Miss Independent, Miss Get Over It, Miss Back Off

I was a rock: impenetrable, cold, just there.

Or, at least, I was.

Now everyone knows that even my walls have soft spots.

At first they were shocked,

then they laughed,

spoke behind my back,

gave me those stares as if they could suddenly see right through me.

Suddenly, I'm a joke.

I'm not strong.

I'm weak.

Weak enough to be wrapped in your arms.

Because for you I don't need to be strong.

But your hand clasped around mine kept me grounded.

I didn't run.

I didn't bite.

I didn't shut down.

Because for you I would change any and all of myself.

Is that not odd?

I would change who I am in a heartbeat for the one person I feel understands who I am most.

If you asked me to, I would file my claws and dull the edges of my speech.

For you, I'll happily be their little joke because in your arms,

Leaning on your shoulder,

holding your hand,

kissing your lips, nobody matters.

Their words cannot pierce my happiness.

Perhaps I would so readily change because I feel I don't deserve you.

Yet you said yourself that you want me.

The puppy dogs, stalkers, and hos don't matter.

One and Two gave way to Three.

God, I am truly the most fortunate girl in the world.

You told me that I was mesmerizing,

Short and sweet,

That you never want to let go,

You and I both miss it when you have to.

The words aren't perfect.

There is absolutely no rhyme or reason.

But isn't that all the more reflective of me?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Now with some peace of mind, I'm going to sleep. You know how I feel, and my thoughts are slightly less chaotic.