Hey! This was a Christmas present for my Dad when I was 14 years old, just found it again.

Christmas Eve

Silence spread throughout the house

Warmth flowed from the fire

Whom was still roaring and refusing to tire

The Christmas tree glittered, gold and red

A stocking placed at the end of each bed

Mince pies ready, arranged on a tray

For Father Christmas when he passes this way

At midnight, the clock began to chime

Echoing throughout the house everytime

Suddenly the house is filled with gold light

Magical, powerful and oh so bright

Silence remained still

As the stockings began to fill

Whilst presents under the tree appeared

The mince pies on the tray disappeared

The light left as suddenly as it came

Once again, the only light was the fire's flame

The one tiny sound

Was of a bauble as it fell to the ground

Silence spread throughout the house once more

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