Guy number one!

I can't Believe you:


after being sooooooo annoying

Then drew on my shoulder...


Guy number two!

You were SUSPENDED for sexual harrasment

because you pulled down a GUY'SS pants

You tried to grope a friend in middle school...

You think I'm seriously going to go out with you?

Guy number three!

I can't believe, I fell for you

You're such a charmer

But you are a man whore

And i'm soooo over you.

Guy number five!

I'm already in a realtionship!

And from what I've heard, You're a druggie

I'm not a skanky ho...

I'm just not going out with you after I break up with him

I didn't forget you, Guy Number four!

You were perfect.

You were kind, loving, and sweet

You actually care

Or so I thought, Instead you lie

Instead you cheated on me with my "friend"

Guy number 5

You make me happy.

You make me smile.

You're sweet and kind

Unique, and caring

You are my One Knight In Shining Armor.