Betrayal, jealousy, lying
Trickery, stealing, and conniving
Beware of the person with the mask on their face
Who stays one step ahead at a snail's pace
Maybe it was your foe, maybe a stranger
But the truth just might be even stranger
The person you see today
May not be the same one you saw on the holiday
Likewise, the man or woman whom you adore
Could be someone else behind closed doors
And don't overlook those you've known the longest
The ones whose relationships are the strongest
If there's any doubt, I think you should know
They have more access to you than your foes
Any one of them could be wearing a mask
Moving in silence, carrying out their task
Whether you've known them for days or decades
It takes mere minutes to sharpen a blade
Mere minutes to get behind you and raise it
And put it in your back, that's where they'll place it
So many memories and you wonder why
Someone so close to you would make you cry
Look them in the eye; there's no expression
Your friendship was an act; there's no question
They wrote the script, you were just a prop
They set the stage and let the curtains drop
Left you in the dark, they did the trapping
And when you see them, they'll ask you what happened
Go to the hospital, see if they care
They'll move to a new state and bring your kids there
Some of them will visit and say a few prayers
Then they'll stop visiting and then rob you bare
So don't befriend characters, shadows, or clones
Make sure their faces are real skin and bones