more math tutoring.

Once in his room, Chris ran his hands through his hair and peeked out his window. It faced the front of the house, so at the right angle, he could almost see visitors at the front door. He saw just a glimpse of Shannon's black hair before she leaned back and looked up, almost straight at him.


He saw her eyes narrow as he ducked quickly away. She knew where his room was, she had been to his house before. He was sure she saw him too, because the pounding on his door got more intense.

Chris marveled at this very sudden turn of events. Shouldn't he be the one that was mad at her? After all, she basically gave him the silent treatment for over half a year just because he admitted to her that he liked her. What kind of person does that anyways? They had spent so long doing this awkward dance at school where they pretended the other person didn't exist despite the fact that they all hung out with the same people that he had no idea what to make of the fact that she had sought him out. She had actually walked through the bitter cold and the foot of snow on the ground to pound at his door.

He was already so on edge that the ringing of his cell phone made him jump.

Quickly pressing the button to accept the call, he pressed the phone to his year.

His friend Nolan's voice was on the other line. "I can hear her pounding on your door from over here," Nolan said in greeting.

Chris cringed. They lived in the same neighborhood, but their houses were across the street from one another's. Shannon had been pounding on his door for so long and so loudly that it wouldn't seem like much of a feat for the whole neighborhood to hear, except for the fact that with the houses in Bollinger were so large and so far apart that this was indeed quite an achievement.

"That bad huh," Chris said, still wondering what he should do. He could not face her now.

"I wouldn't have called," Nolan went on, "but Jess insisted she wanted to talk to you, so here she is."

Chris had no time to reply to that before another voice replaced Nolan's.

"Just what did you do to make someone who's usually so bubbly be so angry?" Nolan's girlfriend's voice was light, and Chris knew she was just joking with him, but he still cringed. He knew what he did.

"You think she'll go away?" he asked Jessica.

He heard a sigh on the other end. "Just go answer the door, Chris, I'm sure she won't bite."

Jess was wrong about this, he was sure, but he knew he had to go answer. He knew how stubborn Shannon could be, and he didn't want to get noise complaints from the whole neighborhood. He didn't want her to freeze outside of his house in this weather either.

He reluctantly made his way down the stairs and to his door. He braced himself as he wrenched the door open.

A rush of cold air blew in, and then he saw her face. Her cheeks were tinted pink from the cold. Despite how angry she looked, he felt his breath catch.

"You know you're with Zoe, right?" she asked him angrily, the first words that tumbled out of her mouth.

Oh yes, that.

He stepped aside just in case she wanted to come in, but no. She just stood on his doorstep, bundled up in a red coat.

"And you know I'm with Landon, right?" she said, frowning a little bit, her voice no longer sounding so angry, but softer, almost in a whisper.

Oh yeah, that too. Chris clenched his hands into fists almost instinctively. His jaw had tightened and he wondered if there was any worse way for any conversation to start, ever, when Shannon spoke again.

She had quirked her head, and the expression on her face was a mixture of emotions. Conflict. Confusion. Curiosity.

"So why in the world did you kiss me today?"




Let me know what you guys think, if you think you want to know more about these two, or if I should finish their story. I'd love to hear your feedback.