The clouds roll by like they have a destination,
The leaves in the park encircle a sleeping dog.
Yellow weeds waver in the direction of the sunlight,
Not even a frisky cats bother to rip it up.

The mirror of the pond reflects the truth in everything,
Even the purest person looks horrid.
The greyness that covers the shadows,
Is exploited like a freak in a circus.

No matter how much I wish,
That those leaves would encircle me,
All that I can get is a reflection,
That contains a selfish me.

The ants that crawl along the sidewalk,
Create a certain peace that can not be heard.
A straight line that continues every day,
Is this what they call a utopia?

The multiple mes that scatter the Earth,
Do they all have glass that is stuck in them?
Can they see perfectly,
Or do they have a mirror reflecting their world for them?

No matter how much I wish,
I could see the world perfectly,
All that I can get is a reflection,
That contains a selfish me.

If that's all I can be,
I'll selfishly crush the ants with my thumb,
To show the jealously I feel,
That they can live in a utopia.

I look from the bridge at the people below me.
They start looking like scattered ants.
If only they knew how much I would sacrifice,
To just be able to walk around like that,
Without feeling like an insignificant insect.

Do you think that I'm just a caterpillar,
Or a cockroach who tries too hard?

The reflection of me in the pond,
Decides to crush the leaves,
Waking the sleeping dog,
From his peaceful dream.

I soon say good-bye to my imperfect vision,
And watch the water below me ripple,
As the water reflects,
The truly selfish me.