The sky above was blood red, and the ground below trembled, while debris rained down. The roar of an explosion echoed across the scarred land. To a frightened, fleeing ear it sounded like the awakening of some primal beast that was calling out to its brethren. Beckoning them, and all other slumbering monsters to rise and overtake the surface- the surface that had long oppressed them.

In reality, there were beasts afoot. The refugees knew that fact very well, which was why they ran through the forests that were not yet burned or bombed, forsaking all their comforts and luxuries and simply running. They knew it was all in vain. They would be found eventually, because after hundreds of years, they were now being hunted- hunted by beasts they created and had no power to stop.

Huddled in a thicket of bushes, the sole survivors of the entire region could only anticipate their fate, and hope that they might live long enough to see a final sunrise, but as the sounds of destruction grew louder their desperate hope waned. They could almost hear the lashing of teeth through the crackling fires that engulfed their city. The primordial cries of ravenous creatures intertwined with the whistle of falling bombs. Their doom was certain. All the survivors could do now was look up at the scarlet sky, and listen as the last of outpost of human civilization fell into oblivion. ~