A/N - This story was written by me after a gap of almost two years without writing anything so I'm actually unsure of how it's turned out. It's my first attempt at writing something explicit, so please bear with me, I promise I'll get better with time! ;) Also I apologise from before if there are any grammatical errors.

Wish Fulfillment

His eyes followed the figure clad in a white sundress, as she gracefully weaved her way through the crowd of people gathered at The Sunset Lagoon. The Sunset Lagoon! He thought with distaste. It sounded cheesy as hell. Some people had no idea whatsoever when it came to names. Still they served good food and amazing cocktails and all at a price which suited a wide range of pockets. And laying adjacent to the beach was also a huge plus.

He'd been dragged to the party. A friend of a friend had a birthday, and since it was the weekend, there wasn't any good reason for him to excuse himself from joining the 'festivities'. Being dead drunk and waking up with a huge hang-over the next day was slowly losing its appeal, especially for someone approaching his thirty fourth birthday in a couple of months. He took a swig at his beer as he watched his friends and others around them living it up. Smiling to himself he thought, 'I'm becoming old. I should be with them having fun instead of sitting at the bar.'

At least he had excellent company, he thought, his smile turning into a grin as he saw the woman in white approach the bar. 'Sorry,' she said, as she bumped into a drunken reveller, who paid her no heed, and sat down on the stool beside him. 'I'll have a mojito please,' she said to the bartender, 'and bill it to the gentleman sitting here.' She smiled at him, her eyes shining with mischief.

His grin widened, 'I'll join the lady,' he said to the bartender, pushing the beer aside, 'So make that two mojitos, and put it on my tab.' He turned to face the woman, who was now looking at him coquettishly, her tanned skin accentuated by the white of her dress, her dark hair shining under the lights, a smile playing at her lips. He was hit with a sudden jolt of desire and struggled to keep his emotions in check. She was no stranger, he knew her very well. She was a very good friend of his, despite their age difference of almost ten years. And also she was one of his three house-mates. The other two were a young married couple who worked at a local advertisement firm and kept really odd hours. Still he couldn't afford to be choosy, what with the amount of money required for the maintenance of the house and not to mention taxes and other issues. She on the other hand was a student, in her final year of university, who had moved in a year ago for the flexibility afforded in living independently and not in a hostel. And he was immensely attracted to her, even though he was too proud to admit it.
As if she sensed what was going on through his head, she leaned back on her stool and crossed her legs, her movement drawing attention to her curvaceous body. She was aware of him drinking in every inch of her. Her eyes met his, and with immense satisfaction she noticed the slight redness at the roots of his long brownish blonde hair, which deepened further when she 'accidentally' brushed her fingers against his arm as she picked up her mojito.

'She was supposed to be on a date, not at this party,' he thought, a bit flustered at her blatant seductive overture. Ever since she'd noticed that he was attracted to her, she'd taken up flirting with him and though he generally enjoyed their flirtatious banter, there were times when his desire for her was so overwhelming, he kept his responses to a minimum for the fear that he wouldn't be able to control his emotions and would do something untoward.

But this time he decided to play fire with fire. 'You went on a date didn't you? With that guy from your class?' he asked her casually. 'Oh, the date was a real disaster,' she said and proceeded to explain animatedly how much of a disaster it really was. Her flirtatious manner all gone, she was very much a dissatisfied young girl rather than the woman in control a few minutes ago. He murmured encouragingly as he sipped on his drink, and lightly caressed her exposed legs. She faltered for a bit, at his unexpected gesture but continued nonetheless. 'And so I called home, no one replied, so I called Samantha and she told me you were at The Sunset Lagoon, so here I am,' she finished with a smile. ' And I'm really glad you are,' he said, his fingers continuing their caress. She shivered slightly under his touch and took a huge gulp of her drink to calm herself down. 'I really didn't want to come here tonight,' he continued, 'but since your arrival, the night has become more interesting.' Giving a mischievous grin he asked, 'Would you care to dance?'

He knew that dancing made her uncomfortable; she felt too shy. She contemplated the question for a few seconds and said yes, unhesitantly. He felt slightly surprised at her sudden confidence although he didn't show it. His grin widened as he got up and stretched his tall, well built frame. He took her hands, pulled her to her feet and guided her to the dance floor. A loud electronic beat of some sort played around them. He immediately fell into the rhythm and started dancing. She swayed to the beat, laughing and clapping encouragingly at his more outrageous moves. He danced well, much more gracefully than one would expect considering the general awkwardness afforded by his height.

Someone shouted a request over the noise of the crowd and the music suddenly changed to a slower, more seductive beat. He caught hold of her hands, before she could move away and pulled her towards him. She grabbed hold of him to keep herself steady, and gave an audible gasp as she sensed his hands tighten around her waist, locking her in his embrace as he gently swayed with the music. She felt nervous at first but found herself falling into his easy rhythm and relaxed slightly, enjoying the feeling of being in his arms.
Sensing her mood, he lightly brushed one hand against the exposed skin of her back, and with the other lifted the edge of her dress oh-so-slightly to caress the back of her thighs. She felt herself tremble under his touch and buried her face in his chest to hide the blush in her cheeks. His hand moved from her back to softly run his fingers through her long, dark tresses. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation. She felt him lean closer and opened her eyes to meet his and find his lips just inches from hers. She tried to lower her gaze but he lifted her chin to hold her steady and before she could realise it, gently pressed his lips on to hers.

At first she was taken by surprise but she gradually found herself responding enthusiastically to his kiss. Excited with her response, he deepened his kiss, probing her slightly open mouth with his tongue, pressing her body against his. He felt her lift his shirt, and brush her fingers against his navel, going up to his chest. Feeling completely aroused, he broke away from the kiss and managed to say, 'Let's go'. She nodded silently not trusting herself to speak, as she made her way with him to his car.

Neither of them spoke on the way back, overpowered by their emotions. On reaching, he helped her out of the car and kissed her passionately as he half carried her to the house. He lay her back against the door and fumbled one handedly with his keys. As he managed to open the door, she stepped in and pulled him into a kiss. He shut the door behind him with his foot. 'Samantha and Nick?' he enquired pausing for breath, 'They won't be here till tomorrow evening,' she said with a smile. 'Perfect,' he said huskily and resumed with the kiss as they awkwardly made their way to his bedroom. He unzipped her dress and brushed his fingers along her spine as he felt her fingers deftly open the buttons of his shirt. Breaking away from the kiss, she stepped out of her dress in her lacey white underwear as he shrugged off his shirt. He lifted her in his strong arms and laid her down on the bed, softly kissing her on her lips. Sliding his hand under her back, he unhooked her bra and gently removed it. She gasped as he kissed his way down from her throat to her navel. She put her hands in his hair and guided him up to her breasts.

He showered soft kisses on her breasts, gently nibbling her taut nipples, sending waves of desire coursing through her body. As his hands slid under the thin elastic of her panties, she sighed and lifted her hips slightly to help him take them off. He slipped one hand between her legs and teased her knob, feeling her wetness, making her tremble with pleasure. Her hands made their way to unfasten his pants and with his help pushed them off exposing him in his full magnificence. Overcome with a bout of self-consciousness, she averted her eyes and buried her face in the pillow. With a soft chuckle, he moved her face towards his, her dark eyes meeting his light ones. He leaned down and kissed her on her forehead, gently helping her spread her legs as he positioned himself between them, his tip slightly touching her centre, the sensation causing her to gasp with a mixture of surprise and arousal. She put her hands on his back and pulled him closer to her. He slid his hands under her, holding her tightly against him, kissed her passionately. She broke away from the kiss and gasped in pleasure at the sensation of him gently making his way inside her.

When he'd fully entered her, both of them lay still for a few seconds savoring the feeling of becoming one, their breaths heavy with desire. Giving her a devilish grin he pulled out almost two-thirds of his length and without warning plunged inside making her gasp. She arched her back to meet his thrusts, her nails digging in his back, her legs pressed against his buttocks encouraging him to go deeper.

As his thrusts increased in their intensity , she buried her face in his shoulder and moaned with pleasure. He felt her body tremble underneath his and felt his own breath come harder and faster as they both neared to climax.

As the final waves of pleasure washed over them, he kissed her neck, softly nibbled at her ear-lobe, and after a few strokes pulled out, and collapsed beside her on the bed. She turned towards him and gave him a kiss.

Their bodies entwined, their desire satiated, they slept till morning.