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All I really wanted was to be normal.

I mean, sure, being able to control people's mind is cool and all. So is the mind reading part -but what about the 'knowing that something's wrong with you' part? Always knowing that if anyone knew they'd either think you were crazy, or they would put you in a research program where scientist would try and figure out what make you so special. What make you...tick, for lack of a better word.

I remember I used to hate silence. Absolutely hate it. It made me feel like I was alone and helpless like no one would be there if I screamed for help; if I was dying no one would know. That the reasons why at the beginning of this torture, I was so ecstatic. I thought I was something right out of a manga! I thought that finally my life would be full of excitement.

Well that was before I realized that I couldn't turn it off.

I remember the first day I acquired my new-found skills. I was hosting a sleepover with my best friend/ "Twin" Lina at her house since we were born less than a day apart. There weren't a whole lot of people there. Just Anna, Natile, Cameron, Hannah, and Julie. The usual people whom we both hang out with.

I already knew that I could hear thoughts since the previous day. My 14th birthday. So it didn't come as much of a surprise that there was constantly noise in my head. But when it was time to go to sleep, I was constantly trying to block out the words. I could hear everything even though I was listening to Bleach. Thinking that they were actually talking to each other. I paused my iPod and turned to face them.

"Whatever you guys are saying can you PLEASE whisper?" I asked harshly. "I have swimming tomorrow."

Anna raised her head to face me. Her hair already disheveled from tossing and turning in her sleep

"Stop confusing us with your music. It's 4 am. Just go to sleep"

"But I hear YOU guys talking. All of you."

Now Natile was awake.

"I don't care who heard what, or whatever. Shut the hell up, both of you."

My face flushed with anger, but I didn't want to argue anymore. After all, I did have swimming tomorrow morning.

I still heard them talking. And it just made me angrier. I turned my iPod back on and finally, after about another hour of their constant babble, I drifted to a dreamless sleep.

When I woke up, everyone was up in the dining room. There was hot pancakes, fruit, cereal, waffles -just about everything you could imagine for breakfast- laid out on the table. The aroma was probably what had woken me up. It all smelled so wonderful!

I sat down next to my twin and eagerly grabbed some pancakes and fruit to fill my plate. I always knew that Lina had a lot of food in her house, but I never expected them to have this much.

"Food!" I screamed eagerly with a big grin on my face, as I began to fill my empty stomach

Lina just rolled her eyes and drank her juice. Lemonade I think.

So far it seemed as though no one was really that upset about last night. Everyone was smiling and laughing about random stuff.

Soon after, we all went outside and wandered into the forest. There were trees that reached about twenty feet up just about everywhere. Some even taller. The early November air was surprisingly warm. The sun was beating down on us, but the shade of the tree leaves made it feel relaxing.

I saw I tree that looked well enough for climbing and called everyone over.

"Hey Cameron," I began, "you're a gymnast. So I bet you can climb this tree no problem."

She looked at me through her shaded glasses. "Probably."

I smirked and she took that as the cue to start climbing.

She was about fifteen feet above us when she stopped. Hannah and Julie cheered that she was awesome for making it that high up, Anna looked worried, and Natile and Lina were taking pictures with the cameras to post on Facebook later.

"How's this Mary?" she called down while smiling. Her short brown hair was blowing in the wind; whipping around her face.

I laughed, "You're a total ninja!"

'But I want you to go higher...' I thought.

Suddenly as if something was controlling her. Cameron started climbing again. Higher and higher she went. Half-way up.

"Cam!" Anna shouted. "That's high enough!"



"Cameron!" pleaded Julie.

Still going.



She was about 10 feet from the top, at least, from what I could see.

I stared at her. Scared for her safety.

'Please Cameron, stop, that's enough!' I silently begged.

And stop she did.

She looked down at us. As if she had just realized how high she actually was. I saw her foot slip from the branch that she was perched on, as if in slow-motion. She landed harshly on multiple branches before falling down onto more. After what seemed like an hour, she crashed to the ground.

I can't remember if she was screaming on the way down the tree, but when she hit that ground, I thought my ears were bleeding.

"Cameron!" we shouted as we rushed to her crumpled form.

All she did was moan as tears streaked down her face.

I was frozen. Like actually frozen. All I saw was Cameron's bone stick out of her skin. Wondering why, why had she climbed so high if she wasn't confident she could make it back down?

Then I remembered. It was because I asked her too.

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