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Dank, cold, flat. That was how he felt. His emotions played no role in his actions. The passion she felt from him was simulated. He wasn't designed to feel such passion for a human. He couldn't. He didn't want to. He knew his plan, and that was all. When he kissed her, when he held her, when he touched her, it was not with his love for her in mind, but his mission. For him, there was nothing more important. Caleb was emotionless.

Haley, though, felt everything truthfully. When she kissed him, she kissed him true. When she held him, she really held him. When she let him touch her, she did it with her love and pleasure in mind. For her, there was nothing else but him. Nothing was more beautiful than his face. Nothing tasted better than his tongue. Nothing smelled better than his body.

On the sand of that strange island, the two of them were partners in that passionate dance of love. His wings should have gotten in the way, but strangely, they knew exactly where to move. It was instinctive. It was beautiful. Her body burning with the fires of passion, him as cold and indifferent as ice.

Slowly, they rocked to climax, her body burning brighter and brighter, his body staying as cold as ever. He looked into her eyes, expecting to see just the passion of a mortal, but what he saw was much more. What he saw was not the blue-green of her eyes, but the blinding white of her inner self. That miniscule ring had enlarged in her passion. It was more than just a ring; it had taken over her. Her eyes shone with white brilliance. Yes, this was the right person.

And slowly, ever so slowly, he brought them to climax. He watched her, staring at her shining eyes, as he pushed them both over the edge and drowned them in pleasure.

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