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Chapter 10

Conflicting Paths

The crowd surrounded the two boys in anticipation of what might happen next. Unlike the rest of audience, I wasn't about to let them continue. I dashed into the middle of the crowd.

"What has gotten into you guys?" I asked.

By the time I got there Alex was holding Justin back as two other boys were helping Blake. Justin snatched away from Alex's grasp and glared at Blake in disgust.

"Jazmine doesn't need a guy like you when I'm around!" Blake was on the ground clutching his now swollen left cheek.

"What did you say, punk?" Justin attempted to hit Blake again when Alex held him back.

"Just let it go, dude." he pleaded.

Justin snatched away from Alex and stormed out the picnic.

"Jazmine, call me when you get rid of this little boy," he called smirking.

The crowd started whistling and cheering.

"Everyone go home! Nothing to see here!" Chelsea tried to shoo everybody out of her yard. Jazmine and I decided to leave as well, we pulled into my gravel driveway within twenty minutes. I lived in a two story brick house with blue shutters on the windows. My house wasn't as nearly as fancy as Jasmine's or Chelsea's, but it was still nice. My mother kept a vegetable garden in the front yard. We got out of the car and went straight up to my bedroom.

My room was the total opposite of Jazmine's. My walls were stained with hot pink and posters of famous singers covered my walls. In the corner of my room I had a huge book shelf of Cds and I currently owned three stereos to my name. My bed and rugs were covered in light pink fur. I had a brown wooden head board that had "Rockstar" written on it in big bold letters.

Jasmine plopped down on my pink rock star bed, kicking off her lavender heels. I sat down next to her and clicked on the television.

"Dang Jazmine, You have dudes fighting over you!" I teased.

I held my hand up so she could give me a high five. Jazmine fell back on the bed and laughed.

"Angie, you're a fool!"

I hit her on the thigh.

"Not as foolish as you! How did this start anyway?" I asked.

Jazmine sat up with a serious look on her face.

"Justin and I were talking during your performance, when Alex went to get punch. Blake came over and pushed Justin, and told him to stay away from me; then they started fighting."

I shook my head in disbelief. I never thought Blake was the fighter type. Blake had long brown shoulder- length hair. He kept his bangs away from his face with a headband. He also had light green eyes. Blake was usually so quiet and reserved.

"I don't understand though, I thought Justin was dating Jessica?" I scratched my head.

Jazmine nodded, " I know, that's what made me mad. He came over to me, flirting like nothing happened."

"Wow…" I shook my head, "I swear that boy has no conscience"

Jazmine put her hand on her face and sighed. We watched television in silence for a couple minutes, examining the situation the had just unfolded in front of us, that's when it hit me. I had completely forgot to tell Jasmine the incredible news I had. I looked towards her and smiled.

Jazmine glared at me with puzzled features,

"What are you so happy about?" she snapped.

"I forgot to tell you my fantastic news," I arose from my bed and waltzed around my room.

Jazmine stared at me, "What is it?"

I reached in my pocket and handed her the business card. It read "Style Music Company CEO Daniel Shucks"

Jazmine glanced at the card, "Who's he?"

I looked at her and sighed, "He approached me after the show and said I should come to his studio; he wants to sign us!"

The pale girl jumped off my bed and started screaming. "That's amazing Angie! Don't forget me when you become famous." she joked.

I laughed "Of course I won't"

"Did you tell the band yet?"

I laid in my bed and stared at the ceiling. "Nope not yet, I'm going to go to his studio tomorrow to check him out first."

Jazmine turned to me, "Are you sure that's a good idea? I should come with you."

"Don't worry about it you have to work tomorrow, I'll leave you a copy of the address if it makes you feel any better."

Jazmine sighed, "Okay, but don't let your guard down, this guy could be a creep."

Jazmine sat back on my bed and we decided to watch movies for the rest of the night.


The car was in total silence as we dove back from Chelsea's picnic. I stared straight at the road, as Justin held an ice pack on his cheek. Who knew Blake could punch so hard? The guy always seemed so wimpy too me. His brown hair was always gelled, he only hung out with girls and he even painted his nails!

I turned on the radio trying to lighten the mood a bit. Justin glared at me, "I don't feel like listening to happy music."

"Oh come on, it can't be that bad." I teased.

Justin pulled down my sun visor and looked in the mirror, "This is not funny, man! I just got punched in the face, my cheek is the size of a mini donut. How am I supposed to get girls looking like a blowfish!"

I couldn't hold it in any more, I started laughing after I heard him say the word "blowfish". Justin sat there with his arms folded, he looked like a five year old who couldn't get any candy. I pulled into his drive way, he got out the car, slammed the door and stomped into his house. I was still laughing at him as I pulled into my own driveway.

I unlocked the front door to my house and waltzed inside with a smile on my face. My grin faded as I entered the kitchen. My mother was home, she was sitting at the table with her hand on her forehead and a glass of wine in the other.

"Alex honey sit down, I need to talk to you."

I was quickly seated across from my mother. She put the glass down and looked at me.

"You're a senior now, what are your plans for the future?"

I smiled at her, "I want to be a famous rock star of course!"

She laughed, "Oh come on, honey. That was a cute dream when you were eleven, but now you need more of a practical dream."

I glared at her puzzled, "What do you mean by more practical?"

My mother sighed as she took another sip of her wine, "I mean like a doctor, or lawyer"

"I'm not comprehending."

I clenched my fist, I knew exactly what my mom was trying to say, but I wanted to hear it from her lips. I couldn't believe the women who told me to "follow my dreams" and "I could do anything I wanted if I worked hard enough," was now trying to tell me the opposite.

My mother placed her hand over my fist, "I'm trying to say that it's more careers out there than being a rock star. It's a slim chance that you could be successful as a musician and I want you to be able to live well and support your family."

I quickly moved my hand away from hers, "I want to be a rockstar and I'm sure I can be successful. Do you not see how much attention my band is getting? If it keeps increasing, I'll even be able to support you."

Her facial features stiffened, "That is it! I tried to be suttle with you, but I see its not working! That's your problem Alexander, you never listen! I want you to stop playing music and follow in your father's foot steps and be a successful doctor."

"You can't do this! I'm telling dad!" I shouted in haste.

I was surprised my own voice could shout that loud. I had never risen my voice at my mother before. She was usually so calm and understanding, but now I didn't know who she was.

"Your father has already agreed, and actually he suggested this,"

I sat there stunned for a moment, now it all made sense. Dad was the one who brought this up, not my mother. He has never supported anything I've done, I had to promise to get straight A's in school for him to even consider me staying with him. When I was living with him he never had anytime for me. He was always working or had some sort of emergency at the hospital. That's why I spent most of my days playing music and my nights partying and drinking.

I couldn't take this anymore, first my dad wasn't supporting my dreams and now my mom was right along side him.

I shot up from the table in rage, "No, I'm going to follow my dreams no matter what you guys say!"

She scowled at my statement, "You're father may have let you do whatever you wanted, but now your living with me. As long as you stay under my roof you'll live by my rules!"

"Fine!" I grabbed my keys and ran to the door slamming it behind me.