I know you don't believe me,

And probably never will,

But I DID love you.

I never lied.

But I was:




And hopeful.

I was hopeful-

Hopeful that you weren't the person you showed.

A person full of:





But I WAS hopeful

And blind

And ignorant

And naïve

I was naïve and believed everything-

Everything you told me me:

You said that you loved me

You said that you wouldn't hurt me

You said that you COULDN'T hurt me.

And I was naïve

And hopeful

And blind

And ignorant.

I was ignorant and ignored everyone- every one of my friends.

I didn't listen to what they said about you:

That you'd be a jerk

That you'd hurt me

That you just wanted to sleep with me.

But I was ignorant.

And naïve

And hopeful and blind

I was blind, and didn't see anything-

Anything you were doing:

Trying to hook up with my FRIEND

Telling me you liked me, then getting back with your ex-

Trying to weaken my defenses

Plotting to get me to bed.

I was blind

And ignorant

And naïve

But hopeful

Now I'm left empty and hurt-

Hurt by everything we ever did:

The lying

The hiding

The kissing

The days together

But mostly, the lies

I can't forgive for them.

They hurt too much.

I truly did love you.