Look at me, please, because all I see

I see inside your eyes

A dark night fades into a soft blue sky

The clouds pass by and the sunlight shines

I can't look away from you.


Tell me, please, how to move through time

How years slip away as days go by

Explain how moments filled with life

Can pass like trees or flowers on a country highway.

Because all I feel is yesterday

And some things fade, and some remain

A fragment of my past and these rushing memories, I am…

Broken. I am not whole.


Tell me, please, how it feels

To touch and feel, to see and hear

In the morning to wake up and see the sunlight

To taste water when rain falls from the sky

To somehow be, somehow to be real…

Because you are real, but I am a quiet echo

A shadow on the floor, an obscuring of light

That hides the sunrise from your eyes.