When Elements Collide

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Hey guys!

So this is my newest story that you guys chose to have me publish, so I hope you enjoy.

The chappies will vary in length greatly, because I wrote this story in block form, not considering where the chappies begin and end!


"I swear to god I will kill you if you touch me one more time!"

"You can't touch me! You gave mom your word you wouldn't kill me while she was gone!"

"But I never said anything about a bit of a burn, did I?"

Okay, let me get something straight. My little brother, Aden , was more irritating than every little brother ever imagined. Now I'm not saying that's an excuse to kill or burn him-well, it kind of is. Maybe I should just start at the beginning.

Hi. I'm Edana, which means fire. That'll be important later, so just remember that. My little brother is Aden , and his name also means fire. Our surname is Ignis, which -if you can believe it- means fire. Do you sense a pattern?

My brother and I are descended from a long line of Element Gods, meaning we can control a certain element. Can you guess what we control? You guessed it. Fire. And it sounds awesome, right? I can make a fire out of nothing, I can bend it at my every whim, and I can even control any fire already created, even if it wasn't done by me.

Now there are a few downsides to what I can do.

1. Fire can still burn me if I'm not careful.

2. I have to hide all of my powers from the people around me.

3. I have enemies.

Fire Gods are are only one of the four tribes of Gods. The rest, being Earth, Wind, and Water Gods, are my enemies. We don't fight and destroy the world around us, mainly because of all the mortals. You see, as the years have progressed, the Element Gods have become incredibly rare. For example, in the world, there are only ten Fire God families in the world. Three are in the United States , three in Great Britain , one in Canada , one in South Africa , and two in Japan . I don't really know how many of the other tribes are left, mainly because we try not to make contact with them. It's hard for us to tell if someone is a God, so we act distant to those we meet. Let's just say I never had many friends growing up. And now that I had to move to Seattle , I would at least have one friend. Gabi (full name Gabija, after the god of fire) was another Fire God, and happened to live in Seattle , which is why we were moving there. Why a family of Fire Gods lived in Seattle -or were moving there in my case- was beyond me. It was cold, and wet, and you could barely start a fire with all the water coming out of the sky. I would've loved to stay in Parker, Arizona where it was always sunny, but that damn little brother of mine had to go and ruin it. He almost burned down his labratory at his middle school, which made my dad paranoid. He decided it'd be safer to move somewhere where Aden couldn't easily start a fire. And I'd have Gabi when we got to Seattle . That was good at least. I haven't had a solid friend since Freshman year of high school, and I really needed someone to get through these last two high school years with. Gabi was perfect. She was as fiery as me, and couldn't stand it when people involved themselves in places that weren't theirs to be.

Anyway, I guess you're up to date with my life. To put it simply, I'm a Fire God being forced to live in a Water God's world.

"Edana, you get in this car right now, so help me god I will burn your hair off." Contrary to what you make think of me, I prided myself on looks. My pale strawberry blonde hair easily reached my waist, which made it hard to keep out of fire's way. Luckily, I always kept a hairtie on my wrists for my moments of outburst. I didn't like wearing makeup, mainly because it practically melted off my face when I was angry. But I did like clothing. Leaving practically all of my clothing in Arizona was sad. The only clothes I could bring with me to Seattle were jeans, jackets, and closed toed shoes. Lovely.

"Fine, mom." I was a very unhappy 16 year old right now. I wanted to stay in Arizona , not go to Washington . "You do know it's not too late to let me stay here, right? I can finish out my last two years of high school, and watch over the house while no one is in it." She glared and pointed to the truck.

"Get in." I sighed and climbed in, my dad starting up the truck.

"Everyone buckled in?" I snapped my seatbelt on and turned around, watching my house disappear as we drove to the airport.