Sara's Fairy Tale

Chapter 1:

Her hair was long, black and glossy. Her eyes were dark caverns that gleamed under the sun, her skin was pale and her cheeks rosy red. The expression on her face was blank and emotionless. Those dark black eyes seemed almost dead. Sara White was young and very beautiful. She now sat on the front porch of her home twirling her hair. "Dinners ready" her mother had just appeared in the doorway. Sara shivered at the sound of her mother's voice. Her mother was a very cold woman, her coarse face always had a hateful expression.

Sara nodded and followed her mother into the house. They sat down at the kitchen table where her father was already seated. A plate of grilled chicken and green beans was in front of her. Sara poked at it with her fork, she wasn't really hungry.

"You're not going to waste anything. You will eat every bit of that food, Sara" her mother said, watching her from across the table. She watched her daughter's every move. Sara could almost feel the woman's angry gaze burning through her. Nodding and staying silent, she brought a single green bean to her lips. Her father was eating his meal without question. Sara's parents always tried to hide their hatred for one another but she could see right through their act. She lived in a home of silence since they rarely ever spoke to each other.

"Daddy, can I please finish dinner later?" Sara asked her father. He was not hateful towards his daughter like his wife was, he tried to be kind. But Sara hated him just as much as she did her mother. The man my not show cruelty but he made his daughter suffer in many ways from the ways he touched her. The way his greedy eyes gazed upon her with lust.

"Yes, of course" he answered, smiling at her sweetly. She responded with a forced smile, Sara could see her mother cringe in anger but the woman remained silent. Not wanting to say a word to the man she despised. Sara left the table and walked off to her bedroom. It was her space, but nowhere in her home was truly safe.