If you follow my blog updates then you know that I've been writing a story called 'The Life of a Special Agent'. I will now post this on here as well as my senoritawriter site (you can go to my profile to get a link to this).

Here's the Prologue!

Hello, my name is Sasha Blane. It's been my dream ever since I was little to go into law enforcement. Although, I always thought I'd be a detective for my sleepy town's local police force, never a federal agent, until my meeting with Chief McKinley that is.

I walked into his office; the walls were a light brown color and the dark brown specks in the wall looked quite good with the dark brown desk in the middle of the room that he was sitting in, it was, almost, home-y. He sat in his cheap black swivel chair. I knew everyone respected him, even though he was the youngest Chief in Holloe's history, but I was about to laugh out loud from the way he looked in the chair that, quite frankly, was way to small for him.

"Hello Miss Blane" he said. "Please. Sit down."
I did, although I think the chair may have been a little to small for me as well.

"I looked over your resume and I must say that it's impressive"
I smiled, thinking he was praising me.
I sighed, thinking, Oh, great!.
"I must decline"
I tried my best to keep my business face on, but inside I was cracking.
"If I may ask something" I said.
"of course" he replied.
"I know your father is aging quickly and I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happed to him and you weren't there"
I cringed inwardly. Ever since my Mom left us people expected me to always be at home, even though my father, retired Chief of Police, was only sixty. He knew this was my dream and told me to go for it, but jeez! Mr. I'm The Boss has to ruin it for me just because of my 'duties'.
"He's only sixty" I replied bravely. "He respects my dreams and this is my dream."
"Well, then go and make some kid detective agency" he replied hotly.
"what's that suppose to mean?" I asked in the same tone he was using with me.
"The only way your going to get a case from me is if you take it"
That got me thinking. 'take it' from him? That sounds like fun. I just need to find out how...
A sly smile crept across my face as a plan started to form inside my head and I replied, "See you then".