Forever Again

Slowly her eyes opened. She looked around confused. Where was she? Why? Slowly she tried to remember, slowly realizing she couldn't remember anything. Where was she? Who are her parents? What about these lying people around her? Soon all woke up thinking the same. As they realize they're all together, they thought that maybe one of them actually remembers and can answer these questions wanting to spew out of the young mouths. But no one was brave enough to speak. So she decided to try.
"W-where are we? Who are you? Why can't I remember anything?" As questions slipped her mouth effortlessly they stared all wondering the same. "I don't know why...there's only five of us in all. And all I can remember is my name, Sarah."
"I-I'm Ray." a boy spilled his name. Soon everyone else told the rest all memories could, their names. Sarah, she wore a black, plain, dress that sleeves reached past her hands. She had one blue eye and one green and light brown hair up to her shoulder. Ray had black hair and a golden and blue eye he also wore a plain black silk shirt and pant. Kyle had blond hair, a blue eye that had some red and another but plain blue eye. He wore the same as Ray. Kailar wore same as Sarah and looked like a girl version of Kyle but with hair up to her waist. Last was an unknown and had hair like a boy and wore a dress so everyone assumed she was a girl.
"I wonder wear are we?" Kailar wondered.
"Everyone, welcome to my castle." an unknown voice echoed through the dim, bare room.
"Who..." Ray trailed off.
"I will send you to a land of Terśia. A world where you once lived at. You will remember everything there. The goal for you to find out. I have been told nothing more. Just stay together, you five are the only living being there human- or not from there. You have to learn to survive on your own but don't worry you all have been there before but never remembered. Not even when you knew everything. Slowly you will regain your memory. Other than you there are people there to help you. First, Ray, I will send you to Dargown with the hint: Miracle Pond. Now, Kailar, you are to go to Florìa with the hint: King. Kyle, Stàrce, and the hint is: Queen. And Darwn you are you stay here with me. Your hint is: Watch. Don't forget stay together." At once they disappeared.
"Est-ce une bonne idée? Pourquoi avez-vous à la CEI de rosée? Huh, DARFON? (Is a good idea? Why do you have to dew cis? Huh, Darfon?)" she mumbled in a weird French accent.
"Nous n'avons pas le choix ... Nous devons sauver ces enfants du désespoir de vivre. (We have no choice... We have to save these children from despair in living.)" He replied sadly.
"VHY Sho DAT vous avez effacé leurs memorai? (Sho dat's vhy you erased their memorai?)" she questioned.
" Pour eux ... Comme ils détiennent tous les FOREVER AGAIN.
(For their sake...Since they all hold the FOREVER AGAIN.)"