Author's Notes: Before reading, I'd like to thank jasonx65 for all his help, including coming up with the idea for the title. He helped the making of this story possible.

Chapter One: Prologue

Fade in. Andrew, 18, leads the way down a deserted hallway. Lucy, 17, follows close behind him, jumping at every sound she hears. They both carry flashlights, and suddenly, Lucy's starts to flicker.

Lucy: Crap! Don't die on me now. (The light flickers again and goes out.) Stupid piece of junk.

Andrew: It's ok, babe. We're almost there. (Andrew's flashlight flickers once.) Just a few more feet.

The kids are in an old deserted building just outside of town. To be specific, they're in the basement of an old deserted building just outside of town. Nobody's been in the house for years. At least, nobody sane has been in the house for years. In the past few months, this basement has become party-central. Invitation-only, completely underground notification system. The parents have no clue. The walls are gray cinderblock, grimy in some places.

A mouse scurries over Lucy's feet and she screams.

Lucy: Ack! Where'd that come from! (She looks around frantically, even though it's pitch black and she can't see anything.)

Andrew: Hey, calm down. It's just a little mouse. They're everywhere down here. (He shines his flashlight towards the wall, where you can see a few holes along the bottom.) See? But they're harmless.

Lucy: Alright, I guess. As long as they stay in their little holes and don't bother me. (Andrew wraps his arm around her as the round the last corner, walking into a huge room filled candled and lanterns. All over the walls, there are strings of twinkle lights strewn along the tops and bottoms, like fireflies. AT the far end, a single window is halfway visible.) Wow! I didn't expect it to look this amazing!

Andrew: We teenagers can really throw a party when people will let us. (He looks at Lucy for a moment.) Just remember that this is a top-secret location. Only the few of us here tonight know about it.

Lucy: (Looking around.) Alright. When do we get this party started! (Across the room, an underclassman is setting up the music station.) Didn't you say that freshmen weren't allowed?

Andrew: Oh, that's just Ken. He's our designated driver. (Andrew laughs and hollers at Ken, the music guy.) Hey Ken! Where's the beer? (Ken fakes a smile and continues hooking up the iPod to the dock.)

One of the girls, Kate, comes up to Andrew and Lucy. She's already tipsy, but she's gripping a full cup of beer.

Kate: Hey, bitches! 'Bout time you got here! (Most of her words are slurred.) Now we can get this party started! (Kate half-walks, half-wobbles over to Ken and whispers something in his ear. Suddenly a very loud rap song comes blasting through the speakers at max volume.)

Lucy: That's enough to make us all go deaf! (She starts for the only exit in the room.) I'm so not staying for this.

Andrew: Wait up! (He slips through the exit just as someone pulls the door closed.) You're right. Two minutes of that is enough to kill us. (He grins and reaches for her hand. Lucy backs up step, causing him to miss at the last second.) Something wrong, babe?

Lucy: We've got to talk. (She looks nervous and starts wringing her hands together.)

Andrew: What about, babe? (He takes a long swig of the beer he got as he left. He holds the cup out.) Want some?

Lucy: No thanks. And please stop calling me "babe". It's a derogatory term. (Lucy looks around nervously. Andrew starts to sense that something is wrong.)

Andrew: What are you talking about? (He takes another drink, and even though he doesn't know it, this makes Lucy mad.)

Lucy: Can you put down that damn beer for a minute?

Andrew: Hey, what's with the attitude? (He takes another, longer sip, this time to purposely make her even more mad.)

Lucy's fist suddenly comes down on the top of his cup. It flies out of his hand and crashes in the wall, spilling everywhere. Andrew glares at her furiously.

Andrew: What the hell is your problem, bitch? (He takes a step towards her.)

Lucy: (Through her teeth) I said to put the damn beer down. We need to talk, and I need to be serious, for once. You think you can manage that? (She glares at him.)

Andrew: Just spit it out, already.

Lucy : You are such an asshole! We're through! (She turns to storm out of the abandoned house.)

Andrew: Good! Now that your ass is out of the way, Kate can be a permanent part of the picture. (Lucy stops short, and turns back for a minute to look at him.)

Lucy: I'm not surprised you'd cheat on me. Kate's a whore, you're a douchebag. I don't know why I ever even went out with you! ( Lucy starts to turn around, but something catches her eye. Something silver and shiny.) Hey, who's there? We're kind of in the middle of something.

The strange object moves closer, and suddenly Lucy realizes there's a person walking towards Andrew. Whoever it is stays in the shadows, so his face can't be seen. When he's right behind Andrew, Andrew gives a mocking expression.

Andrew: What the hell are you staring at? Two minutes alone, and you already miss my body? I guess we know it's YOU that's a whore, and not-

Whatever Andrew was going to say is cut off. Lucy watches in horror as a big red blotch begins to form on the front of Andrew's shirt. She hears a slicing sound, and suddenly a knife floats beside him, dripping in his blood.

Andrew. Wh-what…the hell… (He drops to his knees as the patch grows larger. He falls forward and manages to roll onto his back. He looks up at his killer with rage.) What the hell, motherfucker! (He struggles to get up.) You just wait, asshole! You better be running when I get up, or else-

The killer stabs Andrew again, this time in the throat. Blood spurts from his mouth as he begins to cough. Andrew tries to talk again, but only a few gurgling noises come out.

Lucy: Andrew! (The killer's head jerks up, tilts sideways a bit. He slowly stands up, pulling his knife with him. Lucy stumbles backwards, and suddenly she takes off full speed down the hallway. The killer walks after her at a normal speed.)

Lucy runs up the steps, and out the cellar door. She circles back around to the front of the house, and sneaks a peek behind her.

Lucy: What the hell just happened? (She breathes hard, out of breath. She's also scared out of her wits.) I've got to get back down there and warn everybody!

Lucy starts back toward the cellar door, watching closely for signs of the killer. He's still nowhere in sight, but she knows he's not gone. The cellar door is closed when she gets to it. She yanks it open and throws herself down the steps.

Lucy runs down the hallway. Lucky for her, it's a straight-shot, with only the one curve at the end. As she rounds the corner for a second time, she immediately senses that something is very wrong. She fumbles around for a light, and her fingers close around a lantern. As she holds it up to see the room, the twinkle lights along the wall suddenly come back to life, and Lucy screams in horror. Ken lies on the ground, his stomach ripped open. He's got a flashlight in his hand, and it flickers twice.

Shuddering, Lucy turns away, only to find an even more gruesome sight. Kate lies facedown across the refreshment table, the letter K vaguely slashed across her back. Lucy goes over to get a closer look, and Kate suddenly twitches.

Lucy: Kate? (Kate moans, and turns her head slightly.)

Kate: (barely audible) Lucy…What the hell just happened?

Lucy: I don't know, Kate. But we've got to get out of here. (She holds the lantern close to Kate's back.) Can you get up?

Kate struggles to sit up, and when she catches sight of Ken lying in his own huge puddle of blood, she screams.

Lucy: Shh! He'll hear us! (She reaches out to help Kate.) Come on. Let's get out of here.

The two start their way back out of the room. Kate hobbles along, limping, behind Lucy. Suddenly Kate lets out another scream, followed by a gurgling sound.

Lucy: (Turning back) Kate! What's wrong? (Kate lowers her eyes to the knife sticking through her torso, and the shiny blade disappears. Kate falls to the ground immediately. Her eyelids flutter twice.) Kate! No! (Lucy bends down to check, but she knows Kate is dead.

Lucy doesn't bother going back to check again. She knows Andrew is dead. Ken is dead. The other three people that were strangers to Lucy are dead. Lucy runs for the steps, tears streaming down her face. As she reaches the cellar door, something yanks her back by the foot, and she's dragged back down the steps, banging her head along the way.

Everything goes black.

Lucy comes to in the party room. She leans against the wall, her head throbbing. The killer stands at the sink in the corner, washing his blade. Lucy stares at him, now that he's out of the shadows.

Lucy: Why are you doing this? Let me go! (She tries to stand and finds to her surprise that she isn't chained to anything, but after a few seconds, she falls back to the ground. She'd hit her head pretty hard.)

Killer: Yes, I would say that you suffered quite the nasty fall on your descent. (He chuckles, holding the blade up to a lantern. He rubs at it with a blood-stained towel.) I didn't feel the need to restrain you because you won't be making it very far on your own. All the better, though, since it gives us all the more time to have some fun. (He holds the knife out as he starts walking towards her slowly.)

Lucy: What the hell is wrong with you? (She struggles to stand again.) Let me go!

Killer: Oh, I'm in no way trying to keep you here. If you want to leave, feel free. The stairs are that way. (He points with his knife towards the only doorway in the room.)

Lucy stands up and starts walking, torturously slow, towards that exit. The killer stays right where he is, calmly cleaning his blade. Lucy glances at him as she limps past the doorway. He's still engrossed in the knife that won't get any cleaner, and she takes off in a half-sprint, mostly-limp down the hallway. Her head throbs loudly, blocking out all other sound. She makes it back to the steps and freezes, knowing there's got to be a catch.

That moment of hesitation is what kills her. The killer lunges out of nowhere, knife in hand. Before she can react, Lucy trips over the first step, falling to the ground. The killer misses her by a half inch and flies into the wall behind her. The killer lies there motionless for a moment, and Lucy thinks he might be dead. Suddenly, he jumps up and lunges at her again, knife sticking out in front, knocking her to the ground.

The last thing Lucy sees is the look in his eyes as the Killer slashes the knife through her throat. Lucy twitches a few times, and then lies motionless, finally dead.