They finally caught up to me.

"Rebecca, wait!" Meg cried. Nikii started running towards us.

"We can explain!" Vicky looked at me.

"We didn't know it was an 'I Hate Rebecca' club!" Vicky continued.

"Nikii asked me if I wanted to play a joke on you. And I thought it wouldn't hurt anybody's feelings. So I said yes." Meg added.

"So this was Nikii's fault?" I asked, "And none of you guys knew you were bullying me?"

The whole group nodded. At that time, I didn't totally believe them. So, I decided to talk to them separately.

Meg basically told me the same thing. That Nikii started the club and that she didn't know about IHR being a code word that was meant to bully me.

Vicky, Jaden, and Sam told me that Nikii and Meg had asked them to join the club. Nikii and Meg had apparently told my friends that "this is going to be a little joke on Rebecca. Whatever you do, don't let her in the club, and just go along with everything Meg and Nikii tell you.

Then I thought that Meg was lying when she said that only Nikii had started the club.

When I asked Nikii, "Please be honest. I know we haven't exactly been friends, but I would like to talk to you, like we are friends. Please tell me why you wanted to hurt me like you did."

She said, "Me? No, Meg started the club."

I didn't know whether or not to believe her or not. She wasn't exactly trustworthy source. But, I trusted my friends, and I concluded that Nikii had started the club. I trusted Meg, but if Nikii had told me that it was Meg, and Meg told me it was Nikii, then I didn't know who to trust. Meg is a great friend, don't get me wrong. But, Nikii is... sketchy, I guess you could say...

I did tell my teacher, Mrs. B, about Nikii bullying me. The only problem is that Nikii is Mrs. B's 'teacher's pet' and wouldn't believe it.

So, Nikii (and/ or Meg) got away with bullying. Now, in Massachusetts, there is a state LAW that bullying is illegal. You can now be suspended from school, fined, or worse. But back then, nothing happened.

I think being bullied wasn't the best experience. But, it has made me stronger for what is coming…