Shapes, colors, spots, jagged lines, thrashing splotches. In an abstract world seen in the context of watercolor and pastel. Nature takes course to rhythm, and melody in an abstract world. No detail goes unnoticed or overlooked. Houses, in some cases homes not seen for the structure but the provided sanctuary. In an abstract world well enthused handwriting would go to waste, the message would then hold more value to the reader. Shadows could reflect more than the stance of a common person. In an abstract world would size and balance matter? Or would the passion behind the hugeness or thought behind the frailty come first and last to mind. Could we try to open ourselves to an abstract world? Whether we see traces of a masterpiece or lobbing wastes of space, would living in a work of art make a difference in society? Try to imagine. If all blurs together or deforms to pieces would we be different in an abstract world?