I sat on a bench in the graveyard. I watched the grave keeper bury the coffin. It was so sad. No one showed up for the funeral but me. Didn't she have family? Yes, but what did they care? She was nothing but a screw up and a mistake. What of friends? Didn't she have any? No. No one wanted anything to do with her.

So all she had, was me. A complete stranger. I watched her spirit float out of her grave. She looked scared and lost. She also noticed that no one was here.

I felt her pain. The pain of loneliness. I felt like no one loved me. No one wanted me. I couldn't turn to anyone.

I got up and headed towards the chapel. I walked past my brother's wedding. He found someone, not me. I walked past the church service and into the empty room. The "wake" room. A coffin lay completely open at the front. I made my way slowly, looking for signs of life. But no seat had anyone.

I got to the open casket. There lay a girls in a tube dress. She wore no shoes. Her bare feet had scars. They were from when she had first become depressed. Moving up to her wrists, there were small lines. Thin and almost invisible. The cutting stage. Almost past the point of no return. They came shortly after high school started.

Then there was the one that killed her. It was on her neck. No ropes, no lines, nothing but a very faint hole. Caused by a syringe. It had been full of air, and she injected it into her aorta artery.

I moved the hair out of her pale face. I stared at her closed eyes. Her closed mouth. Her closed ears and heart. She couldn't hear the love of the people around her, or see it, or feel it. She couldn't speak it. She was blind to it.

Now the people filled in. Her brothers. Her friends. Her family. Her step-family. Her classmates. They were all sad. All crying. I turned and walked down the aisle a little. One person was not stting. He started to walk towards the casket. I wanted to say something, but he had passed me. He bent over and kissed her lips. My lips tingled as I realized what I had given up. That I had hurt everyone here. I had been selfish and blind. I walked back to the casket. I looked at myself. My scars. And I hated myself. I turned to him. And kissed his cheek. Then I went to the light. Moving on forever.