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Cora Vivian © Having to Stay

Part One: A Beginning

Chapter One


I remembered looking down.

It was a hot sunny day, almost Summer and the end of school was near. I was walking on Victoria Street, my bus stop was there. I wore a simple top and jeans. My curly copper hair was tied back, and sweat was running down on my face. I was walking fast. I didn't want to miss my bus since that meant waiting for half an hour and my house was pretty far from school.

I was walking fast and swift. Students like me were talking to their walking buddy. Almost everyone was in a group. Except me, that is. I could hear them laughing, screaming. Everything that you expected from the typical American teenager. I was listening to music then, unaware of my surroundings that I didn't notice that something wrong was happening around me. I felt the impact before I heard it. I fell, hard. My bag was the one that fell first, then my Ipod and then me. It hurt. The one who shoved me was strong. Real strong. I looked around. My earphone was dangling in my neck. It was uncomfortable.

I blinked and let my eyes sink in what was in front of me. The screams that I thought were fun and childish were scream of terror and shock. I saw two guys, they were in fist-to-fist. I could hear them punching, could see the slight drop of blood in the pavement. I stood up, grabbing my bags. I learned that Sabrina Waters was the one that shoved me. No wonder I fell so hard, she was a popular and confident girl in school. She had also taken karate classes.

My ears hurt. They were screaming so loud. Well, Sabrina was the one screaming so loud. The others were walking away frightened while others watched. I was a small girl, and a foreigner too. I was European with a mom that was half-Asian and half-Brazilian. And my mom was short, shorter than me. That became my downfall. I was going to miss my bus. That was so sure. I should start walking right now. But something held me back and soon I couldn't help but jump and take a look at what was happening.

Sure enough. There was Keran King and Thomas Bleene.

They were both beating themselves up to the pulp. Keran was down, blood bleeding down on his nose and lips. He looked in bad shape. I saw his hand in his ribs. Not a good sign. While Thomas was the one who was in the bench. Sabrina, his girlfriend. Hugging him so tightly that I thought it was illegal. It was like she was offering herself to him in a 'not-so-good' way. I saw that his left eye was turning purple. He was going to have a black eye. His brow was bleeding and so was his lip.

Keran King was still down. His chestnut hair was blocking his eyes. He was tall and slim and was a Basketball Captain in Bernard School, where I was also studying. But no one paid attention to him. To others, he was just a shadow. A gloomy shadow of Thomas. Who was Vice-Captain of the team and was the most popular in school. My toes were hurting from tip-toeing. My bags were still secured on my arm. Everyone was crowding in. They were whispering. Some taking pictures, some just curious on what was happening. People were still crowding everywhere. It made me dizzy.

"Get out!"

"Go back to your business! Don't you have your own life to attend to?" The basketball team was shouting at the audience. People began to back away and walk again.

I was still there though. Watching or probably staring. My father commented me of how conscious I always was. Of how I always seem to know what was happening by just being invisible. I always disagreed with him. Telling him that I was just so quiet and nobody really noticed me.

I realized he was right.

I was conscious. Even though my eyes were only focused on one thing. I knew what was going on around me. My eyes were on Keran. He was still lying on the cold pavement. I could see him breathing. But I guessed it was hard for him. He probably had a broken rib. He was Captain of the basketball team. And I know basketball was a famous sport here in America, I've been living here for five years. If you were a Captain you were legendary and a hero. My eyes were still on him. He seemed so fatigued and tired. People were still closing in, but not many any more. They were focused on Thomas, everyone was. Except for me. I heard some of Thomas and his friends conversation.

"What the hell, man? Couldn't you have done it on school? It's much better than the Principal handling you not the cops!" One of his teammates said. I think he's name was Ben.

I felt, rather than saw, Sabrina pouting. "Don't speak like that. Thomas was the victim and he's bruised. He shouldn't be hearing this."

I walked towards Keran. No one noticed me. I wondered why that is. I walked silently towards him. He was groaning. Then, when I was so near him that I could actually step on him. I looked down. He was lying down. His face was bruised and bloody. Bloodier than Thomas. For once in my life, I felt as if I was tall and Keran was the one who was just five foot and two inches tall. I realized that he was just lying down and I was overreacting. His eyes were still closed and I immediately saw that he was in pain. In more pain than Thomas.

My father was a doctor, my grandfather was too, and my great-grand father. It could go on forever. But I was pretty sure that I know how to fix a broken nose and bloodied lips. I sat down at his side, more like kneeling and began to check his face.

His face was bloody. Real bloody. His eyes were still closed. I opened my bag and grabbed my handkerchief. I wiped his face, pushing a little deeper onto the wounds. I continued to do that, cleaning his face from the blood.

His eyes snapped open. Revealing his long dark lashes and emerald green eyes. I was startled. He opened his mouth, saying something. But no sound came.

"It's okay. I'm healing some of your wounds in your face." I tried to calm him down. "I suggest you go to the hospital. I think one of your ribs is broken."

He groaned when I said the last sentence. I was done wiping his face, there were still stains on his face. I could see the wounds more clearly now, without the blood pouring everywhere. I put the handkerchief in his chest and went to grab my kit inside my bag. I took out a cotton ball and alcohol. My grooming kit mostly contained of a brush, hair tie, cotton balls, alcohol and a foundation to at least hide the dark circles under my eyes.

Keral saw what I was doing and began to groan. I moved a bit, trying to be comfortable. Half-sitting and half-kneeling was uncomfortable. I closed the tap of the alcohol. He began to groan again, more loudly. I rolled my eyes. Immature much? "It's going to hurt much more if you keep complaining."

He still groaned. I sighed and pushed out his hair from his face. The sun was high up in the air, I was sweating and so was he. Sweat was dripping from my brows now but I could hardly care about that. The sun gleamed at us with a vengeance. I saw his eyes shine a little more. Like they said, people with green eyes were connected to magic. Since green eyes were rare. I could almost agree with them. Keran's eyes gleamed like crystals. But I quickly looked away, I didn't want to be caught staring. His long jaw was defined and masculine. He wasn't the 'perfect guy' in the movies and things like that. Yes, he was handsome. But not perfect, hardly anyone can be.

I cleaned his wounds with alcohol inside the cotton balls. He flinched, but said nothing. I was relieved. I cleaned his wounds quietly and swiftly. Soon, I was done and packing up. It was then that I realized that a fight had just happened. People were still looking at us curiously. But at least the school rush was over.

Which means I just missed my bus.

I checked the bench where Thomas, Sabrina and the basketball team were. They were gone. I shook my head. I was still upset that I just missed my bus and I would probably get home around seven. I shook my head and faced Keran. He was sitting up right now. He was still clutching his ribs. Groaning. I realized that his lips were dry. I grabbed for my water bottle and handed it to him.

He looked at it blankly. Has he never seen a water bottle before? I smiled, not showing my teeth. "Don't worry. I'm germ-free." He grabbed for it. As he was drinking, I grabbed for my bags. God, my parents were going to freak.

"Thank you." I jumped and looked back. Keran's voice startled me. His voice was deep and rolled off his tongue easily. I blinked and nodded.

"You're welcome. Are you going to be alright?" I asked. My voice sounded hoarse. "Do I need to get you to the hospital or something? I think you broke a rib."

He smiled and shook his head slightly. He faced the other side, he looked like he was hiding a chuckle. I frowned.

"I'm alright. No ribs broken," He moved a bit to show me that he was indeed alright. "Here's your water bottle by the way." He handed it to me. The bottle that was half-filled with water was now empty.

My brows furrowed quite a bit. I was pretty sure that one of his ribs was broken. But it seemed he didn't even feel the pain at all. I put my empty bottle in my bag. "Oh...okay. Bye then." I offered him a bright smile before walking away.

I didn't dare look back. I was late, the sun was still up high but I know it won't be soon. I needed to hurry.

I was six feet away from him when I heard him spoke.

"What's you're name?" He asked. I faced him but I was still walking. Backwards.

I gave him a smile. He was still sitting on the ground. I needed to look down again, since he looked so tiny in the ground. What was happening to me?

I grinned. "Cathleen Martin. Call me Aly."

Cora Vivian © Having to Stay