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Chapter 9
"The Charity Picnic"

"Wake up you punk!"

A brown-haired man stumbled into Justin's room holding a beer in his hand.

Justin woke up enclosed with anguish. Jasmine had not spoken a word to him since the party last week. He never realized how much he actually liked her until she wasn't around. She would avoid him at school and when he came over my house she would pretend like he wasn't even there. Justin tried so well to hide his discomfort from me, but I knew he was hurting.

The blonde haired boy sat up in his bed and stared at his older brother Leon. The man had long-shoulder length hair and light blue orbs. He was tall and really muscular wearing a red tank top and black pajama pants. Leon Kenmore was twenty-five years old and still lived at home in his parents house. He dropped out of school when he was seventeen because it was too hard for him and he has been a hopeless drunk ever since.

"Will you stop drinking! It's 11:00am!" Justin frustratingly shouted.

Leon glared at his little brother for a moment then smirked.

"I don't care what time it is! I'll drink when I want!" his voice slurred.

"What would Dowel think of this?" he questioned.

Leon threw his free hand up in the air and left his room.

"Doesn't matter to me, he'd still like me better than you! Now answer your damn phone it's been ringing straight for five minutes!"

Dowel was Justin's other older brother. Dowel Kenmore is thirty years old and is already an successful CEO of a major company. He had always been remarkably smart and made nothing less than a A- out of all his classes since the first grade. Justin looked up to him a lot but, Dowel didn't even acknowledge his presence.

Out of the three brothers Justin was the least good looking. Which was an out range, I'm not into men but I had to admit, Justin was one of the most attractive guys I knew. His brothers looked like super models, especially Dowel. I thought he would have become a model before a CEO. But unfortunately, Justin isn't really considered part of the family.

Justin's dad is a very successful business man just like his son. So he didn't get to see him except on holidays. He had two wives, his first wife died of cancer when Dowel and Leon were young. His second wife (Justin's mom) ran away with another man when he was only three. Ever since his mom ran out on the family Dowel and Leon had always resented him for it. Justin learned at an early age that spending time with girls helped him cope with his uneasy home life.

Justin laid in his bed for an extra ten minutes to think about what he had done. He had the perfect girl in the palm of his hands a week ago. It took him exactly one month to mess everything up. He never thought that Jasmine would get tired of waiting for him. It never crossed his mind that she wasn't going to always be there for him.

Abruptly, he was awakened from his thoughts when his cell phone rang again. He looked at the ID and it was a text from Jessica. Justin stared at his phone for a couple of minutes, but then decided to read the unusual message.
The text said " Hey I noticed u were down for the last couple of days….I was wondering did u wanna go out tonight?"

Normally Justin wouldn't have replied to Jessica's atrocious message. But he hadn't went out on a date in a week. That's not normal for him, he usually goes on dates twice a week. Most with different girls, you had to be really special to him for a second date. The blonde haired boy quickly replied to the text and hopped out of bed.

"Maybe this will get my mind off of her" he thought.

Next Monday Jasmine walked into school as confidant as ever. She had more than just a new attitude, she had a new appearance as well. My sister got light brown streaks in her dark black hair (with my moms consent of course.) She bought a new mini skirt and a low-cut halter top. She was lucky she left for school earlier than me because of her A.P. classes or I would have made sure she didn't come out the house dressed like that.

Angelina was standing by her locker looking as beautiful as ever. She wore a light pink long sleeved crop top and light blue jean skinnies with a pink bandana on her head. Jasmine waltz up to here with a grin.

"What's up with you?" Angelina questioned as she glanced at all the boys staring her best friend down.

"The plans working!" Jasmine squealed.

Angelina raised an eyebrow as she stuffed her books into her locker, slammed it and began walking to first period English.

"How do you know?" she questioned.

Jasmine stuck her head up high in approval, "Alex told me Justin had been acting sad lately."

"And you automatically assumed it's because of you?" Angelina questioned.

"Well of course! I'm a great catch, you know that Angie."

"Whatever you say," she joked.


Everything had been going great, my party was a total success last week. The whole school had been talking about it. I got so many high-fives from total strangers I've never met. The party was supposed to be a small get together with my closest friends, then all of a sudden tons of people came rushing in after they heard my performance. I even got an A on my history quiz. My mom was going to be so proud of me. I ran out of my biology class heading straight to my lunch table to show the band my grades.

"Guess who got an A?" I shouted.

Loni and Rachel were the only people present so far. The rest of my totally awesome crew hadn't showed up yet. Loni took one look at my smiling face and frowned.

"I know I'm not going to like this, but I'll play along anyway," she joked.

Using her sarcastic tone, "Who?"

"I got an A on my history test! Which means I can still play at our next gig!" I jumped waving my paper in the air.

Rachel took a bite out of her sandwich, "That's great Angie I'm really proud of you."

For some reason Rachel had acted really strange. Don't get me wrong she was a awkward girl already. It seemed to me she had been really depressed since our party. I couldn't really put my finger on why though.

"Speaking of gigs, I just booked us one this morning!" Chelsea chimed in as she sat down with her lunch.

Loni sipped her Arizona tea, "What kind of gig?"

"We just booked my moms Charity Picnic and she said she'd pay us to perform!"

"What?" we shouted.

Chelsea came from a very wealthy family, both of her parents are doctors. Her uncle was a famous record producer and her aunts and actress. She lives in a beautiful mansion with lots of land. Her mom's Charity Picnics were legendary, they were always filled with celebrities and business people. Basically everyone who had money would attend. The picnic raised so much money one charity was able to buy a whole new building! I would have been honored just to attend, but I can perform now too? This day was too good!

The whole group was in happy spirits until Jazmine showed up. She dashed to the table with a frown on her face.

"Guess what Angie!" she plopped down next to me.

"What?" I asked with a piece of cookie hanging from my mouth.

She slapped down a white envelope, "I found this in my locker."

Loni smiled, "I told you all those new clothes would get you a secret admirer."

Jazmine grimaced at her, "I wish Lon"

I took a sip of my juice and quickly took out the letter. The card was white with gold lace on the sides. When I opened it up it was a big picture of Jessica kissing Justin at what seemed to be a fancy restaurant. Man did they look gorgeous, Jessica had her highlighted hair in a nice elegant bun, she wore a teal maxi dress. Justin did not disappoint, he wore a glamorous white suit with a light blue tie that matched his eyes. Below the picture was the words "He's with me now J"

I stared in disbelief, " Jessica and Justin are dating now?"

Jazmine sighed and nodded.

"But I thought you said Alex told you he was sad?"

Her eyes watered as she slammed her head into her arms, "I know!"

Rachel patted her on the back, "Its gonna be okay."

Blake's face was full of anger, I could tell something was going to happen, but I didn't know what…

Chelsea's backyard was filled with people.

"She has really out done herself this time," I thought.

Her backyard was simply gorgeous. The yard was covered with white streamers, white lace cloths covered the tables, and shiny silver chairs sparkled in the sunlight. She even had a huge fountain in the center of everything. The stage was even more impressive. The floor was black with sparkles, and the curtains were hot pink. Above them was a huge sign that said "Color"; our band name. As I was observing the scenery, the music began to play.

I was so excited! I was getting ready to sing my heart out in front of everybody I knew. The whole Lexington High school was there. I walked out onto the stage and everyone cheered.

"Angie! Angie!" they shouted.

I felt so loved. I was wearing a hot pink belly top that said Rock Star and blue skinny jeans with hot pink sneakers. My hair was long an curly I pulled back my bangs with a head band. I grabbed the mic and took a deep breath.

"Here goes nothing…."

"I don't wanna be the one
That let you go…"

I started out slow. My words were dry at first. But soon as I got comfortable the crowd loved me.

"My heart is on a string for you,
I've been standing here all this time waiting for you to notice"

I danced and flung my hair back and forth. I even played my guitar. We played at least three songs and the crowd got louder after each one. When I got done singing, sweat was dripping from my face. My voice was hoarse. I put the mic back on its stand.

"Good night everybody!" I shouted.


Angelina's performance was amazing. I loved every minute of it. For a beginner she sings very well and looks beautiful doing it. As soon as she got done singing, I ran backstage to wait for her. When I saw her she looked tired, and her whole body was covered with sweat. None of that mattered, she was still the most beautiful thing in the room.

"What are you doing here?" she asked quietly.

I smiled.

"I came to give you this."

I handed her the flowers and teddy bear that was hidden behind my back. Angelina's face lit up; she looked so surprised.

"Thank you, Alex!"
She was about to give me a hug when one of her band members called her.

"Angie, come change, you're dripping in sweat!"

She blew me a kiss and ran in the house.


As I took a shower in Chelsea's bathroom, I couldn't stop thinking about Alex. I can't believe he bought me flowers and a cute teddy bear.

"That was so thoughtful of him," I thought.

But unfortunately I had bigger matters to think about, right after I came off stage this mysterious guy came up to me. He was wearing black baggy pants a skin tight black v-neck shirt covered by a purple scarf and purple sneakers. He had chocolate skin and light brown eyes.

"So you're Angelina Pink?" he asked.

I looked up at the attractive man and smiled, "Yea,"

He returned my grin, "I would love to make you a star, come to my studio."

He passed me a card and continued backstage.

As I stepped out of the shower I couldn't help thinking was this the big break I've been waiting for? I changed my clothes and ran outside to find Alex. As I walked past people, they started clapping. I spotted him; he was sitting by the punch bowl talking to Jack Mason. But suddenly, I heard some commotion going on behind me. Lots of people started running towards it; then I heard Jazmine's voice.

"Justin, stop!"

I squeezed through the crowd, and watched as Justin punched Blake in the face!

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