"The Bond of Isaac" by Alexander the Greater, November 2011

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are product of a fiction. Any resemblance to real characters is of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one is should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: What is the secret behind the rooster's morning crowing?

The Bond of Isaac

Sue Purkiss was enjoying her hot pudding in a cafe, talking to a man that wanted to hide his true origin. She was constantly smiling at him, watching ocassionally people running from the downpour of relentless rain outside. She felt relaxed because cafe was unusually warm for the European place of gathering.

- Now ..., she mused, her spoon stuck in her mouth, ... you definitely won't tell me your REAL name then?

- No ..., man smiled at her, his hat placed on the table as if waiting to be cleaned.

- How shall I call you then?, Sue pursed her lips, enjoying the vanilla taste in her mouth.

- Call me ... Maeglin, man watched some girls running barefoot on the street, their t-shirts suddenly looking transparent due to the rain.

- Mhmmm ... Maeglin ..., she chuckled, getting aroused in secret by hairy hands of her companion. So ... Maeglin ..., she sipped water, turning back to notice some girls running into the cafe, giggling, splashing water all around, waitress protesting. What is the secret of the rooster's morning wail?

- Kee-khe-reekee doo ... I am in love with you ..., "Maeglin" sang some tune and Sue grinned widely.

- Keekhereekeeh? What's that?

- In German ..., he sipped some water, smacking his lips, ... "kikeriki" means rooster.

- Well? ..., Sue reminded him on their secret "contract".

- All right. He understood the secret sign. A long time ago ..., when the world was still new, the Lord of the Skies had nine sons.

- Mhmmm ..., she took some more of the pudding. Sounds exciting! Continue please ...

- The only arable land was hot, right underneath the active volcano, the rivers were, of course, all dried up due to magma spills and eventually the crops began to die due to sulphuric nature of the volcano ashes. He cleared his throat watching buses toss water on careless pedestrians outside. Realizing they will soon starve to death, the rebellious sons from underneath the volcano decided to ask their best archer to shoot the Lord of the Skies out of the sky.

Sue scratched her thigh in secret, wondering how would it be if she slept with this "mystery" man.

- The next day, one by one, all those who were planning to revolt against their only Lord were shot dead. Only one of the nine sons managed to survive. Frightened, the last remaining son hid behind a mountain where the executor could not reach him.

- Now ... where exactly would that be if the volcano was still active?

- Active yes, but not spurting magma. Just some smoke ... He tapped fingers on the table, feeling dry all over his body. Soon the people who cultivated the land realized their original mistake and decide to change the world. Then the volcano grew cold, and the crops eventually started to grow.

- Is this some unpublished text from the Old Testament or ...

- A legend, nothing more. He sipped more water. Rain began to simper away outside. The people spoke gently of the hiding son to coax him back since they owned it to the world. They also burnt incests to make animals and songbirds to try the same, but none of the animals could convince him to return.

- What was he living on, hiding like that?, Sue pondered aloud. Maeglin ignored her and lowered his chin.

- Finally, someone suggested that the only holy animal, the rooster, ...

- Now wait a second!, Sue finished her pudding and smacked her lips, wiping the remains with a table cloth since there were no paper napkins offered for free. Waitress threw one scornful stare in her direction but she ignored her impudently. Why would a rooster be a ... "sacred animal"?

- Did you know that certain type of hens can produce eggs even WITHOUT the rooster?

- Really? I thought the rooster was ALWAYS needed? She giggled, sipping water and waving at the waitress to bring more of it.

- Well ... at the beginning of time, rooster WAS needed.

- For eggs?

- For eggs. Yes. He scratched his shaved face.

- All right. Then what? Sue thanked the waitress for pouring more water into her glass. Maeglin nodded curtly as well. A thunder broke in the distance.

- Roosters were easily frightened birds and would give up easily in fight as well. However ..., someone honked outside to young men and women who were trying to cross the street that was resembling a small pond. Molesting the rooster for seven days and seven nights with no food and almost no water the people from underneath the volcano waited for the dawn of the eight day. Maeglin stopped as if frozen. Sue wondered if something happened to him. Then he smiled at her, continuing. At the dawn of the eight day, the rooster crowed three times, and the son, believing he was summoned by the Lord of the Skies, rose from behind the mountain and returned to where he came from. Sue placed hands underneath her chin, watching her mysterious companion through half closed eye lids. Maeglin could feel his energy being sucked up by his benefactor. He stared outside at the wet monuments and then grinned aimlessly as if remembering something. To show gratitude to the rooster, the Lord of the Skies decided to crown his remaining son with a white hot iron crown the same morning.

- Oh my God! His last son! She placed hands over her mouth. How horrible! But ... why?

- So that the rest of people wouldn't be blinded when staring at the morning sky.

Sue looked perplexed. She moved uneasily in her seat, trying to figure out the legend.

- But that last son ... he died?

- If someone would crown you with a hot iron hoop ... what do you think would happen to your skull?

Sue sipped more water, coquetting politely, obviously amused up to her ears.

- All right. I give up! Why would the other people be BLINDED should they stare at the sky in the morning?

- I really don't know. I am just telling you the legend behind the rooster's crowing in the morning, that's all.

Sue grinned, then started to laugh, tilting suddenly her head backwards. Maeglin straightened himself up in the chair, feeling nervous as the others started to threw some inquisitive stares in their direction.

- You ... devil! She opened her purse and then gave him the envelope. He threw one quick glance at her, then peeked inside the envelope. Smiling with satisfaction, he looked in all directions and then safely placed the envelope inside his business jacket, buttoning up his mantel.

- So ... you are leaving me then?, Sue's stomach muscles twitched involuntarily.

- I am afraid so. He rose and placed a hat on his head.

- Wait!, she grasped his wrist and he gave her one cold, calculated stare. May I at least know where are you going?

- To visit an old friend. Jeanne Moreau. She lives in Rosenstrasse, Berlin.

- Berlin ... Germany?, she released her grip, her heart pounding faster and faster, some hollow emptiness pulsating in her stomach.

- Have a nice day, then!, he tipped the rim of his hat, eyes gleaming.

- You too!, she croaked feebly. His pace was steady.

Sue turned around and watched Maeglin lift up his collar, then carefully starting to stroll away. A tear appeared in the corner of her eye.