This one speaks for it's fucking self, and is my absolute favorite of my new songs. It just popped into my head waiting for the bus one day, and ends up being the best of my new stuff. No shit.


The hottest, new religion.
This moral abomination.
An every-day, situation.

I don't want my songs on the radio station.
So they can censor, and overplay them.
And even if I did, it'd never happen.
They don't want the truth told to the nation.
Cause it's apathy they'd rather be pushin'.
Booze, cash, desensitization.
Plasma screens, cars, medication.
And don't forget ego masturbation!

And material-fuckin'-ism.
Weapon of choice for the institution.
Making androids out of humans.
Programming them with their possessions.

If I could divert your rapt attention,
Away from your cellular obsession.
Cause I've got some heavy, fuckin' questions.
If questioning, ain't out of fashion.
Like are you aware that you are minions,
Of be-suited office-dwelling demons?
Accepting murder, dehumanization.
Lies, genocide and deforestation!

And materialism.
More followers than Catholicism!
And three times, as many victims.
In a conservative, estimation!

I don't wanna meet no politicians.
Cause I've a serious objection,
To how they think they can make decisions.
For those who make nothin' while they rake in billions!
Who from behind desks cause such destruction!
Just to maintain, their corruption!
Utilizing fear, hate and confusion!
Poverty and discrimination!

And wielding materialism!
The sword of chivalry's damnation.
To cut up those who oppose a system,
Of greed and consumerism!

So bow down, to materialism!
Amen, materialism!
Shalom, materialism!
Harri Krishna, materialism!
Zieg fuckin' Heil, materialism!
Pure evil's idealism is,