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* Normal font is in first person POV.

* Italics are in third person POV.

Long ago, there once lived a tyrant.

He was blessed by the gods,

He had the potential power to create anything,

He was gifted 15 supernatural minions,

He had named them "the special ones"

Thus, he created an eternal special link with his 15 companions.

The inseparable chain link has once been in the tyranny hands,

Never to let the special ones see the outside world,

For his wish was to only live in eternal paradise.

However, that's not how the special ones wanted it.

They broke into the real world and out of the tyranny's hands,

Never to appear before it again,

For their wish was to only live in true reality.

However, the special link between them could not be broken.

The tyranny only smiled.

"No matter how far you run,"

"No matter how many ages passes by,"

"We are bond to meet again."

***1st Story*** Suzuka:

Suzuka's/Third Person POV:

"Ne, Suzuka-chan."

"Na-ni, Rei-kun?"

"I wish everyday could be like today, you know?"

"Umph! I wish everyday I could be with you, Rei!"

-An unforgettable person-

"Me too."

But why did you leave me?


"Don't worry about that, Suzuka."

"We are inseparable after all."



As she fell off her bed, she began to rub her eyes to find the sun shining in her face.

Reluctantly, she said, "It's morning already?"

As she stood up, she began to dress up in her school uniform. She had clear green eyes that reflected the bright sun, and had light brownish-redish hair that went around halfway on her back, as she tied herself a big white ribbon cloth at the back of her hair before heading downstairs.

I'm Suzuka Harujima, supposively a second year in a middle school, and I'm 13 years old.

When she was finished, she headed downstairs for her breakfast, to find her mom at the kitchen.

"Oh, finally up already?" her mom said.

"Yea, morning mom!" I said with a somewhat cheerful smile on my face.

In my family, I have only my mom as my blood relative, since my dad passed away when I was 7. Either way, my mom and me are doing okay after overcoming that tragedy.

"Oh, by the way, how's middle school? Are you making friends?" my mom asked curiously.

"School's fine, I've been getting along with my friends so I'm doing fine" I replied back with a fake smile on my face.

Actually, that was lie. Unlike everyone else, I was…different. I was unnaturally smarter than everyone as well as athletically excellent at sports that it wasn't normal for a regular girl's strength to have. My IQ was always the best in class, and even the third years couldn't beat my intelligence. I always also thought I may have some 6th sense, since I always here unnatural things that normal people wouldn't hear, and I once was able to sense someone coming from 5 yards away without even looking.

Either way, you might think this is a good thing, but it isn't. Because of my ability, everyone finds me strange so they tend to avoid talking to me, and to make things worse, I haven't even made a single friend yet in school. To me, it literally hurt being in school. The isolation and loneliness…it was almost unbearable. But I didn't want to tell my mom that. It would only make her worry about me even more.

However, my mom halfly bought my smile and halfly not.

"Alright, but if anything happens at school, tell me ok? I'm well aware of your better than average qualities you know?" she said with a slightly worried expression on her face.

"Yea, I will." I said with a better smile on my face this time. I'm glad I have such a caring mother.

As I began eating my breakfast, my mother continued speaking.

"Ah, come to think of it, you used to always play with a certain boy all the time in elementary. You had such a bright and cheerful personality then. I remember you had such an adorable smile."

Suddenly, my face turned slightly red.

My heart throbbed at the moment.

Strangely, I began to eat my breakfast faster than usual.

"What was his name again…? Reiji-kun, was it…?"

I stopped eating when she mentioned his name.

"Man, if he was still around, I wouldn't have to worry about you so much-"

Instinctively, I quickly got out of my seat as I headed for the doorway and slipped in my shoes and backpack.

"Mom, I'm going now."

Before my mom could answer back, I already left the house as I began to walk to school.

Yes…his name was Reiji. Reiji Kumisato. Well, I personally called him Rei back then. He was my childhood friend in elementary. My only friend… We used to be really close; since he also similarly had the abnormal ability I had, so he was like a twin brother to me. Back then, I was really happy being with him, I wanted to be with him forever…

But around the beginning of middle school, he suddenly just disappeared. Gone. Abandoned. He said he wouldn't ever leave me…

He lied.

Since then, I don't exactly know what happened to me. My mother said I don't smile like I used to anymore. My cheerfulness was slowly becoming fady. How would the twin sister feel if she lost her twin? Lonely? Sad? Incomplete? Insecure? No… even words can't accurately describe the feeling. The very name sent a chill down my spine.

I hate him.

Yet… deep down I knew I wanted to desperately find him. I wanted to see him again.

Could he be dead? I would wonder. No. Something, somewhere, told me he's still alive. I just somehow knew it.

Even with the hate I had for him, some part of heart told me the feelings I had for him were not gone…

That I love him.

But what kind of love exactly?

The very name mentioned gave my heart a throb.

I hate him.

I loved him.

Just which of these mixed feelings was more dominate?

If only I could find the answer to that question. By the time my thoughts were still recollecting the past, I had already arrived at my school.

A living hell.

At school, it's not like anyone was bullying me or anything. Instead, it felt like I was completely isolated from what you call a "normal social class".

In fact, I stood out.

But not in a good way.

In class, in the hallways, or even during lunch, I would hear gossips and whispers about me.

I could tell they were talking about me because they would avert their eyes or put on a fake smile when they noticed or looked directly at me.

Everyone tried to avoid me because they couldn't accept me for who I was.

Because of this, I was usually overwhelmed by loneliness.

I hated school.

But what choice did I have?

When school finally ended, I began to walk away from the school gate as I tried to resettle myself from showing any unpleasant feeling towards my mother.

…Well, school wasn't always like this. It used to be so much more fun when "he" was around.

But now those precious moments seems as though it was only but a faint memory left.

That feeling was very saddening to me somehow.

I began to stare at the sakura trees in awe wonder as I continued walking home and my footsteps could be heard.







I came to a halt.


Slow streaks of tears suddenly came rolling down my cheeks.



…Drip, -

Realizing the wet liquid substance on my cheeks, I began using my hands to wipe the my tears away.

"Baka Rei, where in the world are you?"

…I quietly manage to whisper out as I choked in my line from not wanting to cry anymore even the slightest.

When I finally reached home, I opened the doorknob to my house and took off my shoes as I stepped into the living room.

"Mom, I'm home!" I called out to make sure she was here.

"Oh, finally home dear?" she responded back as she walked into the living room with a certain piece of paper and an envelope in her hand.

I blinked twice at the paper she was holding.

"Mom, what's that paper for?" I asked slightly curious.

My mom then gave out a soft chuckle and began speaking.

"It's the transfer school application."


Still trying to register my mom's words just now, I began to feel more confused than ever.

What? Why transfer schools all of a sudden? Did my mom know about my current social situation…?

As those thoughts ran through my mind, my mother continued.

"There was an anonymous letter that came to me this afternoon, and it was an invitation for you to enroll into a new school."

I blinked hard to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

"An invitation? Me?"

My mom nodded and continued.

"The school seemed really grand and its standards were really high, so I had a feeling you'd do well in this school. The fee's also a pretty good deal. You don't mind if I enroll you here do you?" my mother asked as she winked at me. She was obviously proud of her daughter to be invited into such a high-class school.

I, on the other hand, was astonished. I wasn't even sure if my eyes were even widening anymore than it already was by what my mother had just told me.

I felt a spark of hope coming back to me; I was longing to transfer a long time ago, but I just didn't know how to convince my mother without telling her anything that would make her worry about me.

"What's…the school name…?" I asked with earnest curiosity.

My mother smiled at my response.

"Gakuen S.N.P.A.O."

"The school organization of supernatural potential arts."

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