Authors Notes: I came up with a concept for this story when I was nine years old. In the 3rd grade me and my friends used to play a game and we called it galaxy guardians. We would run around the playground pretending we were super hero's protecting the planet. Two years later, I was watching an anime show and I thought "I want to make an amine like this someday." Then it suddenly hit me, the game me and my 3rd grade buddies used to play, why not make that a book? I started writing a whole story about it but unfortunately my old computer crashed and I wasn't able to save it. I started a new series later, but it doesn't start from the beginning. I'm trying to inform you with the important information you'll need to understand the book. I will go back and write the beginning in the future.

The story takes place in the year 3000 its surrounds a girl name Serrony Jones. In the year 3000 earth has realized that they're thousands of planets with life on them. The Galaxy Gaurdians keep planets from destroying other planets or themselves. They keep the peace between the galaxies, like the "Galactic Police". Serrony is 13 years old and she wants to be a Galaxy Guardian. Serrony doesn't know that there's a huge secret everyone is keeping from her. That secret is the reason Princess Talya& Yuna (Princesses of the Global Guardian Association) will not let her become one. Serrony wouldn't take no for an answer, so after non-stop begging they allow her to become a guardian. When you become a guardian you have a team each team member is from a different planet. Serrony & Kyle(her best friend) have to go find all their teammates. Which are: Princess, Blue Jay, Eskimo, Black Rose, and Black Widow. (The Second story the one I'm writing now) The story is about the Guardians two years later going to Galaxy High.

But now I'm going to tell you about the characters…

Serrony Jones: 13 years old was born on the planet earth. She's kind of a tomb-boy, but she still has a girly side as well. Serrony has the power of Telekinesis: she can move stuff with her mind. She also has the power to see in the future or the past, as you will see later in the book.

Kyle: Kyle is Serrony's best friend; also born on earth. He's very smart and kind of nerdy. He is the mechanic of the guardian team, but unfortunately he has no powers. Kyle has a huge crush on Black Widow

Princess: Born on a planet named "Teviyon" (Tevi-on) She is a princess air to the throne. Her real name is Cornelia Azmith, but she prefers to be called by her nickname "Princess". She is very girly. She loves: shopping, make-up, magazines, boy bands, ect. She is known for her looks of disguise. Her power is the sun. She's also Serrony's partner in crime.

Black Rose: Born on a planet named "Zancar" Black Rose's real name is Rose. She is a skilled ninja and knows every martial arts known to man. When she's not kicking butt, she's an awesome cook.

Black Widow: Also born on Zancar her real name is Rene. She is the adopted sister of Black Rose. We don't know much about her but she has a dark past...

Blue Jay: Born on the planet "Birdilia" (Bird-dill-ya) she is 12 years old certified doctor. She has bird-like attributes. Blue Jays is very smart, loves fashion and helping others. Sometimes she's kind of shy, but if you get to know her she's the life of the party. She has a terrible fear of boys, due to a tragedy as a child.

Eskimo: Born on the planet "Ice Land" she is Blue Jay's child hood friend and has a pet snow tiger named Thore. She has the power to move and control water and ice.

I hope this little information will help you understand the story a little better.

I'd really appreciate it if you read my story "Galaxy Guardians" you won't be sorry! :)

I've drawn out pictures for the story as well you can see them here: .com/gallery/