Chapter 8

"Now, lets see what a beautiful girl you really are" Ezreth pulled down the straps of Sara's dress to expose her breasts. "Hmmm, tits are a bit small but that's okay I suppose" The woman ran her hand along Sara's leg, pressing her large gray breasts into the girl's face. "How about you do a little dance for me" Ezreth whispered. She pulled Sara from the chair and sat herself in it, crossing her long legs. Sara just stood before in confusion. "Come on now, let's see why your daddy couldn't keep his hands off you" she said, her black lips forming into a grin. Her teeth were a sickly green and yellow color, her gums dark brown.

Sara had suffered humiliation her whole life, her father had always made her feel dirty and completely disgusting. She simply could not do the humiliating deed this woman demanded from her.

"I'm waiting" Ezreth said impatiently.

"I-I can't" Sara expected to be hit again for disobeying or perhaps she should expect worse.

Ezreth laughed, "Oh, you can handle being fucked by your own father but you can't dance for beautiful me?" She stood up from the chair and grabbed Sara by the shoulders. "Since you're being naughty, I guess I'll have to punish you. I was going to take it easy on you at first" The woman grabbed a handful of Sara's hair and swiftly slammed the girl's face into the mud-caked walls.

Her face hit the wall hard, dried mud and gravel scrapped against her soft lips. Blood filled her mouth she trickled down her throat. When Ezreth pulled her head back, without thinking, she spat at the woman's face. The blood and spit splattered on the woman's face.

To Sara's surprise, Ezreth smiled and calmly wiped the fluids from her face. "Hmmm not very ladylike, Sara White"

"I don't know you, you're nothing" Sara said, her face pleading and desperate.

"You know what, I'm tired of your mouth" Holding her black hair in a death grip, Ezreth pushed open the door and pulled the younger woman into the hallway. There, she forced the girl onto her knees. The warm mud on her bare knees was almost comforting except for the worms that squirmed against her flesh. Her nose wrinkled in disgust.

"Don't like worms?" Ezreth said, teasingly as she scooped up a handful of the creatures from the ground. "Now, I can really shut you you up" Before Sara could react the worms were shoved into her mouth. The taste of mud and the mindless squirming creatures was unbelievably disgusting. She felt them squirming down her throat, she was desperate to breathe. Ezreth's hand covered her mouth, holding them in more tightly.

Sara grabbed the woman's forearm trying to push her filthy hand away, but it was no use. Ezreth far too strong. She felt them squirming inside her stomach. They were attempting to escape from her soft belly. Soon she felt them tear right through her, the spilled out from her stomach and back onto the ground. Sara feel backwards, her eyes now completely lifeless. The worms began to consume her.


"I saw potential in her, it's ashame you were so quick to kill her" Bugsy said, as he slowly inserted the knife into the restrained girl's womanhood.

"She was getting bold with me, so I killed her" Ezreth said over the girl's screaming and with her long fingernails she scratched at the girl's breast. Bugsy was wearing his usual pair of dark glasses that he always wore during torture sessions.

"Well Ezreth I'll always love and respect you" He twisted the knife in deeper and her body broke into spasms at the painful violation. "We'll have more prisoners to come soon" The almighty guards of Deathly Kingdom looked at each other and began to laugh.