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I crossed the street in a hurry, ready to get out of the cold weather. I had eager to right my wrongs, and that meant that at almost midnight, I was outside of Gabi and Kenneth's house, ready to give an apology to the person who deserved it the most in my life.

All of the lights were out, which left me little options of how to get to Gabi. I could call her to get her outside, but I don't even think she'd take my calls. She hadn't previously. I couldn't use the spare key in the potted plant either, because who knows if I would be caught sneaking through the house?

That left me with my third option, which I hated, considering my slight fear of heights.

Yes. I would climb in through Gabi's window. She couldn't ignore me then.

I walked around the house until I stood under what I figured to be Gabi's window.

I looked around for a pebble or something to alert her it was me, but settled that I could climb up and knock on the window. It'd be even less likely that she'd ignore me then.

I walked up to the tree next to the house and began climbing, slowly but surely making it far enough up that the short roof below the second story windows was a few feet from me. I hopped from the tree to the roof, clutching the shingles to keep from falling. I think I may have even gotten a splinter in the process. The things I do for friendship.

I snuck up to Gabi's window and rapped gently on it, tapping a little harder, until she opened it. She looked around, clearly irritated, before she saw me. Her eyes widened.

"What're you doing here, Edana? Why're you on my roof?"

"Questions later, maybe? I'm kind of terrified of being out here." She nodded understandingly (like any true friend) and backed up, letting me climb into the window. My feet landed safely on the carpet, and I turned to face Gabi. She folded her arms.

"What're you doing here?"

"Look, Gabi, I know you're upset with me, and I don't expect you not to be. I deserve it. I was a total bitch to you, and I shouldn't have said the things I said." She nodded.

"Yeah, what else?" I sighed.

"I'm different. I'm not pissed at you anymore. I'm just trying to reconcile a friendship that I miss." The look on her face was one that wanted to forgive, but she didn't seem like she could still.

"There's one other thing." I said, ready to finally tell the truth. "The thing I've been keeping from you the longest is what happened at the Christmas party your parents threw." She furrowed her brow a moment.

"What happened at the Christmas party?" I bit my lip.

"You, you were angry at me. You thought I had been monopolizing Hlynn's attention, and that I had been ignoring you. And I found out that you liked him then. And I ignored that. Because deep down, I liked him too." She shook her head.

"You two were better suited for each other than I ever would have been with him. I realize that now." She got silent, squinting like she was trying to remember something. Her eyes got large. "Is Arlen a Water God?" And there it was.

I nodded, because I didn't want to lie anymore.

"Yeah. And I've known for a really long time. And I didn't want to tell you because it wasn't my secret." Gabi looked shocked.

"Wow. I, I never thought that he wasn't human." She blanched. "If all of this is true, did I really hurt you that night? I am so sorry, Edana." There was no point in making her feel bad, so I lied.

"That didn't happen. You got close, but I was fine. Hlynn stopped you before you got too angry." Gabi let out a breath and nodded.

"Good. I was really nervous."

"It's alright. But I really, really wanted apologize for the things I said to you." Gabi shook her head.

"I'm sorry. I started this whole mess at the party."

"But purposefully tried to make you hate Hlynn."

"But I tried to burn you!" This was just going to keep going back and forth, wasn't it?

"Why don't we just forgive and forget?" I said, opening my arms, hopefully for a hug, and not a punch in the stomach. Luckily, Gabi nodded and rushed to hug me, putting her nose into my shoulder.

"I'm seriously sorry, Edana. You know I love you, right?" I nodded, fighting back tears of happiness.

"I know. And I love you too. You're my best friend, Gabi. I hope nothing ever comes between us again." She nodded and squeezed me tightly before letting go. She smiled stupidly and wiped her face dry.

"So are you going to get back together with Arlen?" She asked, trying to lighten the subject. It only surprised me.

"Wh-what?" She rolled her eyes.

"Only jealous ex-girlfriends act the way you did with me. You clearly still like him."

"I don't even think he'd want me back." I said truthfully. "We ended things on a bad note." A note played by me. I wouldn't blame Hlynn if he didn't ever want to see me again. "He does deserve an apology, though. One I'll give him soon." Gabi grinned evilly.

"You should go sneak over to his house and give him one now." She winked and it took me a second to realize what she meant. I nearly gagged.

"Don't ever talk like that again, Gabi. It's nasty." She rolled her eyes.

"Right, well I forgive you. So you should go home, because it's late, and I'm tired. Think about how you're going to apologize to Arlen, okay? And make it juicy."

"And that's my cue. I'll see you at school Monday." Gabi smiled at my grossed out behavior.

"I'll pick you up. See you." I nodded and climbed back out the window and down the tree, feeling much better now that I knew Gabi forgave me. It helped that she knew the whole story too. I felt a little bit freer than I had a week ago. And I felt a whole lot better. I could finally have my friend back. No faking, or anything.

Hlynn, however, was another story.

I had made up my mind to apologize to Hlynn for what I had done to him by the last day of school before vacation. That day came and went, and I still hadn't apologized. I'd been a bit of a baby about the whole situation, worrying that Hlynn wouldn't forgive me. Gabi and Kenneth had both said I was being stupid, and that I just needed to talk to him, but I couldn't do it that easily. I was being a baby about all of it.

Gabi, Kenneth, and his girlfriend had invited me to the beach with them, and I agreed, but sitting here now, in the sand, reminded me all too much of the time I had spent with Hlynn here.

"I'm going to go for a walk, guys, I'll come back soon." The sand castle building group nodded and waved as I stood up, pulling a large t shirt on over my bikini, putting my sunglasses back on and starting to walk down the beach. It was quiet, surprisingly, and I needed that considering how I'd felt lately.

"Aren't you missing something?" I glanced up and saw Hlynn. What was he doing here?

"Like what?" I asked, trying to avoid my apology. I was still nervous as hell that he wouldn't accept it. He smiled and played along.

"I don't know. A bad attitude about the sunny but cold weather? Groaning about how close the water is to you? Pants?" I laughed a little.

"I left those back at my towel." Hlynn nodded.

"I figured. You could do with a good looking man on your arm, though. That may help keep the creepers from staring at your butt." I turned to see if there was actually anyone looking at me, which there wasn't, and I turned back to Hlynn.

"You want to help me with that?" He agreed and walked next to me, both of us slowly walking next to the shoreline. I didn't miss how the water always curved around and away from my feet if it came close to me. I sighed internally, knowing what I had to do.

"Look, Hlynn. I want to apologize. I said some pretty cruddy things to you." I didn't look at him, fearing his reaction.

"I said some pretty cruddy things to you when I came to your house that day. I think we both owe each other an apology." Apologies all around, huh? I guess we all had something to be sorry for. Except for Kenneth. Damn kid always stayed out of trouble.

"It turns out my parents are cooler people than I thought." Hlynn nodded.

"I heard." Huh? Hlynn glanced at me from the corner of his eye and smiled. "Your friends told me all about your conversation with your dad's friend, and your little talk with your mom afterwards. I have to say, you've got balls."

"You've been talking to Gabi and Kenneth?"

"Mostly Gabi. Kenneth hasn't exactly forgiven me for the things I said to you a few months back." I shrugged.

"Kenneth's a grudge holder. I'm not. And I'm really hoping you aren't either." Hlynn shook his head.

"I never held anything against you. Not really, anyway. I always knew that whatever you were doing, you thought it was best for the both of us." My heart lightened immensely. Knowing Hlynn didn't hate me was a really good thing to know.

"I'm glad. That makes me feel a lot better."

"I kind of told my parents about you too." He said, albeit it was spoken quietly and guiltily.

"Any particular reason why?" Hlynn shrugged.

"Seemed like a good idea at the time. My mom knew who you were immediately, considering she'd met you once before."

"Ah, I remember. That time I went to your house for the project." He nodded.

"They both seemed a bit apprehensive, but when I told them how long I'd known you, and how reasonable you'd been the whole time, they opened up to the idea a little more."

"Of Fire Gods being friends, not foes?"

"Of me dating a Fire God."

I stopped walking, Hlynn following suit a few steps ahead of me. He turned to look at me.

"I figured once we both got approval, you'd be alright with me asking you out again. I mean, it's clear you still like me. Why else would you make our shared classes a little warmer, or nearly glare a girl to death when she flirted with me?" Oh he was getting cocky, was he? Well two could play at that game.

"Oh yeah? How about all that stopping of the rain, huh? And how about this ocean water thing?" I gestured to my feet being completely dry, and Hlynn glanced at them once, before looking around. He grinned, blew a kiss, lifted his arms briefly into the air before dropping them, and before I could figure out what was going on, I was drenched from head to toe from a wave.

My jaw dropped. Hlynn had actually just covered me in water. Much like the first day we met. I narrowed my eyes and steamed myself off.

"You're dead, Hlynn. You are deader than any death glare I've ever given." He took off running and I began chasing him, yelling things like 'take it like a man!' and 'I thought you were supposed to love me!' That one got him to stop and turn around, making me run into his suddenly stationary body.

"And what if I do?" He said, out of breath, but holding me still, my hand against his chest for support. "What if I do love you?"

"What if I do too?" I responded, my heart nearly beating out of my chest.

"It isn't going to be easy." Hlynn said like he was trying to talk both of us out of it.

"There are still crazies that'll never let us go unnoticed." I replied.

"But I'm willing to try if you are." I bit my lip to suppress a smile and nodded.

"Same here."

"No more breaking up because one of us is worried about the other." He said sternly. "That has to be a decision made by both of us." I nodded.

"And no more lying. We need to be honest. No matter what it is, we need to say it." Hlynn hesitated.

"If that's true, then I should tell you your friends told me to come to the beach today to make up with you. Well, that and that I lost your math notes." I couldn't help but grin.

"I made it through the year fine without them. I'll be sure to copy my notes before I give them to you in the future, though."

"So we're on the same page then?" I smiled and nodded.

"Yep." Hlynn looked relieved.

"Good, because I've been dying to kiss you again." Those words were enough for both of us, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him fiercely, Hlynn putting his arms tightly around my back, pulling me closer to him. I continued to kiss him, lacing my fingers through his hair as his own hands traveled through my long hair. We only broke when we were both out of breath, though we continued to smile at each other, our foreheads touching.

"I missed you." He said.

"I missed you too." I bit my slightly swollen lip. "I love you." That made Hlynn grin.

"I love you too."

And we didn't know how well any of this would work out. We didn't know if we'd break up because of us, or our Elements, or if we'd even break up at all.

That was alright, though. We were willing to take it as it came. After all, we were both Element Gods capable of great things.

But I guess that's what you get when elements collide.