Be you, be true,
and do what you do.

There's nothing but the faith you have
in yourself,
for it's the real thing that propels you
to the farthest reaches only you can go.

But I don't need to tell you this
you know it all so well.

You have witnessed the power of fake
the hurt of lies
the darkened thoughts of desire
and the pool of ancient downfalls.

The stain mask that has been seen
must be cast aside
and no longer used.

No longer viewed through broken mirrors
and white-washed walls,
no longer the one who lived in the run-down house
whose only friends were the dead flowers on the side of the road.

No, you have overcome these things and still managed to be on top,
for you gave it your all and won.

You deserve to be better
and will always be better than the rest of us.

You got the fighter in you,
with those lit up eyes
and strong will to survive.

As long as you stay true,
nothing should beat you.

Absolutely nothing