I wrote this poem when I was 13 and it won me a Red House (book company) young adult competition and was put into a book with many other pieces of fantastic work. To be honest, it was the first time I won anything and I wasn't really a winner, there were 50 of us. :)


All the diamonds in the sky

Can lazily watch the years pass by

Stars can honestly tell you anything

Whatever you would like to know about everything

Listening to all conversations

No need for any translations

They could now by frowning

Or they could be smiling

We can't tell because we don't understand

They can't communicate with us on land

If they could, so much could change

Everything familiar would seem so strange

But they can't, so appreciate their beauty

For being beautiful is their only duty

So use this opportunity to go a-gazing

Because they truly are amazing.

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