Heavy, icy raindrops pelted from the sky and formed dark, cloudy puddles on the cobblestoned High Street. Few villagers were wandering the streets today, their woolen, soaked travelling cloaks wrapped tight around them. The majority however, bore the sense to remain inside the tall brick townhouses that lined the street. When those who were outside crossed paths, they would only mutter a hasty apology before hurrying away. One—or rather—two things that they failed to notice however, were the two figures moving swiftly down the very edge of the street, darting into shadows whenever possible.

The taller of the two was in front, but it was impossible to observe anymore of their features due to their long, twin black travelling cloaks. Their faces were veiled by shadows, but for some inexplicable reason their cloaks weren't even the slightest bit damp or muddy—in fact, the rain seemed to simply bounce off of them!

Nevertheless, the two still bore the air of people who didn't wish to be followed…by anyone. This point became even more apparent when the obvious distraction of a carriage drove by and the figures darted quickly into a narrow alleyway whilst the carriage hid them from view.

The alley was dank, filthy, and gave off a strong stench of sulfur, but the two seemed to feel a certain sense of security in it for they simultaneously removed their twin black hoods; revealing their features at last.

The taller of the two looked around twenty years or so, with waist-length ebony hair, emerald green eyes and skin so pale that if she had not been breathing, one would've assumed she were a ghost. The younger was her sister in miniature-about fourteen by the looks of it, but her eyes showed nothing but cowardliness and fear while her elder's were brimming with anger and a cold form of grief.

"Courtney, I want you to listen to me," The older girls words were sharp and precise; she was speaking very quickly now and glancing anxiously over her shoulder to the entrance of the alley. "When they find us-"

"Connie, wait! No—I'm serious—actually listen to me for once! How do you know they'll actually find us?" Courtney asked, her eyes narrowing with suspicion.

"They will. I'm sorry, but you know it as well as I." Courtney looked at the ground somewhat mournfully as Connie spoke. "Anyhow, when they do, they'll want—or rather, need—to kill me-"

"We won't let them." Courtney said firmly, at last tearing her eyes from the ground and looking up to meet her sister's. "We can't-"

"Courtney, you have to let them kill me." A brief silence followed

"What?" Courtney's eyes were wide with disbelief. "L-let them kill you? Are you mad?"

"No, I just-" Connie was cut off as footsteps sounded near the mouth of the alleyway. Without speaking, Connie thrust her hand forward and pushed Courtney behind a stack of garbage bags as more figures appeared in the entrance, to the alley. They were cloaked by shadows...drawing ever closer to Connie, who, tossing her collectiveness aside, backed up against the filthy wall of the alley...then abruptly the lights went out. The sun. The stars. The tall, rusted lampposts. All out.

None would have known what had happened then if they had not heard it, for they did not know that I was watching the scene unfold with grim curiosity. Three screams. Three horrible, drawn out, awful screams; of pain, of anguish, and the murderer's one of triumph.