Darcy Gore pretty much has the perfect name for a teeny bopper scene queen. Except Darcy Gore is no scene queen. She's in fact a true definition of 'hipster' and looks likes she could model internationally as opposed to being a myspace model. But hey myspace died years ago and so did the whole scene trend.

But social networks are beside the point. Darcy Gore lives across from me in our apartment complex flooded with random ass, but so very typical New Yorkers.

Darcy Gore is a physical therapist and I'm sure that being Dr. Gore doesn't sound too appealing.

Except then if you recall the fact that she looks like a model then I'm sure anyone would let her feel them up allllll over.

I would except I'm sort of a total jackass to her-which is weird considering that she's quite the doll to me; and again is weirder because she's a total bitch to her boyfriend. At least I assume that he's her boyfriend since he's at her place all the time…and that they're loud as fuck when they well fuck.

So yeah-said boyfriend is nice to Darcy, she's nice to me and I'm not really nice to anyone.

And this whole weird relationship gets me thinking.

Why is she nice to me?

It could be because she's attracted to me-and even if it makes me sound conceited I look pretty damn good-or maybe because she wants to be my friend. But she seems like she has enough damn friends but how often she has a party or comes home wasted.

Like I said she's loud as fuck even when she's not getting her brains fucked out.

Okay maybe that was a little out of line, but whatever.

She's one loud ass woman.

Sure I have sex, drink and party, but I'm not loud about it.

And I'm sure I sound like some bitter old man but I'm not.

I'm mean but it's a lovable kind of mean.

Except when I'm mean to Darcy I'm a total jackass and I know it.

You'd think that a 24 year old man would be over that kind of shit, but I'm not. I'm a chemist so I don't have to be over it. Scientists or geniuses tend to be known for being pretentious and arrogant.

I'm not genius but I am smart.

I grew up playing all varsity sports, getting straight A's and being a 'charming' young man. And by charming I mean a sarcastic little bitch who somehow ended up being charming.

The fact that I'm six foot three and have potential to be a model may have something to do with it.

The model part though was derived from the many girls who happen to mistake me for a European model, but hey they're all hoping to get laid and drink so who knows how accurate they are.

"Hey Zack," Darcy smiles.

I inwardly groan. Not her again.

"Darcy," I reply curtly.

"Taking the metro?" Of course I'm taking the metro who in the right mind would drive in New York City?


"How far away do you work anyway?"

"About 45 minutes."

"Really? That's alright. I don't travel far maybe 15 minutes or less, but I walk so." She shrugs.

I try to hold back an eye roll. I'm not surprised to see her since we both leave for work around the same time typically. Most days I try to avoid running into her though.

Despite that she's gorgeous to say the least I think her presence is annoying.

Sure she has a perfect smile with lips I'd love to have all over my body sucking on many different things. And maybe she has the perfect figure with big beautiful green eyes and naturally rosy cheeks and a slight tan across the bridge of her nose.

But that's all beside the point. She's annoying and fake. She's one fake bitch who looks damn good in that dress she's wearing.

"Great. Well I forgot something so I'll see you later."

"Oh okay bye. Have a good day at work."

I grunt and head back into my apartment. I don't need anything. But I don't want to ride in the elevator with her and I most certainly don't want to keep on conversing with her.

Darcy moved in when she was 21-about two years ago. Of course I'd been living here for maybe a month before that and I was 22. She got hammered a lot the first few months and she was single so she had sex with many different men. I actually think she might've been with a few women too.

I was dating this girl, Delilah, who actually really annoyed me too. So I broke up with her and Darcy tried to be really sweet and comforting about it-insert eye roll here-I think she somehow got the impression that I needed comfort.

And I think she somehow got the impression that we became friends over the years.

I personally find this again to be weird.

She's gorgeous and some might call her personality to be 'delightful' and 'quirky' so she can't have a hard time making friends. So why me?

It's a question I ask every day.

Because honestly her attempts to be my friend are annoying. Just because we live in close proximity doesn't mean we have to be close to each other mentally.

Sure Gestalt's law of proximity would prove my logic illogical, but I stand by my idea.

Just because we're close together physically doesn't mean I want to be mentally close to her.

Sure I'd love to have sex with the woman, but have a relationship with her?

Definitely not. Plus she has a tool of a boyfriend so why would I pursue anything with her? I mean males and females can be friends, but this is Darcy Gore we're talking about here.

"Explain to me why you're such a dick to your neighbor?" Colton my life long best friend asks.

"Are you an idiot? I've told you time and time again that I just don't want to be nice to her. Her niceness exudes underlying intentions and ingenuity."

"I'm married and working my way towards being an oncologist-of course I'm an idiot. I'm sure Grace wants to have a baby any day now but I'm still swamped with schoolwork and educational debt."

I make a face and roll up the sleeves of my sweater, "Marriage in general is a terrible idea."

"Right says the commitment-phobe."

"I'm not afraid of commitment I just don't like or believe in romantic attachments for myself."

"Oh so that's why you're a dick to Darcy? So you don't get attached to her."

"False. I don't like her and I couldn't possibly be or get attached to her."

"Now you're false. Just be friends with her then."

"Well she already believes we are friends so there's no need to put forth effort into making a real relationship."

Colton scoffs, "You're impossible."

"On this matter? Absolutely."

"Okay but you think she's pretty?" Colton tries.

"I think she's more than pretty-drop dead gorgeous, the image of beauty and mind blowingly sexy."

Colton looks at me like I just sprouted another head.

"I can think she's attractive-hell I can want to have sex with her but it doesn't mean I'm therefore inclined to want her friendship."

"Impossible." Colton shakes his head.

"Damn fucking right."

Most people don't believe me when I say I'm a chemist. Most people don't believe that I'm a nerd for science and all things chemical. Most people do believe however that I used to play football, swim and soccer. Most people also believe that still work out on a daily basis.

There's really nothing strange about a chemistry nerd who also happens to have a great body and maybe a great face to go with.

Okay maybe there is something strange about it.

Maybe I have perfectly tousled almost black hair with blue eyes with nice eyes lashes and a great bone structure. Maybe I dress a bit like a hipster. And maybe my colleagues are either old men, middle-aged weirdos, dumb interns who aren't much younger than me and the occasional frumpy woman.

But that's been pretty normal to me so I don't give a damn.

"Are you sure you'll be fine?" I ask Dave a bit too harshly.

"Yes I think I can handle this." He replies with slightly gritted teeth. He gets pissed that I'm six years younger and that I question his intelligence bi-weekly.

"If you're sure then-"

"Just leave Zackary I can handle this with Aditzia."

"Fine," I shrug and check my watch. About midnight and I skipped dinner. Harsh-I guess I'll grab something to eat.

I take my lab coat off as I leave and turn my phone back on. After checking my email and calling the Chinese place by my complex I head back to the metro.

It's obviously nasty as fuck taking the metro, but it's again become a norm living in the city. And obviously no matter how used to the people you are here there are many sketchy individuals no matter where you go.

But like I said you get used to it.

I pick up the warm brown bag from the counter and smile at the Asian couple who own the place. Their food is great but the memories I have from here-not so much-more like just one memory of meeting Darcy Gore.

I went to pick up some food and say this beautiful woman. It was the middle of summer and she was wearing very little-but doesn't she always now that I think of it. She was eating and laughing with a friend of hers. We bump into her each other when she gets up and we exchange pleasantries.

I find out that she lives across the hall.

I didn't think much of it then until I heard her having sex later that night.

You may think that I'm some guy who's pissed that he can't have some amazing girl that he's really just in love with who happens to be taken, so therefore I'm trying to push her away so I can't get hurt.

But it's not like that.

I just think she's annoying.

I also think that she has sex like a rabbit and needs to leave me alone.

I angrily groan and run my fingers through my hair. Darcy and her tool of a boyfriend are yelling at each other again. The tool is pissed because he thinks Darcy is cheating on him and Darcy is shouting about how he's an idiot.

I'm not being nosy I swear they really are just loud as fuck.

It does save me from trashy TV shows though since they're entertainment enough.

Of course though they'll be having loud sex in no time. That's how all their arguments end.

Soon enough though I'm annoyed to the point where I just want to punch a small animal.

I shake my head as I get up and head to my room.

As always here comes the sound of Darcy against the door and some loud moans. She's definitely a screamer too and on occasions they do love their dirty talk.

I don't understand how they aren't aware of or at least bothered by the fact that the whole hallway pretty much knows about their sex lives.

But then again half the people on this floor are actually busy with things or they're not in the slightest way phased by this.

Growing up in New York you get used to all the weird things in life. So it perplexes me even more as to why I'm bothered by Darcy and her sexcapades so much.

I hear Darcy let out a loud blissful noise and I'm automatically disturbed by this.

I cover my head with a pillow.

By morning after a very cold shower and my last cup of coffee I'm sprawled out on my couch. I don't even have to go to work until the afternoon and yet I work up early anyway. I groan and aimlessly feel around for the remote control.

I manage to find the remote and turn my TV on to some random channel which some random celebrity with no real relevance to life.

Someone knocks on the door and I automatically roll my eyes. Begrudgingly I get up and open the door to find Darcy.

It's not like I noticed that she's wearing a deep scarlet dress that flatters her perfectly, but I more so see the cup of coffee in her hand.

"Hey I was just wondering if you'd like some coffee?" she smiles and my eyes drift to her oh-so perfect teeth and peachy lips.

She looks just perrrfect and dandy while I'm in a t-shirt and boxers with bed head. I wholeheartedly put the blame on her and her very loud and very active sex drive.

"Yeah that'd be fantastic." I take the cup and take a large gulp.

"Didn't get much sleep?" She looks at up at me with those green eyes of hers.

"Nope," I pop the 'p' for extra emphasis, "Actually it might have something to do with the idiots I have to work with and the fact that you were having sex very loudly."

She doesn't look ashamed at all, "Oh sorry."

"Yeah well," I make a face, "Whatever."

My eyes travel over how nice her body is. God damn it.

I notice how her legs seem to go on forever and how her high-heels accentuate her legs so very well.

"Care to let me know about your troubles at work?" She walks into my apartment and I mentally kick myself for being so stupid.

Of course I can't help but notice how damn nice her ass is as she walks into my apartment and I slowly close the door. I take another sip of coffee and just stand by the door as she leans against my dining table. Oh the things I'd do to her on that table.

Darcy fixes her long brown hair that's slightly messed up. Well a man does having something to pull while he's having sex…

I remember that she's waiting for me to respond, "Some people are just idiots that's all."

"Well of course, but everyone's an idiot in their own way."

"Dave, this guy I work with will probably screw up our project. I'll love being right, but it's obviously not a good thing that I'll have to fix his shit."

"And what're you working on?" she asks.

"Things. You wouldn't get it."

Except I know that she's smart and I know that she likes science-maybe not as much as me but still enough. And I know that she used to be a dancer and a cheerleader and did really well in school too.

Huh the dancer/cheerleader thing makes sense now-that's why she's so loud and gets laid so much. Besides how gorgeous she is, but I mean she's got to be damn flexible. But who am I kidding anyone would have sex with her even if she wasn't too flexible anyway.

She rolls her eyes, "I'm sure I wouldn't."

"How's it going being a physical therapist?" Damn it I shouldn't have asked. That invites her to even more conversation which means even more time in my apartment.

"Great I do love my job. I have this one client who I'm helping recover from a car accident and of course I still double as a massage therapist too. You know if you're stressed I could give you a massage before I head off to work."

That's right she's a physical therapist and a massage therapist. Darcy took a bath in my apartment once and it smelled so aromatic and so sensual. That woman just oozes pheromones constantly and then if you add in the factor that she knows what plants and oils she can combine to relax and soothe the senses it doesn't really help.

She really should just get into the porn industry.

"I don't know about that."

"Oh come on please?" She bats her eyelashes that seem far too long and luxurious to be real, "I have like an hour and a half to kill."

"Fine." I sigh and finish off the coffee.

"Great, follow me." She brushes past me and I inhale her scent.

I'm already regretting this.

I take my shirt off and lay on her massage table. I notice how lightly tanned her legs are and how smooth they look.

It's completely silent until she puts on some very calming music. I prop myself up on my elbows and watch her light a few candles. Darcy smiles at me and walks past again.

I sigh and lay back down. Soon enough she's got my back slightly covered with oils and her fingers are working their magic.

I let out an unabashed moan as she lightly kneads my shoulder blades. She works her way all down my back and up again. Occasionally I feel some ghost touches and shudder. Darcy lightly laughs and by then all my troubles melted away.

Who knows how long it took until Darcy finally said, "All done."

I sit up and feel great.


"Thanks I get that a lot." She smiles.

I'm sure she does. She leans over and blows out the candles. There's something else I wish she'd blow…


"Well there's a reason why I'm one of the best in the city." She gives me a pointed look.

"I think that your looks might have something to do with it too."

She lightly hits my arm, "I'm not sure if I should be offended by that or flattered."

I shrug.

"Zack you really should take up modeling. You look like you should be plastered on Armani and Burberry ads."

"No thanks."

"And why is it that you hear me having sex and yet I never hear you?" She crosses her arms.

"Because my sex drive isn't as active as yours. Plus I don't scream like you."

Again she doesn't look ashamed at all, "What can I say- I love having sex and I don't mind if I'm loud."

"Are you that easy to please or are the men you sleep with that good?" I blurt out.

"I don't just sleep with anyone but let's just say that all the noises I make are sometimes just for show."

I shiver as her fingertips lightly touch me.

"So your boyfriend can't please you?" I ask my voice is a smidge huskier than usual. Whoops.

"Not as much as he thinks."

"And you think that you can please anyone can't you?" Okay that sounded a bit snarkier then I intended.

"Sweetie do you seriously doubt my ability to please a man?"

"Maybe you're just all hype."

"Didn't seem that way considering how much I manage to make you moan a few minutes ago."



Darcy gives me a satisfied look.

"Maybe you aren't loud when you have sex because no one has managed to please you as much as I can." Her words are heavily laced with innuendo. Does this mean that she's down to fuck? Oh wait she always is.

"A little too flirtatious aren't we?"

"Honey you don't know how flirtatious I can be. But anyway I better head off to work."

I head out the door and Darcy is soon to follow.

"I guess you're right Zack-I do have an over active sex drive. See you later." She waves and leaves.

I head into my apartment and take the coldest shower I can possibly manage.

"She gave you a massage?" Colton asks thoroughly confused.

"Yeah you met her before-she's a-"

"I know, I know, but it seems like a genuinely nice gesture. But it seemed to take a very sexual turn." He makes a face.

"That it did my friend."

"But what confuses me even more is that you flirted back."

"I did no such thing."

"Bullshit," Colton and Grace say.

"Well nice to hear your input there Grace." I say sarcastically.

"You're welcome," I like Grace since she can put up with and dish out just as much of my jackass-ness as I, "Seriously Zack you like her."

"I don't."

"I mean we all know that you clearly want to have sex with her-hell I'd have sex with the woman she's damn hot-and she's clearly willing to fuck you so why not?" Grace says.

"Sweetie if you had sex with Darcy then the world would explode from that much sexiness." Colton adds.

"Whatever that's also beside the point." Grace says.

"Okay so the point is that you want me to have wild passionate sex with my neighbor who happens to have a boyfriend. Sweet no other woman would even suggest such a thing." I roll my eyes.

"I sure know how to pick'em." Colton smiles.

I can hear Grace scoff though the phone, "No I'm suggesting that you have sex with her, date her, love her and marry her."

"Because I could totally get that from your previous statements."

"If you thought about it enough you would've."

"Sassy," Colton interjects.

"But anyway," I ignore my best friend, "I don't do relationships or the whole 'love' thing. So that's never going to happen."

"You're just in denial."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not-" Suddenly I just hear the sound of Darcy moaning in my head and shiver.

"Just get together with her already!" Grace shouts before hanging up.

What a woman my best friend married….they met at some party when we went to school together. Even back then she was a sassy bitch. Of course that only made Colton love her more. Colton had a 'girlfriend' who really wasn't his girlfriend since they had an 'on and off' relationship when she really was sleeping with some other guy. Grace made Colton completely end things with the chick and then Colton fell for her and asked her out.

They got married last year and Grace has always worn the pants in their relationship. Hell it's even in their wedding vows.

About a week later Darcy and her boyfriend either stopped having sex or they went somewhere else to consummate their love.

I was thoroughly confused.

It also seemed like something possessed me because at three in the morning I knocked on Darcy's door to ask why she wasn't having loud passionate sex.

"Zack?" Darcy asked. She was in her underwear with a flimsy button up on top of it all.

"Why aren't you having loud sex?" I nearly shout.

"I'm sorry did you just ask me-"

"Yes, yes I did."

"I broke up with Kelly." She answers simply.

"And you're not having sex with some other man?"


"I swear I hear you having sex all the time though. Even before that tool."

She shrugs.

I make a face and Darcy laughs.

"It's cute that you're concerned for my sex life."

"I'm not. I just thought you might've been brutally murdered so you know I had to check."

"Right because the only possible explanation for me not having sex is that I got murdered."

"Pretty much."

Darcy smiles, "Well thanks for your concern again."

"I'm not concerned."

"Sure you aren't."

"I'm not."

"If you'd like we can just have loud sex if you're so worried." She suggests.

Yes please.

"No that's not what I meant."

She laughs again, "I know. But it's about time you got laid."

"And the best person for me to fuck would be you?"

"Obviously, "She smiles, "I'd rather keep you up all night because I'm riding you instead of keeping you up all night because neither of us are having sex."

"Darcy if we were having sex you'd be begging me for more."

"I don't doubt it." She looks up at me and I feel my heart bottom out.

"There are quite a few things I'd be begging you for." She says her voice just sounds so sexy right now I don't know how I'm not ravaging her on the spot.

"I'd fuck you so hard you wouldn't even be about to think of any of those things." Did I really just say that to her. I think I'm just delirious.

Darcy smiles, "Would you care to demonstrate?"

In a very confused and dazed state I blink a few times, "Um I'm going to bed."

"Good-night Zack. Darcy replies sounding rather amused.

Of course I later learned that Darcy was sick so therefore she wasn't as horny as she normally is which explains her lack of sexual endeavors.

But it didn't explain why I was actively flirting with her at three in the morning and ready to pounce on her like a lion to a gazelle.

But then again I've always wanted to pounce on her like a lion would a gazelle I've just never been so prompted too nor have I have had such sexual banter with her.

Actually I never have sexual banter like that with anyone. If I wanted to have sex with a girl then it usually didn't involve so many words.

Even though I think that Darcy's boyfriend was a tool I have to admit that I myself am one of those douchebag boyfriends. Albeit I haven't had a girlfriend in about two and a half years but still. In high school I was the type that didn't spend much time with his girlfriend and didn't say much to her. And if I did it was snarky and or rude and sarcastic. But then again I've just always been a snarky, rude and sarcastic kind of guy.

I was nice though. It was a long time ago. Probably back in grade school was when I was nicest. I was young and naïve and oh-so happy to be alive and to experience the world. But then again that's when I thought that I had to get people to like me to be satisfied with myself. One day after failing my first test in the seventh grade I realized what bullshit life was. That I didn't have to be nice and people didn't have to like me. I just had to like myself. I realized that it didn't matter how many friends I had or if I was popular or not.

Turns out though that I ended up popular anyway, but I guess not as many people were lucky like that. If you even consider that lucky.

Most other guys who were against making menial friendships usually were brooding in dark corners and writing poetry. But I'm sure many other girls who brooded in dark corners and write poetry just loved those guys.

"I'm sorry you did what?" I cringe.

"I invited Darcy to our party next week. I also brought her soup. She's feeling a lot better."

"Did I ask how she was doing?" I snap.

"No but I knew you wanted to know jackass. But seeing as she's going that means that you definitely have to go after work on Friday then."

"Why does that mean I have to go?"

Grace glares at me, "Because either you can hook up with her or some other guy at the party can. It's really your choice. And because I presume that you really don't want her to have loud passionate sex with one of your friends or one of mine. God knows that she won't be having sex with one of Colton's friends because he doesn't have any besides us." She rolls her eyes.

"You're right about Colton, but not about me."

"Must you continue to lie to yourself Zack?"

"If you mean must I continue to tell the truth then yes, I must. Just because Darcy is single and just because I'm single and just because I would love to jump her bones does not mean that I want to see her."

"Do you know how completely illogical that was? Why can't you accept that maybe you want to start a relationship with her?"

"Because I don't. She's annoying and loud and quite frankly I just don't want to."

"I'm deeply saddened that you as a so called scientist have failed to provide me and evidence and or back up to your reasoning. It's truly sad that a grown man can't accept his feelings towards a woman."

"I'm sorry Grace why don't you just go across the hall and sleep with Darcy? Because I can't possibly emotionally fulfill her so you might as well." I roll my eyes.

Grace glares at me, "That was a terrible comeback. I'm going to go since this conversation could go on for days and we both need to get to work. But stop by and see Darcy before you go, because we all know you've been too much of a jackass for one day."

I scoff, "Never can I have a limit on my jackassery. But fine I will."

"Good. Love you Zack."

"Yeah love you too Grace."

She kisses the top of my head as she leaves and I get off the couch. Sometimes I feel swear Grace is my long lost sister.

After pulling on a polo, a cardigan and some jeans I manage to convince myself to visit Darcy Gore.

"Zack, hey." She smiles. Her hair is messily tied up and she has very minimal make up on while she's dawning sweatpants and a wife beater. She's still easily the most beautiful woman in existence and hell she looks just as good as she always does. Her nose is just slightly pink and she looks rather tired.

"Hey." I stuff my hands in my pockets, "Heard Grace came by so I wanted to see how you're doing. You know checking to see if she murdered you or not."

"No I'm still alive, but she did bring me soup."

"Well good…you look good Darcy."

She raises a brow in question.

"I know Grace doesn't like people to see her without her 'face' on. I don't even know if Colton has seen her without make-up and well you look great with or without make up."

I can't believe I just said that. Do I have verbal diarrhea or something?

Darcy smiles, "How sweet of you Zackary Wallace."

"Yeah…" I mumble, "So feel better. I better get to work."

"Bye." She gives me a small smile and waves.

Oddly enough I wave back.

By the time Grace's party rolls around I've only heard Darcy having sex twice. I've also gotten coffee with her three times and got dinner/breakfast with her once. I'm not exactly sure if it classifies as dinner or breakfast since it was at two in the morning in that Chinese place nearby.

But no it wasn't a date. We both just happened to be hungry and happened to have been travelling back to the apartment complex at the time. So we went and got food together like any two people would do.

"Nice of you to finally show up." Grace glares at me.

"You're lucky I even showed up." I pat the top of her head. What a short little thing she is.

"As if you wouldn't show up. These are your friends too and there happens to be one specific friend speaking to your neighbor and friend Darcy." She gives me a pointed look. Colton walks over and puts an arm around his wife.

"How's work?"

"I'm glad someone isn't being a nosy busy body. Dave was only slightly less annoying, but it might have something to do with him reconciling with his wife." I shrug.

"Dave's the one whose wife hates him?"

"The very same."

Grace groans, "Impossible. Fine be that way Zack, but I suggest that you get a drink and speak to Darcy before the night is over."

Grace walks away to speak to her other guests. Colton and I laugh and find other people to mingle and interact with.

After some whiskey, some gin and some fruity drink that likes I managed to allow myself to look at Darcy. She had one some very tight strapless glittery dress which showed quite a bit of leg and cleavage. Needless to say she made me want to kill myself.

Her long hair has that very evident sex hair appearance.

At the moment I have a huge desire to just kiss her protruding collarbone and envelope her in my arms. But that just might be the whiskey talking.

"Hi," I walk over and lightly place my hand on the small of her back. I wonder if she has back dimples.

"Zack," She turns her head slightly and grins at me. My god.

"Graham," I nod at Grace's friend.

"Hey Zack," he greets.

Darcy has a martini in hand that's nearly empty. Graham notices and tells her he'll be back with another drink for her. Of-fucking-course he will be.

"Anyone interest you?" I ask. There goes my verbal diarrhea again.

Darcy bites her lip playfully, "Just you." She lightly tilts her head and I feel very warm all over. Again I chose to blame this on the whiskey.

"Are you trying to lure me into bed?"

"I don't have to try." She turns to press her body close to mine and plays with my tie.

She's right she doesn't have to try.

"So the question is Zack, your bed or mine?"

"You don't need me tonight Darcy." I say slightly sad.

"You're right I don't need you," She lightly tugs on my tie, "But I want you."

I wrap my arms around her waist and sigh. What is wrong with me?

With my arms still around her I play with the ends of her gorgeous silken hair.

"You never answered my question."

"I'd go anywhere with you."

Oh fucking shoot me now. Since when was I such a sap?

Darcy and I managed to stumble up into our hallway. We silently decided together to go to my apartment since our mouths were currently occupied to speak. The door closed as I had Darcy's back pressed against it. Her shoes came off one by one and my tie was gone.

Her leg's tight grip on my slacked and she slipped down a bit. Her fingers were scrambling to get my shirt undone while I was kissing the bridge of her nose.

I'll admit that I've been waiting years for this.

Darcy tangled her fingers in my hair pulling my lips to hers. One of my hands was under her dress and the other was in her hair. My body was pressed firmly against hers leaving no room between us. Maybe that's why it feels like my chest is about to explode.

"Darcy…" I groan while we break for air. She only smiles and pulls me in for more kisses.

As we make our way to my bed we're both in our underwear and soon enough not even that.

I swear to fucking god that I've never heard a better sound nor got a better feeling from the sound of Darcy Gore whimpering my name.

By morning Darcy was wrapped up in my arms and we were both covered in my blanket. I was watching her sleep and playing with her hair.


I plastered a smile on my face so big it literally hurt my cheeks. Do all guys wake up like this next to Darcy or is it because she gives me that feeling?

Alright I admit it.

Darcy Gore gives me feelings. Not feelings, but feelings. You know the type that ruin lives and totally make me want to kill myself because Grace is fucking right.

"Hey," I whisper in her ear and give it a kiss. She snuggles even closer to me.

"Darcy baby wake up."

She wrinkles her nose and stretches like a cat. Adorable I could melt.

"Can't we just stay in bed all day?" Her voice is still laced with sleep.

"I'd love that." I grab her waist and pull her close.

"Excellent then a day in bed it is." Darcy cozies herself against me as I spoon her.

"I could manage working at home but I think you need to actually physically see your patients." I mumble into the nape of her neck.

"Right-how unfortunate." Darcy sits up and pushes back my hair, "I'd love to spend a nice hot shower with you though."

"You're not going to get rid of me that easily." Man I sound like a hypocrite.

"Zack you've been trying to get rid of me for years." She gives me a knowing look and I bolt up.


"I'm not dense sweetie." She reaches up and pats my head.

"I honestly thought that you never caught on."

"Yeah and I honestly knew that you were suppressing feelings for me. If I didn't believe that then I would've given up on you a long time ago."

I take her hand and kiss her fingertips, "I thought you were annoying yet very charming."

"Really because I thought you were a jackass." She says oh-so-bluntly.

"Oh god you're perfect," I chuckle.

She looks at me again, "And you honestly doubted that? By the way did I live up to the hype?"

I run my fingers through her hair and push her hair out of her lovely face. Her long eyelashes and handful of freckles just make me smile and it feels damn good to be able to smile.

"Can we not discuss that because if we do I'm pretty sure we'd be spending the day in bed doing everything but relaxing."

"Mhm well if that's how you feel then I better shower alone then."

Darcy gets up and I call after her, she leans against the doorframe.

"Darcy I really do like you-a lot. I just-I'm bad with…feelings…and relationships…and life."

Darcy wrinkles her nose, "That's alright."

"But I'd like…you know a relationship with you."

"Zack sweetie we've always had a relationship despite how much you've tried to push that away. This time not much is different. We'll just be having sex and doing on dates." She gives me a pointed look.

I grin at how great she is for understanding, "You really are fantastic you know that?"

She shrugs, "I'm great with my mouth." Darcy winks at me.

"I hope you know that I'm a jackass-to everyone and I'm done pushing you away."

"I hope you know that we'll be having a lot of sex and that I'm always right."

"Are you sure you want to be with me?" I half joke and half honestly want to know.

"Like I said if I was going to give up then I would've done that a while ago."

"Seems like I'm getting the better half of this deal."

"Yeah well you're cute so I'll let it slide." Darcy jokes and heads to the shower.

I bite my lip and just smile. I guess I won't mind hearing all of Darcy's loud sex noises after all.

A/n: I spent all day and a couple of hours last night writing this. I was having a total identity crisis and I lost complete faith in my ability to draw. I tried writing a couple of stories which didn't work out until I stumbled up this somehow.

I'm still in an art block, but I think I've gotten over my writing slump.

Reviews would be great though! All thoughts and opinions would be magnificent XX