The Moon Howls At The Wolf

A story from those who wish to claim love for their own.

Pressed up against each other,

Chest to chest, face to face,

Smothering the air from the other's lungs,

Keeping oxygen from the brain,

Tearing skin cells away from loving families,

Denying thoughts their rite of passage,

You have taken everything from him!

And yet, he still loves you…

And will never notice me turning my head

To shield my eyes from your "burning passion".


Why can love shield such wrongdoings in pleasure,

And banish rational thought to those who have yet to be consumed?

Author's Note: Written November 24th 2011, Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I dont know why everything I wrote was so dark today, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my entire nuclear family, plus my godmother, grandfather aunt her husband and thier twi children. Anyway, please review, all criticism is taken into account, and replied to! Thank You in advance!

-The Moon Howls At The Wolf