Tonight, will you sit on the edge of my bed

And tell me a bedtime tale?

Of spunky princesses and princes and frogs,

And true love that can never fail?

Tomorrow, will you take me off to the park

And push me on the swing 'til my feet

Reach up through the clouds? And will you hold my hand

When we're crossing the bustling street?

Will you laugh when I see that Santa has come

And admire my utter euphoria?

Will you hold me when I wake up screaming at night

From a frightening phantasmagoria?

Whenever it rains, may I go out to dance?
Will you watch as I giggle and whirl
And come back in soaking and laughing with joy

Your innocent, sweet little girl?

Please sit on the edge of my bed tonight

And help make my short childhood last.

Please wrap me in mantles of a little girl's dreams

While everyone grows up too fast.