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Chapter Two


I looked around. The school rush was long gone. I checked the surroundings around me, the drops of blood were gone. Well, that wasn't creepy.

I rolled my eyes. Who does Thomas think he is? I shook my head. I didn't want to think about what and why we even fought. It was too complicated. Instead, I thought of the girl. The copper haired girl.

Cathleen. It was a beautiful -and not to say- weird name for a girl. Her parents were probably artistic to name their kid like that. I walked towards my bag, thank God it wasn't ripped apart. I checked my clothes, blood that covered me just mere minutes ago were gone. Completely gone. I groaned.


I guess Thomas wasn't that stupid. Of course there will be a lot of people to watch out of curiosity, which was why Thomas had beaten me so hard and let me bleed to death. To make my healing process a lot more slower than it was supposed to be. The team siding on him didn't help my case. He was angry alright, and I had a pretty good idea why.

I swung my bag at my shoulders. I felt as good as new. I took a glance at myself in the mirror at a nearby shop. It was as if the fight hadn't even happen at all.

I touched my chest. I grinned a little. Cathleen was right. I did had a broken rib. My first broken rib actually. And it hurt. I punched my rib slightly. All good.

I was already walking when I remembered something and jogged back.

I almost forgot.

I put the handkerchief in my pocket. I was sure that it was filled with my blood before. But now, it was gone. And all remained was a simple white cloth with embodied designs at the corner.

My lips tugged upwards without me knowing. I could see the lump in my pocket where the hanky was.

I remembered her eyes. They were common brown eyes. But something seemed to sparkle. Her eyes were in the color of hazel. Large orbs they were.

I had a feeling that I was going to see her again.

AN: This story was supposed to be thirty chapters long. But I have lost all interest on this story and will therefore will not continue it.

I will only say that Keran and his friends are supernatural beings.

Sorry readers, but this story is abandoned.

Cora Vivian © Having to Stay