Joy grinned, sitting on Stella's lap and wrapping his arms around him. "Hello, beautiful." He murmured, nuzzling him lightly.

Stella smiled slightly, raising an eyebrow at him.

"What do you want, Joy?"

Joy pouted, then giggled and kissed him gently.

"Mmm, why do I have to want something? Can't I just wanna sit on your lap and call you pet names?"

Stella snorted and kissed him lightly, "You could, but I know you."

"Aw, meanie..." Joy grinned, ignoring the stares he and his boyfriend were getting as he leaned down and kissed him again.

"Mmm, wanna have Thanksgiving with my family this year?"

The Indian boy frowned, almost shrinking away from his boyfriend, hesitating.

"I-I'm not really sure th-that's the best idea, Joy..."

Joy frowned, tilting his head.

"Why not?"

The older of the two looked up at Joy, something flashing in his eyes that the other boy had never seen before-nervousness. "'re just...really..." He couldn't come up with the words.

Joy frowned again, waiting.

Stella sighed, touching Joy's cheek tenderly, kissing his forehead.

"I don't know, you really want me to?"

"'course I do..." Joy murmured, leaning into his hand.

"'love you...this'll be the first time you actually come and eat dinner with us together..."

The older of the two hesitated, biting his lip for a moment as he considered it, then leaned up to kiss Joy lightly. "Fine..."

Joy's eyes lit up brightly, and he looked at Stella, purring loudly as he leaned down to kiss him deeply.

"Really?" He asked, excited.

Stella sighed, nodding slightly.

The rainbow-haired boy grinned, kissing him again.

"You're the best, Stella...I love you..." He purred, nuzzling him.

Stella smiled slightly, "'love you, too..." He sighed playing with Joy's hair.

"I know..." Joy smiled, relaxing into him, closing his eyes.

The brunet sighed, not saying anything and pulling his boyfriend closer as he thought.


Stella sighed, twirling his long hair between his fingers as he walked into the kitchen. He watched Virgil for a few minutes, thinking, then finally he sighed again. "Joy wants me to go spend Thanksgiving with his family."

Virgil didn't look up from what he was doing for a moment, before he smiled and looked up at him. "Mmm, do you wanna?"

The teenager sighed, looking away, "Would it bother you if I went?"

Virgil shrugged, "Not if you want to go. I've gotten you for the last eighteen

Thanksgiving's, I think I can share you for one." He grinned slightly, smiling at him.

Stella nodded slightly, not looking at Virgil as he disappeared from the kitchen

to go hide in his room.

Virgil snorted, watching him go for a moment, before chuckling and turning back to what he was doing.


Stella sighed, closing the door and leaning against it. His emotions-which, surprisingly, he did have-were, seeming, to try to control him.

His head was full of thoughts like 'what if I embarrass myself in front of them?' and 'what if they don't like me?' even though he knew Joy's family already.

This was different though. This was a family thing.


Stella sighed, taking a breath as he walked. Joy had texted him earlier to tell him they were waiting, but he'd had to take an extra ten minutes to calm his nerves and find his usual mask again.

He held his breath for a moment, glancing at the time. Five minutes later than

Joy had asked him to be there.

He sighed softly, hesitating, then knocking lightly.

Joy almost immediately answered, grinning at him.

"Stella!" He leaned forward, kissing him gently.

"Mom and Dad can't wait to see you..."

The brunet smiled slightly back at him, nodding slightly, "Okay, Joy..."

The rainbow-haired boy grinned at him, grabbing his hand and dragging him into the house and shutting the door after him.

"Mom! Dad! Stella's home!"

Stella didn't say anything, following him quietly.

Ryan-Joy's father-appeared in the doorway, grinning brightly, the happy expression almost identical to Joy's. "Stella, come in." He laughed, motioning the two of them farther into the house. "Rayne is just finishing up."

Stella forced a small smile, glancing at his boyfriend, his expression as blank as always though he was feeling nervous again.

Joy smiled at his father, "We'll be in in a minute."

"Mmk, hurry up." Ryan winked, then went back into the kitchen to his wife. Joy turned to Stella, leaning up to kiss him deeply.

"Stella, baby, you're shaking." He whispered softly, wrapping his arms around his neck gently. "Nervous?"

The brunet sighed, nodding slightly, hugging Joy for a moment, "I'm sorry..."

Joy smiled, kissing Stella's neck gently.

"It's okay, darling...just relax. You've met all of them. Now you just have to eat and listen to them talk."

Stella sighed, closing his eyes for a moment, then nodding and smiling slightly at him again, "I know...thank you, pretty..."

"Mmm, 'course..." Joy whispered, kissing him gently, "I love you, beautiful...Ready?"

The older of the two nodded slightly, "Mmm, I think so."

Joy nodded, kissing his cheek.

"Good...Horizon! Zebra! Fair! Get down here!" He called up the stairs, then smiled at Stella and led him into the kitchen.

It was much cleaner than usual, the table having been pulled away from the wall where it usually set so that it could seat all of them at the same time.

A giant turkey was in the middle of the table, with bowls of a number of different dishes surrounding it, as well as a few different pitchers of different drinks. Each place was set with matching china-matching cups in front of the plates.

Ryan looked up from where he and Rayne had been dancing to the soft, happy music they'd been playing in the background-Christmas music, at that-and grinned at them.

"Stella, Joy! Sit, sit!" He laughed, happily spinning his wife, who giggled and smiled.

Stella glanced at Joy again hesitantly, still not used to how...affectionate his family was.

Rayne smiled, going over to kiss his cheek, taking his hand and squeezing it.

"It's nice to have you with us, Stella. I hope Virgil and Zander aren't too angry with us for stealing you." She smiled apologetically.

The Indian boy nodded slightly, answering softly, "Virgil said it was okay, he sees me every day anyway..." He had no idea what Zander's reaction would have been, because Zander wasn't around when he'd brought it up. He already knew where Zander was-hidden in he and Virgil's room, talking to one of his brothers on the phone.

Rayne smiled, nodding, "Good, good." she leaned up to kiss his cheek again.

"Sit, sit. I made tofu for you, since Joy told me you're vegetarian." She laughed, smiling at him before turning away to go back to the counter to get said tofu, setting it at the table.

Joy giggled, pulling Stella to the table and pulling his chair out for him.

"Mmm, here come my idiot brothers. Stay calm, yeah?" he whispered into his ear, kissing his neck soothingly, before said idiot brothers appeared in the kitchen doorway.

Stella smiled slightly, chuckling softly and nodding, "Of course..."

Joy grinned at him happily, before looking at his brothers.

Zebra grinned back at him, then glanced at Stella and snorted, "You're here." He smiled.

Joy snorted, grinning, "Mhm. Now come and sit down before Mom attacks you guys with the wooden spoon again." Horizon laughed, leading Fair to the table and pulling his chair out for him. "I wanna see that happen."

"It was amazing." Joy grinned, giggling when Ryan laughed.

"No fighting, we have a guest."

Stella didn't say anything, almost amused at the small squabble.

Horizon just laughed softly, sitting next to Fair, Zebra sitting next to him, so that they were across from Joy and Stella. Ryan led Rayne over to her seat at one end of the table, pulling her chair out for her, before going to his own seat. After they were all seated, he smiled at all of them.

"So, since this is Thanksgiving, we obviously have to do the cliché, what are you thankful for?" He grinned, sitting back. "Who wants to go first?"

Stella's hand tightened around Joy's under the table, biting his lip slightly.

What had Joy dragged him into?

Stella smiled slightly and looked down, staying silent.

Zebra snorted, grinning slightly, "I'm thankful for a lot of things. My family and friends, Thomas..."
Joy nodded, "I'm also thankful for you all and my friends...and Stella." He smiled at his boyfriend, kissing his cheek.

The other boy smiled weakly, a nervous knot clenching in his stomach as he noticed that, aside from Joy's parents, he was the only one who hadn't said anything.
They knew him by now though, right? They knew he didn't open up.
Anything he was thankful for aside from Joy, he wasn't going to admit.

Ryan smiled at Stella gently, "You don't have to say anything, Stella." he grinned, then looked at everyone.
"I guess that means we're ready to eat, huh?"

Joy smiled at him, kissing his cheek again.
"Mmm, I love you, Stell...Happy Thanksgiving." he winked.

He smiled slightly, slowly relaxing again around the familiar family.
"'Love you, too..." He whispered softly.

The younger boy grinned at him again, then picked up the bowl of tofu and offered it to him.
"Tofu?" He chuckled, purring softly.

The brunet chuckled softly, taking the bowl and murmuring a quiet 'thank you.'
Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all...