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Isn't she just lovely? Against the rough, grey basement wall, her skin is bronze and glowing in the light, thrilling me. I walk over to her and she leans back, trying in vain to get away from me. Silly girl.

I am level with her, and I look at her, her big, blue eyes, looking like the sky, with fear in them. Fancy that, the sky afraid of me! I brush my long, thin fingers through her hair, watching as the chocolate-brown waves fall to the small of her back. So soft and silky. She is very beautiful, and she is all mine.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see something in hers. A reflection. My reflection. I stop and stiffen, staring at myself through her eyes. The long, thin face. The prematurely white hair. The skin as white as snow. The eyes, blue but so pale they seem white. A freak, which is what I am. An albino without red eyes. I smile.

She is scared and confused. Now that just won't do, so it will just have to be changed. I pick up the metal skewer, that long, thin piece of metal with a point at the end. This is my new toy, and I'm so excited to use it. So where shall I put it? Ah, that little part at the back of her arm. I take the point and rest it there, slowly applying pressure. She hasn't started screaming yet, and I so badly want to hear her scream, so I shove the skewer into her, until it hits bone.

There it is: that high-pitched, blood-curdling scream. Agony, terror and hopelessness, all the things I live for, all in one long sound. It's music to my ears. I push the skewer into her again, but this time into her upper thigh. Another scream, this one more panicked. I'm getting to her sensitive parts now, and she doesn't want that.

She screams for me, my own little superstar. There are even tears running down her face. She is so absorbed in pleasing me with her voice.

I put the skewer down and look around. Where is it? Ah, there you are, my old friend. You were my very first toy in this, my very favourite game. I pick up the blowtorch and switch it on, looking at the high speed blue-orange flames. I bring it closer to her face and see the flicker of fear. I have only just begun to play…

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