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Devin moaned and slapped Jesse away when he shook the prince awake. "Come on, Devi boy, rise and-… woah." Devin opened an eye, and at the sight of Jesse's wide, surprised stare, he sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"What's wrong?"

Jesse's stare shifted to the prince. "Uh, how did you sleep?"


Jesse sat on the edge of the bed. "Just… fine? Have any… interesting dreams?"

Devin narrowed his eyes at the young man. "What's that supposed to mean?" In response, the butler pointed at his sheets, which had a wet patch on them. Confused, the prince lifted them up and sniffed them. He suddenly jumped out of the bed. "Oh, sick! Je pense que je me suis pissé!" Jesse chuckled and stood up.

"I'm pretty sure that's not-"

"Yes it is! Smell it!" Devin rudely shoved the blanket in his face, making the man stumble back a bit.

"What the heck, kid... Oh, it is pee." The butler looked at Devin confusedly. "I suppose I should adjust my question. Had any interesting nightmares?"

"Shut up, Jesse! I haven't wet the bed since I was five, why all of a sudden…"

"Actually, you were nine-"

"I said shut up!" Devin huffed as he stomped away to the bathroom. "Just clean it up, and keep this between us!"

"Oui, Lord bed-wetter!" Jesse laughed, but the chuckles caught in his throat when he saw lump swaying in the back of his master's pajama pants. "…Jesus, kid, you really couldn't hold yourself last night, eh?" he mumbled to himself before turning away, only to jump at the sound of screaming a minute later. Devin burst out of the bathroom and jumped onto Jesse, nearly choking him with his tight grip around his neck. On reflex, Jesse wrapped his arms around the boy to keep him from slipping.

"Devin, what's wrong-" the butler began, only to stop. His eyes widened, and it was his turn to scream as he attempted to wrench the petrified prince off his chest. "Why are you naked, you little weirdo? Get off me!" Devin refused to let go, clinging to the man like a chimp.

"M-my pants!" Devin said shakily.

"Yeah, I know, you had an accident-"

"No!" The boy pointed into the bathroom. "There's a… there was… just look!"

Jesse sighed as he walked into the bathroom. "I just know I'm gonna regret this- huh?" The young man stared at the rumpled clothing, and then crouched to get a better look. Then he tilted his head to the side, and after a moment, he burst out laughing, startling the bunny even more. "Was that little guy in your pants the whole time?"

"YES! I just realized that he was the one that peed, not me!" Devin cried out before burying his face in Jesse's chest and bawling some more. "I was sl-sleeping in animal peeeeeee! WAHHHHH!"

Jesse stroked his chin. "There's no way he jumped onto your bed. He must have been sleeping in your pants already when you put them on. How could you not realize there was something in them?"

"I was tired, okay? Just make it go awaaay!" Devin cried. Jesse chuckled again.

"Alright, alright, just chill! And go cover up, you little freak." Devin ran off to snatch a robe, and the butler brought down his hand next to the fuzzy animal. "C'mere, little guy. Uncle Jesse knows of a pet shop not far from here that'll love to have you." The bunny stared at Jesse's hand a moment before hopping past it and placing its front paws on Devin's foot. Devin yelped and climbed onto his sink. The bunny scratched his velvety black ear and stared up at him with watery blue eyes. Then it squeaked.

"Awwwwwwww!" Jesse suddenly awed in an uncharacteristically high voice. "That was so cute I feel like barfing up a unicorn!" He pulled out his phone and kneeled down, aiming at the rabbit. "I have to take a picture!" His phone flashed a few times, startling the bunny, and then he snapped his fingers. "Better yet, I'll take a pic with me holding him. Babes love a sensitive animal lover!" He reached for it.

"Jesse, quit fooling around and get rid of it already!" Devin yelled, scaring the bunny and causing him to bite the guy. Jesse jumped back.

"Ouch! Devin, your scaring him!"

"I don't care! Now, I'm going to go eat breakfast, and when I get back, he better be gone!" Devin hissed as he slid as close to the door as possible before hopping off and running out. Jesse raised an eyebrow as the baby bunny eagerly scampered after him.


"So now he won't stop following you?" the king asked as he watched the bunny stare up at Devin, who kept his legs crossed Indian style on the chair.

"Yeah", he grumbled before taking another bite of cold cereal. "I had managed to lose the thing at the stairs, but a certain jerk of a butler brought him down to me." He glared at Jesse. His father smiled down at the bunny.

"I'll have Jorge build him a cage later."

At that, Devin jumped up in his chair. "Are you seriously gonna keep him? The thing is probably crawling with fleas!"

The king raised an eyebrow at Devin, then picked up the bunny and stroked its head. "Oh, is that what you're worried about? Devin, the baby has been sleeping with you. I'm sure you would have had an allergic reaction already if he had fleas. Besides", he said, rubbing the bunny's nose, "Dumpleburg was a mangy, old dog. This is a young, healthy bunny. If it'll make you feel better, I'll have a vet check him out later."

"Wait, how come I've never heard of this Dumpleburg?" Jesse asked.

"He was only here for a day, remember?" the king said.

Cue memory rippling...

"Stop the car!" five year-old Devin shrieked, his face plastered against the window in excitement. Surprised by the tiny, demanding voice, the chauffeur slammed on the brakes. The limo screeched to a halt, making the heavy king nearly fall over and squish his poor wife. Morris, ever the elegant one, merely turned the page of his book and continued reading. Devin jumped off his seat and ran out of the limo. "It's a doggy!" he squealed. His parents raised eyebrows at each other, then peaked out the window to see it.

"…" The boy was on the sidewalk, petting the head of a shaking, pathetic looking stray. The king gasped when Devin began to lead it back to the limo. He jumped up and blocked the door. "Oh, no no! You are not bringing that thing in here!"



"Momma?" Devin turned his gaze to the queen, his deep blue eyes huge.

"Oh, let the boy have a dog, Pierre", Queen Kelsey stated, turning up her nose determinedly. The king's shoulders slumped, immediately defeated.

"You have got to be kidding me!" The glare his wife sent him told him it wasn't a joke. The man sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Well, at the very least we could get something cute, not this mangy mutt!... Maybe a poodle with one of those cute little French fur-dos", he said thoughtfully, making the queen snort.

"I swear, I'm the manly one in this relationship", she muttered, tugging down her skirt before pulling out a compact mirror to check her bright makeup. "It's Devin's dog, not yours. If he wants a stray dog, then by God, he'll have the smelly little thing, no other!"

"But, sweetheart-"

"Is my lipstick smudged?" she asked as she smacked her bright blue lips, officially declaring the discussion closed. Recognizing this, the king sighed and sat down again, while Devin squealed and hugged the shaking brown dog.

"YAY! I'm gonna name you Dumpleburg, and I'm gonna play with you and love you forever!"

The next day, the young prince woke up with a horrible rash and had to be admitted to the hospital, where he was diagnosed as severely allergic to fleas. Dumpleburg was dropped off at the nearest pound, where he was immediately adopted by a rehabilitated cat lady…

Royal derp…

"Oh yeah!" Jesse laughed, "I remember him! Man, that was an ugly dog."

"Well, you were an ugly butler with ugly glasses and ugly fashion sense!" Devin hissed.

"Key word being 'were'" Jesse said smugly before licking his finger and touching his butt, making a sizzling sound. "Now, I'm sexier than the black butler dude, right, Maggie?" He turned and winked at a maid, who blushed redder than her hair.

"You have no shame, do you Jesse?" the king muttered. Jesse playfully pinched his boss's cheek.

"I'm not paid enough to be modest, sir", he chirped before skipping away.

"For goodness sake, you get an $80,000 annual salary and you drive a Ferrari, you little wench! What do you want from me?" the king yelled out at him. Jesse peaked his head back in.

"Well, that shirt you're wearing looks cozy-"

"Get out of here!" the king growled, unable to hold back his smile. When the butler disappeared again, the man shook his head and chuckled.

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